bosch gks 10.8 review


  • Finer saw blade suitable for Bosch GKS 10.8 V-Li  

    Makita Specialized saw blade 85 x 15 x 24 Z, B-33819 (tool)
    Moin, I bought the saw blade for fine cuts in coated particle leaf (high-gloss cabinet doors). When working with a rail and a first section with two millimeters depth "backward" saws (and then the remaining cutting depth forward) gets you comple
  • Attention !! Bosch Pro. Battery on advertising image does not match the advertising text !!! Konakt cumbersome with dealer !!  

    AKPower® Replacement Battery for Milwaukee M12 Battery 12V 3000mAh 48-11-2411 Li-Ion Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Electronics)
    I am writing this review on the photo (replica Bosch Pro) battery, battery not described to the advertising text. Possibly could the quality of the battery cell also apply to the Milwaukee battery I ordered this battery and to rely on the supplied ex
  • Replacement blades for Bosch Garden Shredder AXT Rapid 2200  

    Bosch F016800276 Replacement Blade for AXT Rapid 2000 / AXT Rapid 2200 (tool)
    Eigentlch you can save any further review, because it was already said everything, but perhaps causes the Fa. Bosch the number of reviews to reconsider their quality and pricing for this product. The stability of the knife is an insolence simply insu
  • Hammer device - long delivery time - Bosch Rangefinder DLE 70  

    Bosch Rangefinder DLE 70 Professional, 0601016600 (tool)
    Usually, I'm at this point always full of praise for the delivery, I have never gotten a package that was damaged and the estimated delivery date has often fallen short. This time, I regret the parcel a clear criticism to express. Show details Delive
  • Upper class weak and accessories RPM problem.  

    Skil Mini Circular Saw 5330 AA (600W, 28.5mm, + 2x Blade, + 1x Diamond blade, rip fence +) (tool)
    REVIEW Skil Mini Circular Saw 5330 AA If you have no desire or time to read detailed and comprehensive information, the mini circular saw 5330 SA brings highs in the engine performance and cutting depth, is very well designed and built, and I think t
  • Really multifunction vacuum cleaner, I recommend  

    Kärcher MV6 Premium Water and Dust Vacuum Cleaner 2000 W (Tools & Accessories)
    I have this vacuum cleaner for almost 1 year. Javais especially need a vacuum to suck wood dust and other DIY waste. Being adept products "Multifunction", this is what I like most in order of importance: - Presence of a power inverter. Vacuum cl
  • very convenient, handy, compact and lightweight  

    Bosch cordless circular saw GKS 10.8 V-LI 2 x 2.0 Ah L-Boxx, 06016A1000 (tool)
    good day I do not usually take the time to evaluate products. to make it short: I have the makita- and Bosch mini hand-Circular saws both ordered even at Amazon, received quickly and tested. the Makita went back the battery was only 1.3 Ah Bosch GKS
  • Very good, cheap and very sharp  

    Black & Decker X13111 Multievo TCT blade 85 x 15 mm (Misc.)
    I have this for my Kreissägeblätte Bosch GKS 10.8V Li battery Handkreissäge bought because my used circular saw blade after countless cuts in different materials has become blunt. Therefore, a replacement had to get back her efizient and uses battery
  • Review Bosch MFQ3530 Handrührer 450 Watt  

    Bosch MFQ3530 Handrührer (450 watts, 5 speed levels) white / gray (household goods)
    Ordering and delivery of ogHandrühres properly. The article is good and has a good handiness. Furthermore, I have found that the hand mixer not injected at the whipping cream. This has quite astonished me, because all my predecessors did this. This a
  • Review for Bosch HBG73U150  

    Bosch HBG73U150 built-in electric oven / A / B / Vario-small area grill / pizza setting (Misc.)
    The built-in oven is broadly ok However, it does not work with the self-cleaning. For hours, the furnace is running, but no trace of cleaning. Too Bad. Actually, I'm impressed by Bosch whole. My previous oven was from Bosch. However, there was at tha
  • Review Bosch keyless chuck  

