bohmann fridge


  • Bohmann VS 171 full room fridge  

    Bomann VS 171.1 Refrigerator / A + / cooling: 250 L / white (Misc.)
    Fridge very roomy, great are the adjustable glass shelves, as they are good and easy to clean. They also hold quite a lot of drinks bottles. However, I have to protect the glass shelves towels under the glass beverage bottles gelegt.Die Delivery work
  • Bomann KG 309 fridge-freezer, super nice !!!!  

    Bomann KG 309.1 silver fridge-freezer / A + / cooling: 113 L / freezing: 53 L / silver / 143.8 cm high (Misc.)
    Unfortunately, my beautiful fridge broke down, so I went in search of a new fridge-freezer. Actually I had a picked me from Bauknecht, unfortunately, there was then no longer be ordered and chose the Bohmann KG 309. The delivery has not worked so wel
  • very good fridge!  

    Bosch KSV36VW30 refrigerator / A ++ / cooling: 348 L / white / super-cooling / CrisperBox (Misc.)
    If you switch from a 20-year-old, small 160L fridge in this device, other learning (cooling) know worlds. Perfect and exact degree in the vote, very spacious (finally not stuffed "towers" in KS more!) Noticed, quietly, after a week on a pos
  • A space-saving, fuel-efficient mini-fridge, which has everything, the wide  

    AEG SANTO SKS98840C4 mini refrigerator / A +++ / 87.30 cm height / 89 kWh / year / LCD with Touch Control / LED lighting / white (Misc.)
    The AEG SANTO called Although mini-fridge, but is in use and functionality a giant. With almost 88 cm he does not take up much space and also has a reversible door, which makes setting up flexible. With a small 3-star freezer (15 liters), three exten
  • Siemens KG39EAI40 fridge-freezer  

    Siemens KG39EAI40 fridge freezer / A +++ / cooling: 247 L / freezing: 89 L / chrome stainless metallic / anti-fingerprint / coolbox (Misc.)
    Siemens KG39EAI40 fridge-freezer defused version --- I would like here and now in a different way and extremely long respond to this article and the problems anticipate ... Amazon and Siemens have here a real treat laid ... tip device !!!!!!!!!! my t
  • The loudest fridge I know and wetland  

    Siemens KG39EAL40 fridge freezer / A +++ / 339 L / stainless steel look / easylift / crisperBox (Misc.)
    I bought this refrigerator because I attach great importance to energy save-. Since the appliances from Bosch and Siemens as a single with A +++ came into question, I have decided for one of these models. The optics, processing and interior layout is
  • My friend, the fridge (well for one guy)  

    Samsung RB29HER2CSA cooling-freezer / A ++ / cooling: 188 L / freezing: 98 L / silver / NoFrost technology (Misc.)
    Order and shipping All the best. From ordering to delivery took just five working days. The delivery to be passed exactly as or announcement. The equipment was properly packed without an inordinate amount of garbage left on. Instructions and construc
  • Fridge absolutely ok!  

    Bomann KG 177.1 silver fridge-freezer / A + / cooling: 178 L / freezing: 68 L / silver / 168.7 cm high (Misc.)
    This fridge / freezer was delivered super fast and easy, the entrainment of the old equipment was also carried out without complications. My mother is very satisfied with the device and the settlement was completely stress-free for you. Any time! The
  • Good fridge for little money  

    Bomann VS 173.1 Refrigerator / A + / cooling: 300 L / white / variable temperature setting / vegetable compartment (Misc.)
    Delivery carried out by express (plus point: driver and front passenger), in time for the required dates. Refrigerator looks good, is very quiet, very economical and cools outstanding. We use it as a second fridge for drinks mainly. Level 2-3 ranges
  • Super large fridge  

    Bosch KSV36VL40 refrigerator / A +++ / cooling: 348 L / stainless steel look / Super-cooling / CrisperBox (Misc.)
    The fridge arrived on time, as announced. Delivery even up in the kitchen on the first floor, with no problems. The size is great. Since loose fit 5 pies pure. :-) The look is beautiful. Looks very classy. The sounds are normal for a refrigerator. It
  • Good fridge 2  

    Bosch KSV36VL40 refrigerator / A +++ / cooling: 348 L / stainless steel look / Super-cooling / CrisperBox (Misc.)
    I am pleased with the refrigerator. I feel his floor plan to me very clearly. I want to cool stews often in a large pot over night, I have enough between the compartments Place. I found not so good at my previous so great precisely Liebherr refrigera
  • Top-fridge  

    Bosch KSV29VW40 refrigerator / A +++ / cooling: 290 L / white / super-cooling / Automatic Defrost (Misc.)
    Top product from the top manufacturers. The fridge offers plenty of space and light up the content very good. Quiet, little power consumption, great interior layout. The price-performance ratio is right. One disadvantage I have not been able to find
  • Good, large fridge  

    Bosch KSV29VW40 refrigerator / A +++ / cooling: 290 L / white / super-cooling / Automatic Defrost (Misc.)
    We first wanted to buy a fridge-freezer. The refrigerator had in a niche under a small hanging cupboard in 1.95 meters. While researching, I noticed that there is unfortunately a much lower range of devices in white look at the time. The stainless st
  • Much fridge for the money  

    Bosch KSV29VW40 refrigerator / A +++ / cooling: 290 L / white / super-cooling / Automatic Defrost (Misc.)
    The fridge is really great. You have so much storage space, half would sow in place loosely. Very nice, I think even the specialist for wine and champagne bottles. He is very quiet. When the door was open, you can hear a short time the air circulatio
  • Optimal second fridge  

    Bomann VS 164.1 Refrigerator / A + / cooling: 102 L / white / defrosting (Misc.)
    We have procured the device as a second fridge in the pantry. Here he performs his work perfectly and requires a A + device very little energy. Advantage: It is deep genung for 1,5l bottles. The operating sound is normal. Well, the countertop is not
  • Perfect on Samsung fridge  

    10 meters supply hose for American fridge 1/4 "(6.35mm)
    RAS, fast delivery, sufficient packaging, perfectly fits a Samsung fridge. I did not measure the exact length of the pipe as it is much longer than I need.
  • The original improved crockpot - passing on the fire, the oven and the fridge! Few minor reservations, however.  

    Crock Pot Slow Cooker CSC011X-01 Electric Jig Stainless Steel / Ceramic Black 6 L (Kitchen)
    - (Preliminary note: I received this test free of charge in exchange for a reasoned objective opinion, advice I will update regularly if necessary) The mijoteur whose crockpot is the original, makes cooking foods retain all their nutritional and tast

    After 7 years the handle of the fridge is broken, a small plastic piece that gets all the efforts of opening a fridge door is to obsolescence programmed by Liebherr! Now we go for 7 years ;-)
  • It is installed in my fridge  

    MyFox TA4007 temperature sensor (Personal Computers)
    This equipment, installed in my fridge, alert me if the door was open (I have unfortunately a Siemens fridge and default was the subject of a class action won the US)
  • An excellent extra fridge  

    Minibar Klarstein Design Mini Fridge 2 Shelves Wine Cellar Refrigerator 48 Litres Black Compact Silencer (Miscellaneous)
    Preamble: I received this gracefully, against an objective opinion to write on Amazon. Delivery: by UPS, very flexible and very accommodating. Jai had delivered the fridge in a house in the countryside, I métais dadresse deceived and I not there néta