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  • Fashion scrap !!!  

    Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On-Ear Headphones - Black (Electronics)
    Hello, I bought these headphones because I thought if almost everyone has beats, they are already well sein.Aber I was more than disappointed! They look great and the processing is also good.But unfortunately that's it. The sound on my iPhone 6 is wo
  • Music stand  

    ZOUNDHOUSE ZH-5 black music stands with bag, very easy to use (not bendable when unfolded)
    The music stand makes a solid impression, can be quickly and easily set up. The only negative is to be noted that the bag is a very intense smell of beißigen itself. The shipping and packaging were quick and good
  • Music when and where I please  

    Auna active wireless / wireless UHF radio speaker set radio boxes for home, garden, terrace (863MHz, 400 watt, up to 100m range) (Electronics)
    A space busting radio speaker system with 100m range, robust performance, a stylish look and 100th for under sounds too good to be true. The model comes well packed in a cardboard box, so even with a rabid mailman no need to worry. Unwrapped make the
  • A drive for Audiophile Music Lover 9  

    Bach: Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin (CD)
    While modern instruments developed a considerable sound power, nowadays, there are countless musicians looking to rediscover the pleasures of old sounds. Seduced by the clarity and simplicity of their expressions or impressed by biting their rhythms,
  • A beautiful chamber music time  

    Boccherini: Cello Concerto, G 480 - Quintets G 451 and G 436 - Sextet, G 463 (CD)
    This disc presents a range of expertise of Luigi Boccherini, Italian settled in the court of the Spanish Bourbons in chamber music from the second half of 18 th. Guitar quartet, sextet for flute, string quintet, cello concerto, in short, all kinds of
  • Articulation and musicality  

    Sennheiser HD600 Open Stereo Headphones (Electronics)
    I purchased the HD 600 after having the HD650, the AKG K701 and Beyer Dynamic DT880 600 ohm. The HD600 is a pure réusssite. The most balanced, the most transparent, the most articulate, the most musical of all. The controversy raged between HD600 and
  • Music of taste, sound quality underground!  

    A Joyful Noise (Audio CD)
    After Lana Del Rey, Nick back, Silvermoon again an absolutely catastrophic "Loudness War" production with zero momentum, but with significant oversteer. Especially with the title No. 4 "Move in the Right Direction" drop these distortio
  • A Beyer thoroughly  

    Beyerdynamic T70p portable Premium Headphones (Electronics)
    Memories of the DT 880 and a little wake up to the DT931. But in order. Scope of supply: Listeners, (art) Leather Case, 6.3 mm - adapter, airplane adapter. All in all satisfactory. An extension cord would, however, have been desirable. The 1.2m cable
  • A concert of soul and strength more than a piece of German music history  

    Live in the Seelenbinderhalle / Berlin (DDR), 1988 (Audio CD)
    The CD is the Wahnsinn.Bereits interesting the Rio at this concert, to the surprise, with "all lies" beginnt.Eigentlich the first song was on this tour a very anderer.Daher it is there for me already interessant.Da this song so much tells about
  • A good headphone amplifier improves the sound of music noticeably  

    Creative Sound Blaster SB1600 E1 headphone amplifier for PC and smartphone black (Accessories)
    Why do we need a headphone amplifier? Well, if I take the sound of my smartphone when I hang the "good" Earphones off, then that's not so intoxicating ... If you still want to hear music with 2 people, then that's even schlimmer.Bei my normal ch
  • Soul music at its best  

    Float on [Best of] (Audio CD)
    Float on in 1977 was the biggest hit of the Floaters. An emotional ballad with lots of sex appeal in the Musik.Bei this title was in the discos very closely getanzt.Glücklicherweise is this best of album rarely zubekommende 17 minutes Version drauf.A
  • Wonderful music - voice  

    Puppetry (Audio CD)
    Have bei'm zap in Tv in UPROM ??? At first only the voice gehört- waited who it may well be, then bought uncredited Unholy gelesen.Dann CD and hear them up in the moment and down. Too bad that there is currently so little video. , the "astronauts&quo
  • Great music!  

    Aversion (Audio CD)
    Who likes to hear the antelope transition, can get tired of listening with "aversion". :) + Good songs (a matter of opinion) As already noted, music is of course always a matter of taste, so I can this not much more to say. Maybe just once
  • For me perfectly - 3D home theater and music system with radio and USB!  

    LG 3D Blu-ray BH7540TW 5.1 home theater system (1200 Watt, Ultra HD upscaling, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, Bluetooth, wireless rear speakers) (Electronics)
    The surround sound in "blockbusters" is simply brilliant - it bangs, trembles and buzzing around you as if you're right in the middle of the action there. Granted - the settings for the individual sound taste are limited - so absolute
  • Good app to stream music  

    Airtight (App)
    I can hear with the help of the music app from my Synology on Fire TV. Works as it should, no Intermittent. If the surface would be a bit prettier, there were five stars.
  • Just really good music! Full recommendation!  

    Going to Hell: Limited (Audio CD)
    I bought this import somewhere else because it was cheaper than 10 there. For music you need hardly say what or write. The reviews say it all the normal CD. Taylor Momsen at its best, whether while driving or in an armchair with headphones, the music
  • Music that goes into the ear  

    Light Me Up (Audio CD)
    What a voice! Exceptional talent, exceptional music! Found at the first hearing on YT for sensational and bought all CDs. Taylor Momsen takes herself and her voice did not hide behind the big bands in the world. Need more music from her! My absolute
  • A moving musical history  

    Hopelessly Hopeful (Audio CD)
    This album tells a very soulful music history to dive. One of the best debut albums I've ever heard. I'm sure this masterpiece was not the last. Looking forward to the live performance.
  • Just "Good German-speaking music"  

    Hopelessly Hopeful (Audio CD)
    I can only confirm the feedback from the other, because it's just "good German music". I can hear the CD in my house up and down .... all I can say, because I think some of the RambaZamba expect wrong with this CD. Texts that go under the s
  • Music is ok, but the box a lot of nerve  

    Baba Aller Babas - Ltd. Deluxe gold tooth box (exclusive to (Audio CD)
    In my view, the Deluxe Box is an impertinence. The music itself would be with me 4/5 stars. But the contents of the box is an outrage. For 40 you get the album, which will cost 8.99 as a download, plus the instrumental CD, with which I can personally