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  • Inadequate locking of the mobile phone, ball joint statement are to  

    Nokia CR-123 Universal Holder incl. Suction base (accessory)
    I make the device just ready for the return shipping. Have it for half a year mounted in the car and not often used. Processing has not convinced me even at startup as new. The ball joint can not be sufficient notice in order to ensure satisfactory h
  • Cheap stopgap for mobile use mE insufficient.  

    Walimex Pro LED64 LED Video Light (Dimmable) for action camera, camcorder and DSLR Camera (Accessories)
    PS or addition Some Wine Tester colleagues have similar in their assessment of terms such as "full light" used. That's an interesting name, so I say to this: I also think that the Walimex Pro LED64 as very bright to describe is not entirely
  • Strong sound and shapely - design howler ball!  

    Sony Smart mini jukebox SRS BTV5 wireless speaker with NFC and integrated hands-free function - black (Electronics)
    One should probably I note first: When I bought these speakers, I had little expectations of the small "howler ball" As well as? At this time there was hardly ratings for product and otherwise the number of reviews for Sony speaker was rath
  • Caution: No christmas card but a Mobile - high quality  

    8 Christmas card with envelope 3D, "Christmas Mobiles", Set, Box, upscale, classy
    It is at this as a "Christmas Card" advertised "map" not a map but a Mobile. Unfortunately, there was no picture of the back of the "map" so that it is assumed that there is room to write. But that is not so. Santa is 10
  • Very good universal mobile phone holder!  

    TaoTronics Car Mount Cell Phone Holder Mount for iPhone 6 / 6Plus 5S / 4S Samsung Galaxy Smartphone (Electronics)
    Supplied you get the mobile phone holder in a matching box with instructions in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. The terms of size and unobtrusive yet visually appealing (black clearcoat appearance) bracket is used for fixing o
  • Very good mobile phone holder for the car  

    TaoTronics® Universal Car Mount Cell Phone Holder for iPhone 6 / 6Plus 5S / 4S Samsung Galaxy S5 / S4 / S3 Smartphone (Electronics)
    TaoTronics® Car Mount Phone Holder was delivered very quickly and well packed. Universal Smartphone Holder is suitable for use on the windshield or dashboard. The universal mobile phone holder I tested with my iPhone 5. Although it largely is made of
  • Great lighting effects; Much better than expected and like a real disco ball!  

    DBPOWER® E27 3W RGB LED Crystal Stage Rotating Color Light Bulb Lamp For Party Disco, 20000 hours life, rotation Automatic, 30 to 50 square meters irradiation area
    Video at View My childhood dream has always been a disco ball. The effects are just great in conjunction with appropriate music. It was that simple whole but then not, because a mirror ball has to be illuminated and thus much effort so con
  • At last a proper and safe mobile phone holder for my car  

    Kosee Air Cover-compatible car smart phone holder for the car ventilation for iPhone 6, Moto G, LG G4, S6 Galaxy, Xperia Z3, One M9, Lumia 640 and more (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Super great mobile phone holder for the air vent. Have been looking for the right holder as to my Ventilation never wanted something fit properly. The Kosee holder fits perfectly and can be adjusted perfectly by the integrated rotary sphere. For me i
  • TaoTronics Mobile phone holder  

    TaoTronics Car Mount Cell Phone Holder Mount for iPhone 6 / 6Plus 5S / 4S Samsung Galaxy Smartphone (Electronics)
    The TaoTronics Mobile phone holder comes in a small cardboard box. The suction cup holds surprisingly well on my pretty rough dashboard. The side bracket are made of rubberized metal and are compressed by springs. By sprung headband can easily be up
  • Lilliput OS01490 metal small ball head-joint with Accessory Shoe (1/4 inch thread)  