    Bosch Accessories 2608572072 keyless to 6 mm (tool)
    The keyless chuck Bosch wobbles very strong, not a good advertisement for this product. Have the 6 Kant shortened wobbles trotzdem.Nach in my opinion is the thread on the shaft is not centered geschnitten.Schade but Bosch was better.
  • Review Bosch AHS 7000 Pro-T  

    Bosch Hedge Trimmers AHS 7000 PRO-T blade 70 cm 34 cm Cup 0600848B00 (Tools & Accessories)
    Product of good quality low noise, blade grease before first use. Maybe a little heavy for him who to small arms ;-) Satisfied with my purchase.
  • Review: Bosch 2609003869 telescopic handle for AGS models and ASB  

    Bosch 2609003869 telescopic handle for AGS models and ASB (Tools & Accessories)
    1. No manual 2 Ciseille ASB 10,8LI it fits badly, it is held in place with only 2 tiny bits of plastic - hard to assemble and disassemble. 3. Rotation of the head: it is only secured at both ends, horizontal and vertical.
  • Product Review Bosch KIR41AF30  

    Bosch KIR41AF30 built-in refrigerator / A ++ / cooling: 214 L / white / Smart Cool / Touch Control electronics / fixed mounted / flat hinge (Misc.)
    After the construction of this installation and commissioning refrigerator, I'm very happy with the product. At the visual representation of this refrigerator is unfortunate that on the quotation screen can not be seen, are kind of the side panels an
  • Review Bosch 83-Piece V-Line Titanium Set  

    Bosch 83-Piece V-Line Titanium Set for drilling and fastening, incl. Adjustable wrench, 2607017193 (tool)
    Very poor quality. The drills are totally dull. The 10 mm wood drill bit has the front instead of a peak a round dome. Impossible to drill it. The can dispose. I can only strongly advise against a purchase.
  • Review Lawnmower Bosch Rotak 34 Ergo Flex  

    Bosch Rotak 34 lawnmower (1,300 W, Ergoflex system, 34 cm cutting width, 20-70 mm cutting height, 40 l) (tool)
    Since we used this type for many years, we bought (after the total failure of the old device), this modified model and are very happy to a small thing as before. This little thing would be: If the pot is full, the mower tends liftable and sits on the
  • Bosch wiper blade Aerotwin set for Skoda Yeti  

    Bosch 3397118979 Wiper Blade Aerotwin A979S sentence - length: 600/475 (Misc.)
    From me the product gets a full review since, in price and performance or quality of Bosch simply is very good by the simple click connection, it is also very easy to change without the one for any needs a tool. My recommendation clearly to all the s
  • Recommended Bosch trimmer line very  

    Bosch F016800176 Trimmer line for refilling 24 m ART 30 combi trim (tool)
    First, thank you to the customers, "seabird" with the review of 12 or 13:05:14. This helped me a lot. I also own a 1-thread Wolf Trimmer since about 2 years. The device itself is OK, but with the appropriate thread with diameter 1.4 mm I am
  • Bosch ... watch out!  

    Bosch PSB 850-2 RE Home Series Impact Drill + Case (850 W, 2-speed gearbox, max. Drilling diameter concrete 18 mm) (Tools)
    First of all: I'm not a handyman, rather an ordinary petrol, so I need every now and then a good drill for example, or similar holes in reinforced concrete, wood. drilling - when just obtained something. My review is likely to depend more on "op
  • Excellent the Bosch Tassimo machine, ideal as a gift.  

    Bosch TAS5542 Tassimo T55 Charmy multi-beverage machine with chrome design applications in Opal Black / Intelligent drink identification (household goods)
    This is the second of Bosch Tassimo I own now. Previously had the previous model which reliably completed his service over an extended period. I was also with this more than just satisfied. Now I bought a current model and am pleasantly surprised by