Best Pan Ever! cw


  • Best pan ever!  

    Berndes Vario Click Induction 031117 cast aluminum non-stick frying pan with removable handle 28 cm (household goods)
    This is already our third pan of Berndes and we are very satisfied. Of course, is also expected to wear, but remains limited since the roasting result (on an induction cooker) excellent and even reasonably uniform.
  • Best I Ever Hauishaltsgeräte -------- EVER  

    Klarstein Vitair Hei├čluftfritteuse large fryer black without fat for grilling baking and deep-frying (1400W, 9Liter, automatic programs, non-stick coating)
    As much as I eat fries, but the oven fries - even evenly distributed on the plate - were either outside rock hard and the inside still soggy or mushy inside and out evenly. Whether with or without air circulation, whether branded or no name. An oil-f
  • Best Game Ever  

    Geometry Dash (App)
    Best Game Ever I really like download: everything was good, straightforward and simple. Therefore, five star, I would recommend
  • The best acquisition ever for our baby !!  

    Manduca baby and child carrier, stomach, back and hip carrier (baby products)
    We bought the Manduca baby carrier even before the birth of our son, I have used from the 1st week of life with newborns use as a baby carrier (it is suitable for babies from 3kg), and my little one was wearing in the Manduca from the beginning Lovin
  • My best pan 1  

    Turk dish, 2 handles schmeideeisern, 20 cm
    My best pan. Indestructible and practically in continuous use. After a few days a patina has formed, practically clinging to nothing with. NB: Replaces now also increasingly my ceramic baking dish: for example potato gratin succeed super in the pan.
  • Best Pan in the world  

    AMT Gastroguss Schmorpfanne 724, cast aluminum, diameter 24 cm, height 7 cm (household goods)
    I have long busy, what kind of pan I suppose. Coated or not, cast iron, ceramic ..... After a long study on the internet, I decided for this pan of AMT, and regret buying any minute. I use this pan almost daily and own them now than half a year. I ac
  • Best ANNO ever!  

    Anno 1404 (computer game)
    Anno 1404 combines the advantages of all previous and eradicates consistently weaknesses from. The most serious shortcoming of the series was probably that the endless game with no more challenges offered: built a giant island kingdom, defeated all c
  • Our best pan household  

    Tefal E43506 Jamie Oliver Pan 28cm, stainless steel (houseware)
    We have several pans of various manufacturers and in different sizes in the household in use. The Tefal Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Pan in 28cm is now our favorite pan. We use them on a commercial ceramic hob Bosch (BJ 2009). Of all the pans they cl
  • Possibly Vonnegut's Best Book Ever  

    Mother Night: A Novel (Paperback)
    A classic! Easily one of the best books ever written, and Possibly Vonnegut's greatest work. The story of Campbell was so compelling, The First Time I read it I finished it in one sitting. I am now reading it again for the fourth time, and it shut en
  • The best GTA ever, and the perfect end to a console generation  

    Grand Theft Auto V - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    and this is not just a clumsy, empty phrase or a modest attempt to find any title for the review, but it is actually like that. Good thing the game (and the onslaught of many new game releases) and has come to the market before the new console before
  • One of the best games ever made is now on my Kindle!  

    I have beens Hoping Hoping and ever since I found Final Fantasy 5 Was available for my Kindle, that 'Final Fantasy 6 Would come next. I Was incredibly excited to finally find That it HAS! Over the moon excited! I have the 6 on GBA Final Fantasy and i
  • Best OST Ever !!!!  

    Metal Gear Rising Vocal Tracks (East) (Audio CD)
    Just great !!! only Since I myself am a passionate musician and I have the Game by OST was a must. Brilliant guitar sounds combined with sophisticated elktrosounds, powerful drums and catchy vocals. Highly suitable for the game. Is it possible to rea
  • The best controller ever ;-)  

    Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Video Game)
    After many years the brilliance of this game pad must be mentioned again. An absolute masterpiece, unsurpassed, unique. This pad gets forever a place in the "Hall of Fame of the best gamepads ever". In times of energy and the battery pack was al
  • One of the five best albums ever!  

    Coming from Reality (MP3 Download)
    Had Rodriguez not treated so neglected, so there would be more ingenious discs! In addition to cold fact it is one of the five best albums ever!
  • Good, but not the "best GTA ever"  

    Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes from Liberty City - The Complete Edition - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    POSITIVE: ++ Both the main game and the DLC episodes are clearly GTA through and through: crazy, funny "employer" who send a mission to that end with a lot of driving and / or Plink. Gameplay, graphics, controls are all at a high level for an op
  • The best version ever  

    Rocking Around the Christmas Tree (from "Sing my Song") (MP3 Download)
    This is for me the best version ever of this song. Andreas Gabalier is just fantastic! There is a perfect score.
  • Skyrim! One of the best RPGs ever!  

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (X360, Standard Edition) (Video Game)
    Skyrim !!! Skyrim !!! Now I have the game since its release (which is now well mere 15 months ago), and the CD looks every now and then the Xbox from the inside! And rightly so !!! Thanks to three now add ons. What Bethesda has since only conjured up
  • !!! The best game ever - 10/10  

    The Dark Eye: Saga skill tree (computer game)
    I had been looking forward to this game for months! And now it's finally here! And the wait was worth it! I also equal to all my friends gave a copy to play it together in the great multiplayer! Having already played through the epic single-player ca
  • Perhaps the best novel ever; but not Denny's translation  

    Les Miserables (Penguin Classics) (Paperback)
    There is absolutely no question, I agree with everyone else before me, did Les Miserables is one of the best novels ever written, and you need to read to unabridged translation to completely Call enjoy it.If you read in abridged edition, you may end
  • Best invention ever.  

    Potette PLUS potty baby toilet baby potty (Baby Product)
    I bought exactly this trip potty in the US and I have to say it was the best purchase ever. It fits in just about any bag and is therefore always ready. Especially if you are still in potty training, and the infant must pee now, it's convenient. For