    Lilliput OS01490 metal small ball head-joint with Accessory Shoe (1/4 inch thread) (Accessories)
    I need the adapter for mobile film projects with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000EG superzoom digital camera to attach the Zoom H1 2.0 Stereo Recorder. Furthermore, I use the plug-on foot for mounting for monitor, microphone or video light. The adapter
  • Powerful Universal holder for smart phones and mobile phones from 51 to 95mm width  

    TaoTronics car mobile holder for smartphones or Navi (ventilation slit top, windshield / dashboard mount) (Electronics)
    This bracket has been correctly delivered as described: - Holder with spring clip (ball joint adapter) -. Suction cup mount (eg for window glass and other smooth surfaces - Slot for ventilation grids etc. - Manual and warranty card With this mount yo
  • A sound ball!  

    GOgroove BlueSync OR3 Speaker Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 for Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / Apple iPhone 6 / Moto G / Wiko Rainbow / Microsoft Lumia 530 / tablet / MP3 and Laptops - 16 hours battery life, rechargeable, with commands integrated (Electronics)
    About the size of a big ball, this Bluetooth speaker is a use can not be simpler. A jack for charging (or connect a wired audio source, if you do not have Bluetooth), 3 buttons, and go. With a load of 3-4 hours, you will in normal use 12 to 15 hours
  • Gillette ProGlide PowerFlex Ball Test  

    Gillette ProGlide Flexball Power Shaver (Health and Beauty)
    The Gillette ProGlide PowerFlex ball is a constant development of the current Gillette ProGlide Power. He developed the shave is not completely new but comes in at the weak points and improve them. In this case, the focus is set to the new Flex ball.
  • The universal support for any mobile phone  

    TaoTronics phone Car Mount Holder Car dashboard for windscreen iPhone 6 / 6Plus 5S / 4S Samsung Galaxy smartphones (Electronics)
    In car mobile phone - holders I have experienced many disappointments over the years. But in this holder of TaoTronics that's completely different. The product is supplied without a large advertising board. It's a simple right packaging, it of course
  • Good function for clamping a mobile phone with swabs  

    Somikon Tripod Adapter for Smartphones & cameras without tripod mount (Electronics)
    I have this tripod adapter (Somikon Tripod Adapter for cameras & phones without tripod mount) brought to (for flash shoes) to use it with a small ball head as mobile phone holder on the camera. - On the upper metal rods recognize a small plastic pin.
  • Telescopic rod and ball head can only be used for light cameras  

    Hama table stand with removable telescoping rod (accessories)
    ONLY: The product goes back because of pollution intensive and not setting differentiated photographic tasks usable. Under a (D) SLR with telephoto lens makes the ball head mechanics limp, and the telescopic rod has uncontrollable game. The pedestal
  • Good mobile phone holder with small defects!  

    TaoTronics® Car phone Car Holder ventilation f. Samsung Smartphone iPhone
    The TaoTronics mobile phone holder for ventilation grille comes in a simple package and only with an instruction manual. Positives: + The support acts high quality finish (glossy plastic) + The suspension bracket arms hold your smartphone perfectly +
  • super great mobile phone holder for the car  

    Universal car mount for windshield in white (accessory)
    The device looks very attractive and modern and has a ball joint, so you can choose the position of the mobile phone in the holder freely. The ball joint is really super convenient. The bracket is rotatable by 360 ° in all directions. The white brack
  • A boon for mobile navigation - not just for Nokia!  

    Nokia CR-123 Universal Holder incl. Suction base (accessory)
    This cell phone holder can I recommend it to anyone without restriction. The trick is that it should be suitable for just about any smartphone, because the holder is infinitely adjustable individually! I use it at the time still with a Nokia E72. The
  • The Ram-Mount system is perfect for all mobile phones in the car  

    RAM-MOUNT - RAP-B-238 - Diamond Base with 1 "ball (Electronics)
    Since the RAM mount system is sold in parts and there unfortunately are no sets, I am writing this Brief for all the parts that I bought, these are RAM-HOL-UN5 (Universal Phone Holder, in which her every phone, also for example as I can pinch a Iphon