Bahnubergang game app


  • Game - App. the day - free sponsored by Amazon?  

    Wayward Souls (App)
    First I want to say that I think it's great Amazon every day an app. to give the user! But in recent times I notice zunehmenst the apps are always useless and it does not concern free apps (ie full versions) but more and more in-Appkäufe, Rege parame
  • TOP Games App!  

    Elder Sign: Omens (App)
    Good implementation of the card game. Attractive graphics, polyphonic sound. Difficulty is crisp, but everything quite schaffbar (otherwise also no voltage rise). The dice rolls are perfectly fine. One has to use his characters only in accordance wit
  • So I imagine a good game app before ...  

    Virtua Tennis Challenge (App)
    Now that's a game from which one has a little longer and not for lack of variety again lose interest after a relatively short time. The "Tennis Challenge" is varied and challenges me as a player, in detail to concern myself with it. After s
  • Great learning game app!  

    Pettersson inventions Deluxe (App)
    I have downloaded this app primarily for our son (6 years), not least because of the positive reviews. I was looking for an app that the (co-) thinking and stimulates totzdem keeps the game character and I'm thrilled! My son was immediately accept th
  • a great game app  

    Coin Dozer (App)
    Really entertaining and captivating as equivalent to the carnival And for all ages, so do not deprive themselves of this free app
  • Duo Gamer app  

    Duo Gamer - App-supported game controller for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch (Personal Computers)
    the device is working properly, sometimes communication problems. pity only that had opened the package and was resealed primitive again.
  • The KOTOR app is finally available for the Kindle Fire! Awesome!  

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (app)
    I was already last year look pleased when I found out by accident from the port of Aspyr, and was also very disappointed that I can not play on the Kindle (Kindle Fire HDX 7 a "3rd Gen). For the Most games apps for small Android (like) little de
  • Good puzzle app with expansion potential  

    KAMI (App)
    Battery-hungry app, easy to use, low level of difficulty. The objective of this puzzle game is to reduce all different-colored areas on a color. Each round has a pattern that contains up to four colors. By tapping an area changes this, with a nice an
  • As an enthusiastic player Carcassonne just right APP  

    Carcassonne (App)
    Home games we like board games and Carcassonne is one of our favorite games! The game principle is simple and ingenious: Build castles, paths and meadows and thereby make more points than your opponents. This Carcassonne app has exactly the same rule
  • Very good implementation of the board game template  

    Carcassonne (App)
    Hi, today I want to rate the app Carcassonne. As a basis, the LG Google Nexus 5, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is used. *** Featuring *** The game seems consistent from the first moment. The background music fits appealing to the topic and the graphic ba
  • Very nice game for in between without hassle  

    Hey, That's My Fish! (App)
    I love the game absolutely succeeded and it makes from time to time mood in between. The ability to set the number of players and also select how much of the AI ​​and how much human opponents is great. After a test batch are a play by the rules clear
  • Game 5  

    Candy Blast Mania (App)
    Works on my Kindl properly. The game app is good and entertaining, but why only in English, German would be optimal, so a star deduction.
  • Sophisticated version of the console and brilliant Game Buy!  

    PlayStation 4 -. Console including The Last of Us Remastered (console)
    To console: The PS4 had indeed struggling with various teething troubles and one or the other has been reluctant with the new acquisition. The first indications of a revised version, there were already in the spring, now the improved PS4 is to have f
  • Class platform game game ...  

    Garfield's Escape (App)
    Garfield and Odie romp through the house on the run from a washing robot ;-) At the beginning there's the short story in great graphics (I Love Odie's long tongue) and a short tutorial on how to control Odie and Garfield. Then off you go about it. Gr
  • Extensive game of fun and Wimmelbildfans ...  

    Stories from the Movement: The History of Glass and Ink (Full) (App)
    The "Stories from the movement" are a right-really good hidden object and puzzle game. It will delight all those who are on an extensive, beautiful story with many search images and mind-bending puzzles. I think the game app extremely successful
  • Enough built-in memory and updates Android Apps for trendy - good for youngsters, but limited features  

    Samsung Galaxy Young S6310N Smartphone (8.1 cm (3.2 inches) touch screen, Cortex A5 1GHz, 768MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 3.2 megapixel camera, Android 4.1) White (Electronics)
    On the technical details I'm here not detail a, only on the 2 major advantages and disadvantages: (My 12-j. Son had bought a Galaxy ACE 1 first, but soon complained about insufficient 512MB internal memory, by which he had to constantly delete apps t
  • The bombast core titles for the Kindle Fire HD  

    Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour (App)
    Modern Combat 4 promises consoles Feeling on the tablet and provides this as well. Technically part of the game in the top league of Games Apps in Amazon Marketplace. The environments are worked out and convincing with sharp and detailed for Tablet r
  • Good device with many possibilities  

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (GT-I8200) Smartphone (10.2 cm (4 inch) touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, 8GB memory, microSDHC card slot, Android 4.2) - Red (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Galaxy Galaxy S3 vs Young differences Mini My first smartphone was a Galaxy Young, which was perfectly adequate for my initial needs. But after three years, I wanted something more, which the device could should (it did not) and to avid and intense i
  • nice idea, execution still perfectible  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    Small, practical good to the extent yes. I wanted namely nothing stand in addition, am so glad to finally have everything in television, but this Mini thing can really accommodate any more discreetly. Unfortunately, Internet / WLAN Adapter on TV is n