becker revo 1 presentation


  • Routing is TOP !!! Equipment still OK, Customer sad!  

    TomTom GO 500 Europe Traffic navigation system (13 cm (5 inch) capacitive touch display - operation by finger gestures, Lifetime Traffic & Maps TomTom) (Electronics)
    After many but very negative reviews, I want to write something positive for the TomTom Go 500 Live. Before half a year, after a very bad experience with the availability of expensive annually payable Live services my old TOMTOM GO750live and the ina
  • More expensive throwback to its predecessor!  

    Becker revo.1 navigation device, 12.7cm (5 '') safety glass screen, 45 countries, ProActive automatic choke, Lifetime Map Updates, Lifelong Premium TMC, black / silver metallic (electronic)
    I have since November 2012 Keeping predecessor Becker Professional 50. Shortly thereafter, the new Revo was presented by Becker. Super Schick made. But the beautiful appearances are deceptive: A colleague has just bought the new Revo. We have the Nav
  • Strong buy recommendation, but still not perfect  

    Garmin nüvi 3597LMT EU navigation device (12.7 cm (5 inches) touch screen, maps 45 countries in Europe, the whole of Europe, map update, TMC Pro) (Electronics)
    This Navi replaced now my TomTom GO 750 Live, which to me both personally and professionally (sales approximately 60.000km per year) has long done a very good services. Unfortunately, there was in the past few months increased day-long outages of Liv
  • Presentation good connection mangehaft  

    Becker revo.1 navigation device, 12.7cm (5 '') safety glass screen, 45 countries, ProActive automatic choke, Lifetime Map Updates, Lifelong Premium TMC, black / silver metallic (electronic)
    After my Navigon 8450 Premium was defective and the repair should cost 150.00 euros, I was looking for a replacement device and surprised at the high prices in old and used Navigon devices. And after there is no longer the equipment and the company t
  • Compare Revo and Move  

    Jabra Wireless Bluetooth Move On-Ear Headphones (stereo headset, Bluetooth 4.0) (Electronics)
    Have as described above have the Revo (with cord) so I can here sound technically make a comparison. I have a headset sought mainly for strength training and finally the Move have my Revo displaced ... A difference I see purely from barely hear both
  • Becker vs. Garmin - Great appliances  

    Becker Professional 50 LMU navigation device (12.7 cm (5 '') screen, 44 countries pre-installed, HQ TMC, Becker SituationScan, Lifetime Map Updates, OneShot voice control) Black / Silver (Electronics)
    Have intensively tested the Becker Prof. 50 and the Garmin nüvi 25xx LMT. Both devices theoretically corresponded to my ideas, mainly because of the "lifelong" map update function. 100% final I have not decided yet; but I tend to very pure
  • An act of true love from Kristen Anderson Lopez, Robert Lopez and Christophe Beck  

    Frozen [Deluxe Edition] (CD)
    Rarely will both music accompanied the action of a film's masterful score by Christophe Beck for Frozen. The songs, written by the couple Lopez, are also at the top level. Sometimes touching, humorous satirical or simply, they are interpreted with eq
  • Beautiful alternative to expensive original Becker  

    Caliber RCD110B car radio with MP3 player (1-piece quantities, SD card slot, AUX-IN, USB) (Electronics)
    Have long wondered back and forth whether I take the expensive Becker original retro design or the Caliber. Property me then but but ok for the much cheaper alternative of Caliber, without Navi, so something has by now every smartphone! And I do not
  • Becker vs. Garmin  

    Becker Ready50 LMU navigation device (12.7 cm (5 '') screen, 44 countries of Europe, HQ TMC, Text-to-Speech, Becker SituationScan) Black / Mocha Metallic (Electronics)
    Have the Becker Prof. 50 (almost identical to the Becker 50LMU) and the Garmin nüvi 25xx LMT extensively tested both units corresponded theoretically my expectations, mainly because of the "lifelong" map update function. 100% final I have not de
  • Focusing on the essentials ... the Becker Z103  

