bosch 68 piece function


  • Bosch 91-Piece V-Line Titanium Set for drilling and screwdriving  

    Bosch 91-Piece V-Line Titanium Set for drilling and fastening, incl. Ratchet screwdriver, 2607017195 (tool)
    I've toyed with the longer period set. This special promotion, I then decided to place an order. So far, no reason to regret.
  • Review Bosch 83-Piece V-Line Titanium Set  

    Bosch 83-Piece V-Line Titanium Set for drilling and fastening, incl. Adjustable wrench, 2607017193 (tool)
    Very poor quality. The drills are totally dull. The 10 mm wood drill bit has the front instead of a peak a round dome. Impossible to drill it. The can dispose. I can only strongly advise against a purchase.
  • Shopping or the expiry on Amazon as always divine  

    mumbi RMH200H VDS smoke detectors tested imitation wood / fire alarms / fire alarms in accordance with DIN EN 14604 (tool)
    For product: Have I left with the evaluation some time since you (other RM) can read again and again in reviews that it does not function properly. I had not yet. 9 pieces assembled -> 9 piece function properly. For design: the RM is a shade darker o
  • Ranges for emergency  

    Bosch 32-piece screwdriver bit set with color coding, 2607017063 (tool)
    I have the article (Bosch No 2607017189-879, EAN: 3165140714099.) Acquired in July 2014 10 Euro. There is a Bosch 32-piece screwdriver bit set with color coding, 2,607,017,063 plus screwdriver can accommodate the solid bits per adapter. Delivered in
  • Individually programmable function expansion for Bosch pedelec from 2014  

    ASA ESPEED B25.14 - Tuning module for Bosch eBike (from BJ 2014 Active- and Performance Line, off at 25 km / h) (Electronics)
    After ordering the ASA-tuning adapter delivery by DHL walked quickly across the stage. The kit contained a detailed documentation, the tuning kit, two heat shrink tubing and 4 cable ties. The documentation provided with color images fit precisely ont
  • Beautiful piece of very functional wooden art  

    Raymond Blanc 55961 Teigroller wood (household goods)
    This rolling pin is huuuge! I did not really get how big it from what the picture (really the size is like two normal wine-bottles attached at the bottoms), but it is Certainly a professional model That feels good in the hands. I could roll dough all
  • A solid piece of equipment. Not perfect, but very good for the price! All existing functions operate almost without any problems.  

    Samsung BD-F7500 / EN Blu-ray player (3D, UHD, upscaler, WiFi, Smart Hub, USB) (Electronics)
    I tested this unit for 1 week intensive. I bought the device mainly for streaming over my home network. But of course, I use the device also for Blu-ray or DVD look. In short, the player is responsible for the price of around 120 highly recommended a
  • Bosch 2608662013 Sanding Kit Accessories 36 pieces  

    Bosch 2608662013 Sanding accessory kit 36 ​​pieces (Tools & Accessories)
    Genuine accessory kit to go to the chopper pnçeur BOSCH PRO Comes with carrying case It's a shame he did not prevoi storage of accessories in the LBox-Cutter
  • Functional, universal but not a fashion designer piece  

    Design Universal rod Door Closers Door Closers door spring up to 65kg (S)
    Precisely adjustable, so that doors are ajar back in the frame and of a cat can be reopened. The torsion spring should after assembly with the door hinge be lightly oiled.
  • functional piece of jewelry  

    Zassenhaus 42009 corn mill, beech, natural (household goods)
    Who prepared his organic muesli or its Frischkornbrei every day, is right here. Less money should not be better spent on a corn mill. The mill is expected in design, workmanship make (untreated wood) and build quality not only green-tinged delight us
  • Bosch accessories 2607019447 6-piece SDS-plus S2 Drill Set  

    Bosch 6-piece SDS-plus hammer drill set, 2607019447 (tool)
    good product easy to use - extremely strong - super performance - fast delivery - I can only recommend it to anyone - even extreme stress well
  • Bosch, the functional tools cream.  

    Laser Bosch PLT 2 tiler wall bracket 0603664000 (Tools & Accessories)
    Very good product, practical, robust, handy and versatile I regret that it starts automatically not level (may be that the new model will!). It will satisfy even tilers working with a ruler and a level Made enjoy! Handyman, handywoman, your hammers
  • Functioning directly on the refrigerator (Bosch KGE39AI40)  

    Staedtler 351 Lumocolor WP6 Whiteboardmarker, 6 pieces in tiltable Staedtler box, assorted colors (Office supplies & stationery)
    Use the pins to write directly on the refrigerator notes. My girlfriend and I had been a lot of fun turns to grind funny Bildche on the refrigerator. Pro: - Easy to wipe off (a cloth it does, no special sponge must be) - Leaves no residue - Ceiling r
  • Bosch 2607010079 5 piece chip break guard  

    Bosch 2607010079 5 piece chip break guard (tool)
    funktionier --- but not the invention of Jahrhunderts.langsameres saws without Pendelhup yields a similar result. Needs a Home Craftsman soetwas Hat? Anyone have a better suggestion?
  • Functionality and beauty in one piece  

    KAVAJ iPad Leather Case Cover "Berlin" for the Apple iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2, cognac brown genuine leather with stand function. Thin Smart Cover as noble accessories for the original iPad (Electronics)
    I searched a lot on Amazon to find a case for my iPad did what Both a pleasure for the eyes and That felt good and natural in my hands. I decided on KAVAJ Berlin version as According To other reviewers this is the best of Their Models Regarding prote
  • Bosch DIY 12-Piece Compact Bitset TIN  

    Bosch DIY 12-Piece Compact Bitset TIN 2608255991 (tool)
    Pro: - 8,90 for very favorable for TIN bits (set costs sometimes 20 at Amazon for whatever reason) - Been able to detect any defects in the fit, screw hällt horizontally on bit without magnet (PH, PZ) - Bit holder to grip very ergonomic and well Cont
  • What you just expected ... Bosch MUZ4ZP1 juicer  

    Bosch MUZ4ZP1 juicer (Accessories)
    What I expect from a juicer? First, the juice that makes them! What I expect from a Bosch MUZ4ZP1 juicer? This makes juice and a comfort that it is easy to clean and it is functional. Meets these criteria? Juice comes out! This is already fixed times
  • A really very functional Panniers  

    XLC Panniers Traveller BA-S37 black, 15-25 liters, 750g (Misc.)
    I had quite a long Panniers from NewLook. Unfortunately, there is this no longer on the market. Therefore, I have been looking for a good replacement. While most bags look chic but are not really practical. But that falls mainly only on times when yo
  • Also Bosch makes mistakes ....  

    Bosch 3397018802 Wiper blade rear H280 - Length: 280 (Automotive)
    Have ordered these rear wiper for my Suzuki Ignis, as this is the very good sound Bosch wiper catalog. In addition, I've almost always had a good experience with Bosch wipers So far so good. A very big "but" there is, however, at this rear wiper
  • Top-washing machine from Bosch  

    Bosch washing machine front loader WAY32841 / A +++ A / 1600 rpm / 8 kg / White / i-Dos / AquaStop (Misc.)
    After more than 15 years our old washing machine has had its day of privilege. Overall, we have models from 500EUR by Bosch, Siemens, Miele, Panasonic, LG looked at various wholesale markets. Criteria for our purchase in 1600 were spin tours (we have