best usb stick for pvr


  • BEST USB STICK FOR I ever had  

    Toshiba THNU32HAY (BL5 TransMemory 32GB Memory Stick USB 2.0 white (accessory)
    I have not ordered the USB stick here but bekommen.und at Kaufland in Bergkamen for 12 euros can recommend the have a good USB stick with a lot of space for little money each sucht.ich him this usb stick with 32GB in weiss.von this 32GB are noch28,88
  • ideal PVR USB stick for Samsung TV  

    Transcend JetFlash 600 Extreme Speed ​​32GB USB flash drive (up to 32MB / s, USB 2.0) (Personal Computers)
    I bought due to positive feedback in terms of PVR capability for Samsung D-Series TVs this stick. I personally own a Samsung UE40ES5700 and was not disappointed, fortunately. All my other USB flash drives have been classified as non-compatible device
  • Finally found a decent USB stick for the bunch of keys  

    Kingston 64GB DataTraveler DTSE9H memory stick USB 2.0 Silver (Personal Computers)
    After many models I have finally found the USB stick for my keychain. And while the "search" I had to learn the hard way and manner repeatedly, which must meet the requirements for such a stick: - It should of course be small in order not t
  • Super USB stick for every application!  

    Lexar Echo MX 16GB USB Stick USB 2.0 (Electronics)
    Hi, I bought the USB stick as a replacement for my 8 GB USB flash drive a cheap manufacturer. My old stick came only on a mere 300 kb / s, with the Lexar it comes after all, with fleets 6-7 MB vorran to a USB 2.0 port. This speed he keeps the whole t
  • Very cute USB stick for music  

    818 tech No16500020004 Hi-Speed ​​2.0 USB Flash Drives 4GB Owl bird owl 3D pink (electronics)
    I ordered this stick for my little girl, she had chosen him to himself, and has now let it play all your favorite songs of mine. Now run up and down the songs on your USB-enabled CD-radio device and also in the car, and she is absolutely thrilled. An
  • Mega USB stick for 5 €  

    MEMTEQ® 2.5 "USB 2.0 External Enclosure for 7mm & 9.5mm 2.5" SATA HDD and SSD Hard Drive with USB 2.0 cable, free installation Tool Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8, Mac OS 9.1 /10.8.4 (Blue) (Electronics)
    Transforming an old hard drive laptop mega USB key for 5 there is no better price / quality ratio
  • USB "stick" for Samsung Note  

    mr! tech USB Host Cable Data Cable (20cm) OTG [on the go] USB Micro B (connector) to USB A (female) replaces ET R205U for Samsung i9100 Galaxy S2 GT-N7000 Galaxy Note (Electronics)
    working properly in a Samsung Note 1 N7000 as USB Stick Adapter.Und a USB mouse can also be operated on it ... probably a keyboard ...
  • Best Bluetooth stick for Hackintosh !!!  

    Belkin Class II Bluetooth Mini-Key adapter USB 2.0 10 m (optional)
    The stick arrived today from Amazon. The delivery was the stick, a small guide and a driver on the CD and the user manuals are. The stick is pretty small, somewhat like a thumb (maybe a little bit bigger). It is light and must be plugged only briefly
  • Best USB microphone for me!  

    Rode NTUSB studio quality USB condenser microphone with table stand and pop screen (electronics)
    The Rode NT USB is a super microphone, with great extra features (headphone output, volume and balance controls) Compared to my old t.bone SC 440 it is extremely low noise! I was really surprised. But for more than 100 more that's to be expected. I a
  • good USB stick for car radios  

    SanDisk Cruzer Fit 16GB USB Z33 USB flash drive, USB 2.0 Black (Personal Computers)
    I have this little stick 16GB bought for my Kenwood radio because I did not want a 4 cm stick on the radio standing out. Packaging was good and the shipping time was short. He might not be the fastest drive I've ever had, but for me its writing speed
  • Ordinary USB stick for little money  

    Transcend JetFlash TS32GJF790K 32GB flash drive USB 3.0 Black (Personal Computers)
    Did the stick bought in flash deal on Amazon, for 11 euros with Prima. But the stick is really good: Compact, meticulously crafted, quite fast - and so far there was no data loss. Depends with me on a key chain, ordinary everyday Stick.
  • The best USB Stick  

    Corsair 64GB Flash CMFSS3-64GB Survivor Stealth USB 3.0 flash drive (Personal Computers)
    This stick achieved with USB 3 loose the data rates specified, is robust and fast. But is also a bit bigger. I can only recommend.
  • USB stick for the iPad  

    Photofast i FlashDrive HD 16GB Memory Stick for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / iPad 2 / 3G / 4G / mini white (accessory)
    If money is no object, the part is the first choice. The price is really beyond good and evil. But what can I say - it's just great to have a USB flash drive for iPad.
  • Easy USB Stick for simple applications  

    4GB USB DataTraveler 101 (excl. € 0.10 URA) (Personal Computers)
    The Kingston DataTraveler in its 4GB version spends a few weeks ago his existence in my pocket. He makes a strong impression, can be opened without problems and plugging and unplugging. He gets along well with no problems with the USB mouse in the ne
  • Perfect USB stick for car radio  

    Delock Nano 4GB Memory Stick USB 2.0 (Personal Computers)
    Much I do not say this: Write and read rates, one should not expect a lot now. For car stereo with USB port it is perfect because otherwise times fast a person with handbag, knee and co could a larger turn. WITZIG !!!: In reality, a 4GB micro-SD is i
  • All The Best. Sticks for drums brought alive.  

    DIMAVERY DDS-5A Drumsticks, maple, schw. (Electronics)
    Gladly again. Lying comfortably in the hand for drums alive. For all I need it and therefore can not judge differently.
  • USB stick for samsung tablet  

    USB 64GB for Samsung Galaxy Tab 1, Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 (except edition 2014) (Personal Computers)
    key that fits perfectly with my tablet and can also connect to my PC. I 've not actually used. I reserve my opinion for later.
  • Hama USB Stick for Samsung UE40D5700  

    Hama WLAN stick, USB 2.0, 2.4GHz, incl. Black WPS (Personal Computers)
    Hello There, I ordered this stick and connected to the SAMSUNG UE40D5700 .... it funzt .... TV in Wi ... all good! Samsung Stick can save !!! Super product and delivered extremely fast !!
  • Small USB stick for car radio  

    SanDisk Cruzer Fit 8GB USB flash drive 2.0 Gray (Personal Computers)
    This part is used in the car, and so it sticks out not so far, I have chosen the short form. I was surprised how many megabytes can be accommodated in such a small space.
  • USB stick for smartphone  

    32GB USB OTG PDA (Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note 2, Note 3 ...) and tablets (Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 edition 2014, Tab 4, Tab S ...) with micro USB port OTG / covered a coating type "soft touch" matte black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    No complaints about the quality of the product, it's perfect. Very smooth running and very convenient to use. Recommended.