    Becker Traffic Assist Z103 Navigation System incl. TMC (10.9 cm (4.3 inch) display, maps Europe 40) (Electronics)
    I actually wanted the Becker Z099 buy, but this was taken in May from one week to the other seemingly in all markets of the big electronics chains from the shelves. The Z103 is touted as the successor to the Z099. Visually and technically it is diffe
  • Good Presenter  

    Logitech Professional Presenter R800 radio, presentation equipment, PC / Mac (Electronics)
    The presenter in the usual packaging is supplied which can be opened only with scissors and caution. The set includes the Presenter incl. USB dongle, a small plastic bag with zipper (includes some attention) and 2 AAA batteries. Furthermore is a smal
  • Excellent tool for presentations  

    Logitech Professional Presenter R800 radio, presentation equipment, PC / Mac (Electronics)
    The Logitech R 800 fits comfortably in your hand, the green laser pointer produces a highly visible light spot and is to my mind more convenient for presenters and audiences as a red laser. The timer Vibration setting helps temporally terminated pres
  • No. 1 on the Presenter  

    Logitech Professional Presenter R800 radio, presentation equipment, PC / Mac (Electronics)
    I would describe this unit as the leading brand of product Presenter. - Sufficiently large to good to be in the hands - Operating on standard batteries, which are available at every gas station - Vibrate on time for lectures - Green laser (for the hu
  • technically terrific-presented game 08/15  

    The Order 1886 (uncut) Standard Edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    After all the Internet gehate and many low ratings, I have to Ca. 6 hours play time my two cents. Technically the game is a milestone in the console area. Incredibly detailed, punchy sound technically and equipped with great localization presents the
  • Good, extensive off-road racing game with extremely dry presentation.  

    Baja: Edge of Control (Video Game)
    THQ Baja: Edge of Control focussed on the essentials. Instead of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift to shine or Pure with spectacular graphics, krachigen rock and metal sounds and explosive, or stuntlastigem gameplay and an all around polished presentation, th
  • The Jabra Revo Very good product with some fine-tuning weaknesses  

    Jabra Revo On-Ear Headphones (3.5mm jack, speakerphone) Black (Personal Computers)
    I opted for the greatly reduced wired model for then 46 and am ready very satisfied with them. The processing is as described in the previous recessions very exemplary and disclose any weaknesses also otherwise. The size is actually okay and they do
  • Perfect adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes theme to the present  

    Sherlock Season 3 (Amazon Instant Video)
    Excellent entertainment, very good actors, await with interest the next season. All three previous seasons offer crime entertainment on interesting and exciting level. Benedict Cumberbatch as the brilliant sociopath Holmes, Martin Freeman as his equa
  • As a Christmas present  

    Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E5 16000mAh Dual USB Port External Battery Charger with PowerIQ ™ technology (Black)
    This external battery charger is in use since Christmas and maintains fully what it promises. It was charged, so you could try it right. I have read reviews for many days to get a decent unit as a Christmas present. It is super convenient because it
  • For the occasional presentation  

    August LP200W - Cordless Presenter with Red Laser Pointer - Cordless Powerpoint Remote with "Next / Previous slide" buttons, mouse control and quick buttons for easy computer navigation. Range: 15m - Battery Powered (. 1xCR2032 inc), wireless (Office supplies & stationery)
    Very good value for money. Equipment has been well recognized (Win 8.1, Win 7) and works seamlessly with PowerPoint. For Prezi presentation had to be exchanged, but there are simple freeware tools for the duration of the presentation, the keyboard le
  • Sublime music but cheap presentation  

    Nevermind (Remastered) Deluxe Version [Vinyl] (Vinyl)
    That one with the LP keeps one of the most important releases of the 90's in his hands and the music over all doubt, probably does not need to be said. Unfortunately, the presentation of 4LP-Edition is to say the least cheap and this epochal work not