blumax batteries any good


  • Handy, compact, loads quickly and the batteries are good too  

    [100% accurate capacity] EasyAcc® 2 x 1120mAh Canon LP-E8 Battery and Charging Kit for Canon EOS 550D EOS 600D 650 650D 700D [12 month warranty] (Electronics)
    Unlike the charger supplied with the camera, this comes without cable I ever find pretty handy - less clutter. The charger consists of only one part, a slightly larger plugs in square form, in which you can clip it the batteries. The batteries are ea
  • Any good ... 10  

    Pack of 2 rain protection covers JJC RI-5 camera with 450 mm maximum (Accessory)
    Any good and practical, 100% happy to recommend without hesitation Pack 2 rain protection covers JJC RI-5 camera with 450 mm.
  • Great extended batteries with good charger  

    2x WHITE Battery for NP-BX1 + white charger Duo (comp. BC-TRX) 4in1 Set for Sony Cybershot DSC-HX50V / DSC-HX400V / DSC-RX100 / DSC-RX100 III / DSC-WX300 / Action Cam HDR-AS20 / HDR AS100VR / HDR-CX240E 1090mAh [replaces: NP-BX1 / BC-TRX] Li-Ion (Electronics)
    ** I got the product free of charge courtesy of available ** The charger set comes packaged in a plain cardboard box. The two batteries are fully charged. The batteries: So the batteries are something of great! Really visually no
  • Charger OK, batteries are good for nothing  

    L'Arc-en-Ciel Charger for 18650 Batteries + 2 pcs Ultrafire 18650 3.7V 3000mAh Rechargeable Li-ion rechargeable battery protected (electronic)
    The charger itself makes a good impression and also works well. The supplied batteries (make "Ultra Fire"), however, are useless. According to label you should have a capacity of 3000 mAh. Compared with existing Samsung batteries, which should,
  • Any good, Dyson!  

    Dyson Vacuum Broom V6 Tier 2 Technology Radial 2 years warranty Grey / White (Kitchen)
    Having rethink the ergonomics and design of a household electrical appliance exciting as little as a vacuum cleaner to make it attractive, even seductive, is definitely a feat that has spent deserved reputation Dyson. I do not know if it's good, but
  • perfect for any good handyman  

    Velleman precision screwdriver set - 32 pcs (Tools & Accessories)
    I hesitated a bit before buying this screwdriver compared to comment on this removable rod. As I have a very occasional use, I must say it really a problem: 3 seconds to remove the stem without even looking at the screwdriver ... it is not dramatic.
  • Batteries very good price / quality ratio.  

    Energizer - Lithium battery - AAA x 4 - Ultimate (LR03) (Health and Beauty)
    Fast delivery. Batteries for use by 2026! Brand very good reputation. Sending bubble envelope. Perfect for electronics: cameras, weather stations. Do not discharge in extreme temperature conditions. Better performance than rechargeable batteries. Onl
  • Batteries in good quality  

    ANSMANN 5035362 maxE 8500mAh Mono D 2 Pack preloaded Power Battery battery low self-discharge (accessory)
    Positives: After a couple of charge cycles the capacity is there apparently promised. So far, they are doing their duty without hesitation Conclusion: So far I have had good experiences with Ansmann batteries.
  • Batteries with good Kapazitätswerte- my recommendation; ...  

    ANSMANN 5035092-590 AA 2850mAh highly capacitive type Professional / frequent user digital photo battery Battery 8-(Electronics)
    Batteries have to purchase good capacitance values, but after about 10 times charge / discharge very different capacities. Partly far below the stated values! (Loaded with processor charger / capacity determination with data logger; no Schnelllladung
  • Super Zoom, normal batteries and good macro function  

    Sony DSC-H100 Digital compact camera (16.1 megapixels, 21-fold opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, Full HD, 25mm wide-angle lens) black (Electronics)
    I bought the camera because I wanted to have a large zoom range (21x) and a good macro function. And that's what makes this pretty good. In particular, the automatic macro function pleasantly surprised me. As a travel camera, I find also good that I
  • But money collected will not get any goods  

    Elegant jacket / blazer handmade black Available sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50
    Money cashed but did not receive the goods, that is very bad form, I can not imagine that the Post needs six weeks ...
  • Batteries make good impression  

    Varta Rechargeable Accu Ready2Use C Baby Ni-Mh battery (2-Pack, 3000 mAh) (Health and Beauty)
    I run with 4 batteries a Grundig DAB radio 2x per day for about 15 minutes. The battery then hold about 1.5 months. The batteries are very warm during load. In a battery, the LED flashes on forever. I assume that this battery pack is dead which would
  • GTR Evolution - It's new but is it any good?  

    GTR Evolution (DVD-ROM) (computer game)
    The package "GTR Evolution" contains Race07 + SimBin's version of the already implemented in GTR2 by fans Nordschleife. SimBin had this else three days the entire area of ​​the Nordschleife and the GP-course (!) Hired to measure anything exactly
  • Batteries not good copies  

    Duracell Lithium 2032 x2 button (Personal Care)
    I say that because I fell earlier on counterfeits that did not take more than 24 hours for some. These are good, do not worry. The charge is complete and your devices work well with it. I have two now in a meter for a month and no sign of decline or
  • What any good used road should have.  

    Michelin 009 500 Floor Pump Gauge certified (Automotive)
    Faced with inflation stations less available and especially more pay (and yes, 0,50cts by car, compressor wear is quickly profitable, since air is free) I decided to equip myself as being biker, a difference of 0.5 bars is noticeable result in corner
  • any good 7  

    Bolse® high output car charger 3 USB ports (27W / 5.4A), provides maximum power for 3 devices simultaneously with SmartIC technology for IPhone 5, 5S, 4S; Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Galaxy Note 3, 2; IPad Air, 5, 4, mini; LG G2; Motorola and HTC (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    no false contact as with my old patterns and power the RDV, I used every day to power my iphone GPS + 6 + passenger iphone. all good to buy the closed eyes. I've also bought another car for my wife
  • Any good 8  

    Anker® A7908 Bluetooth Portable Speakers 4.0 with 20 hours rechargeable battery and its high definition (Electronics)
    This is a product that has all good. A powerful sound (for height), with very good scope in both acute than in the midrange and lower midrange. obviously a bit light in the bass, but it's hard to do better for a pregnant this size powered by a batter
  • Any good 12  

    ModeLabs ETUISMS8530 Leather Case Samsung Wave2 Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Very nice cover, for your Samsung Wave II mobile is properly seated in the cover, the slots are adapted to the camera and flash on the back. The buttons on the facades are free and everything looks very solid. Convenient magnetic closure system is mu
  • Any good 25  

    Say What You Want: The Collection (CD)
    A compilation that contains the essential, with some well-chosen live tracks, to reveal all their value. A purchase by any interested person
  • Any good 27  

    Aukey® Hub 10-Port SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 with the power adapter and USB 3.0 compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8, Mac OS, Linux (10-port hull Aluminium) (Electronics)
    Proper functioning (one week), food support (audited) 3 Hard Drives (2.5), 2 USB key, a key eye tv, a set speaker logitech more charge an I Phone. Indeed it loads one or more I Phone but not an I Pad. Stylish and functional, that's good.