bosch gex 150 vs metabo sxe 450


  • SXE 450 vs. Bosch GEX turbo?  

    Metabo 600129000 orbit sander SXE 450 Turbo Tec (tool)
    Had the choice between the Metabo SXE450 and the Bosch GEX turbo, the significant difference in price will certainly be found in the operation and processing again if the same metabolites was not shamefully constructed. Thus one finds at Bosch tip de
  • Makita !!! First choice for professionals and home improvement with high standards  

    Makita BO6040 eccentric / rotary sander Ø 150 mm (tool)
    What can you say about the machine. Come to think of normal eccentric sander was too weak and I am therefore ended up with a Getriebeexzenter was no longer large selection. The Makita, Bosch Gex 150 Turbo, or a Festool Rotex. Makita is the cheapest o
  • Powerful grinder with a wide range of applications  

    Bosch GEX 150 Turbo Professional random orbit sander in a carrying case with Allen key SW 5 and sandpaper K120 (tool)
    I know and appreciate for a long time the 150s Rotex from Festool, the skin right away what. The Bosch GEX 150 Turbo works on the same principle, either as a normal eccentric sander in which the grinding disc rotates freely and is set only by the ecc
  • Grinding: apparently super / exhaustion: not useful  

    Bosch GEX 125 AC Professional random orbit sanders (tool)
    Anticipation that really Positive: 1) Amazon has as always delivered super fast and on time. 2) As usual, the ladies of the hotline have nice, friendly and courteous helped. To me it's really unpleasant to have to go back a device. 3) Why is "blue&qu
  • Loops as long as I want.  

    Bosch Professional GEX 125-150 AV orbit sanders, 3x sanding pad 125-150 mm, 400 W, L-Boxx (tool)
    The Bosch GEX 125-150 AVE replaced an old sander and does his job very well here. The vibration damping is very well done. In the old device after a short time, especially the artisans was completely shaken. In the Bosch the removal of color is first
  • Good scissors, but a little disappointed!  

    Metabo 608765000 hedge trimmer HS 8765 (tool)
    I bought this pair of scissors to a privet hedge in height and width to cut about 20 cm. If one says that goes pure as in butter OK. with fresh young shoots. For older wood to about 8mm thickness it comes as frozen butter. I was expecting more. I hav
  • Best price / performance ratio and great features  

    Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder + Home Series Case (700 W, 115 mm Grinding wheel Ø) (tool)
    I was looking for a small second-Flex next to my large (1500 watts). This should be possible on intricate cuts when cutting tiles. In addition to me only tool brand in question. Metabo Bosch or, ultimately my Metabo were a bit too expensive. So I arr
  • Review Bosch MFQ3530 Handrührer 450 Watt  

    Bosch MFQ3530 Handrührer (450 watts, 5 speed levels) white / gray (household goods)
    Ordering and delivery of ogHandrühres properly. The article is good and has a good handiness. Furthermore, I have found that the hand mixer not injected at the whipping cream. This has quite astonished me, because all my predecessors did this. This a
  • Bosch MFQ3540 Handrührer 450 Watt  

    Bosch MFQ3540 Handrührer (450 watts, 5 speed levels) white / gray (household goods)
    This electric hand mixer is powerful with its 450 watts. Besides the stirring - and dough hook are supplied additionally contain a mixing jug and a shaker with lid included. Good price - performance ratio. Absolute buy recommendation.
  • Velleman Soldering Station 48W adjustable from 150 to 450 ° C  

    Velleman Soldering Station 48W adjustable from 150 to 450 ° C (Electronics)
    This soldering station is great, I use it mainly for making small welds, so far so good. No problems at all
  • Bosch MFQ36400 Handrührer Ergomixx 450 Watt  

    Bosch MFQ36400 Handrührer Ergomixx, 450 Watt, white / gray (household goods)
    I have a blender for a few months in use and am very satisfied. The speeds are well-matched. He can be sure to turn off the "rump". The cable winder is well thought out. The endings of the beater or stirring rods are made of plastic, however. Ma
  • Bosch AHS 45-16 Hedge Trimmer + blade cover (420 W, 450 mm ...  

    Bosch AHS 45-16 Hedge Trimmer + blade cover (420 W, 450 mm diameter length, 16 mm tooth spacing, 2,6 kg) (tool)
    I'm very satisfied with this hedge trimmer !! Thanks to its very light weight and its short scissors it can lead to super light. You get not make lame arm after 1 hour. Even thicker branches this hedge trimmer cut properly. The connection cable is re
  • Bosch GSR 10.8 Li VS Makita DF330DWE  

    Makita cordless drill DF330DWE 10.8V, 1.3Ah (tool)
    So much time in front: I am a layman and not working every day with power tools. Also cheaper devices would Realistically enough for my purposes, but quality and well thought-out to make me at work more fun along the lines of work and play (which in
  • Sigma 5.0-6.3 - 150-500 APO - OS  

    Sigma 150-500 mm F5,0-6,3 APO DG OS HSM Lens (86mm filter thread) for Canon lens mount (Electronics)
    I have been a few years now owner of this objective and have now even read through the reviews of some users. Most data buyers of Sigma 150-500 are very satisfied. I am, too. I photograph for 40 years in the wild mainly birds and wild plants. The Sig
  • Bosch Blue Granite Steinbohrerset  

    Bosch 2607010544 straight shank drill bits 7 pcs. Blue Granite Drill Set Robu (tool)
    The cassette "Robust Line" from Bosch includes seven masonry drill bit in the sizes above, with the 6mm drill 2x exists. What is not apparent from the description above that these drills are designed for up to 2,000 revolutions. On machines
  • Good, but prefer the model BT 150  

    Bosch - Professional tripod BS150 (Tools & Accessories)
    It tripods BS 150 is good enough but for me it is not worthy to be called Bosch Professional. The quality of molded plastic parts is improved, my upper tray is not perfectly puts horizontally while the feet are level, it is necessary that I play on t
  • True to Bosch's reputation  

    Bosch Trimmers ART 23 Easytrim cutting 23 cm with automatic coil 0600878A00 (Tools & Accessories)
    Solid, not heavy for a woman wrists and effective, this trimmer has allowed me to cut out a piece of land (about 40m square) which had not seen a mower for nearly three years. Suffice to say that there was a job !!! And Bosch raised the challenge han
  • Bosch service super. With the machine, I had a bit of bad luck  

    Bosch VeroCafe TES50251DE - Automatic coffee machine with cappuccinatore - 15 bar, TES50251DE (household goods)
    I used this machine for 2 years. On the day decreased on average by 4-7 coffee. I had bought it in April 2013 in time for Saturn 450. The machine has everything you need. Unfortunately began after 18 months the machine to leak to be. Bosch called the
  • Bosch Rotak 34  

    Bosch Rotak 34 lawnmower (1,300 W, Ergoflex system, 34 cm cutting width, 20-70 mm cutting height, 40 l) (tool)
    We are extremely pleased with the Bosch Rotak 34. The handling and cutting performance are top. For gardens up to 150 m2 fully recommended.
  • Once Metabo always Metabo?  

    Metabo 60009050 PowerMaxx 12 (tools)
    I have for many years that I bought back then used a Metabo impact drill. Engine and transmission sound as stable and reliable as they are. This machine I would buy immediately. Unfortunately quite different this cordless screwdriver. Once the engine