bosch private collection thermos flask


  • Bosch coffee TKA6644 Private Collection red / light gray  

    Bosch coffee TKA6644 Private Collection red / light gray (housewares)
    good design, have other products from Bosch Private Collection, am very satisfied is to recommend, keep it up
  • Thermos flask 0.5l.  

    Thermos Stainless Steel Flask ThermoCafé, 0.5l (Kitchen)
    Very good thermos; keeps the hot drink 7 to 8 hours. But zero points as packaged for transport ing just a padded envelope and not in a carton; Result: the cup screwing metal was dented received; despite a claim and supporting photographs, no exchange
  • Perfectly combined with bra Fifi Chachnil Private Collection  

    Fifi chachnil classic Private Collection - panties - gingham - cotton - Women (Clothing)
    Size entirely appropriate and very comfortable to wear, not to mention the whole "very cute" but it remains in the domain of intimate;)
  • A nice, normal boiler, which is not hot on the outside (thermos effect)!  

    Tefal KO3718 Kettle, 1.5 L, Black (Kitchen)
    As with many things in the meantime, is not only the proper functioning but also good optics as a selling point. Whether there are toaster with Swarovski crystals, coffee makers with colorful lighting or kettle in velvet, black coat and blue LED ligh
  • "Thermos Light & Compact", the original.  

    Genuine Thermos bottle "Light & Compact" (equipment)
    We have the 0.5 liter and the 1.0 liter version of this "Thermos Light and Compact" flasks and are extremely well satisfied. In addition, there are also the sizes of 0.35 liter and 0.75 liter. Concerns should be doing, however, that the size spe
  • For the record collection  

    Richard Dorfmeister Private Collection (Audio CD)
    by Richard Dorfmeister is this very successful compilation of different artists. It is the no. 2 from the G-Stone Master Series. In literally a Private Collection. So please no misconceptions. Here there is only one track of K + D. But this is not tr
  • Exciting as ghost, action and adventure game!  

    Alan Wake - [PC] (computer game)
    For content, I would not say as much, which is also in the description. Only so much that the player assumes the role of the writer Alan Wake and try needs to save his wife. He meets various opponents, but has in the meantime also support helping fri
  • Excellent, satisfied  

    Bosch TAT6801 long slot toaster Private Collection stainless steel / black (housewares)
    The Bosch TAT6801 long slot toaster Private Collection stainless steel / black very classy. He tans toast and slices of bread very well and evenly. Recommended.
  • For the quality even really cheap thermal coffee - my reference in the price range  

    Melitta coffee filter machine Look Therm DeLuxe, Aroma Selector, limescale, black / stainless steel 101114 (household goods)
    For affordable coffee machine with thermos flasks, which often come across functional and almost ugly, this unit is a real high-quality visual feast: pot and filter holder are largely made of brushed stainless steel, the pot merges fit with the housi
  • The BEEM Nobilis vs newest Melitta Look  

    BEEM Germany Nobilis coffee Petrol (household goods)
    Yes, it stinks of chemicals when they are unpacked, but only bie has aired them, so a few minutes. The smell seems to come out of the plastic filter holder and he is well preserved by because the lid fairly tight closes and the machine is packed in P
  • Water damage  

    Tamrac Evolution 9 Sling backpack black (Electronics)
    I had worried me the backpack due to some opinions on the Internet and was really pleased at the beginning. One can find plenty of space, both in the main compartment and above the storage space for "normal goods". The main compartment is a
  • Good machine, elegant appearance  

    Philips HD7546 / 20 Thermo Coffee (1000 watts, 1.2 L, drip-stop function) black / metal (household goods)
    We have for several months now in this coffee brewed at the beginning Gebrauch.Sie quickly and very quietly, but what happens to every good coffee machine times, they calcify. Then it is just as loud and röschelt to himself, like any other machine th
  • Perfect coffee pleasure  

    Philips HD7546 / 20 Thermo Coffee (1000 watts, 1.2 L, drip-stop function) black / metal (household goods)
    We have long been looking for a replacement for our old coffee after first the automatic and then even the jug fell off and is shattered. What we looked at the machines in various shops and tried and met with the Philips is the right choice. The Mach
  • For the price perfectly fine 3  

    Wood table football game kicker approximately 51 x 31 cm (toys)
    The kicker was for my little nephew. For both, the size is great, especially because you can also play on the floor and the Great especially liked that the kicker "like a real" is built - with scoring track and buffering on the sides :) Onl
  • pity that there is no greater  

    Grundig UC 5020 Ultrasonic Cleaner (Personal Care)
    The biggest advantage of the device - small, light, handy - unfortunately is also its biggest drawback. Although I miss the comparison with other devices, but slightly larger should be the water container like. It would be best if our diving masks fi
  • Just great ... do not understand the bad reviews at this price!  

    Russell Hobbs 18374 -56 coffee thermos, Fast Brew system, control panel LCD display (1200 watt) black / silver (household goods)
    The coffee maker along with thermos and Timer is awesome. Easy to operate and we even carry a small inn and use the coffee machine for breakfast. Therefore, the timer is really great, the coffee is ready when you start working. The pot is simply a st
  • Easy to use - accurate average: perfect for our lawn!  

    Bosch Rotak 40 lawnmower (1,700 W, Ergoflex system, 40 cm cutting width, 20-70 mm cutting height, 50 l) (tool)
    The Bosch Rotak 40 electric lawnmower is shipped in a large cardboard box, which already affects nearly slaying at first glance. And with more than 15 kg is the package already tidy. But it is everything you need to mow the lawn. The Structure Is mor
  • Excellent product 4 1  

    Russell Hobbs 20140 Oxford -56 Thermal coffee with shower head technology and rapid heating system silver / black (household goods)
    We have this machine has been going for a few weeks and have been very satisfied. Coffee preparation is quick and good utilization of the coffee powder (presumably by the effervescent technology), the thermos flask to keep the contents warmer than an
  • Too bad! 69  

    Philips Avent SCF256 / 00 bottle warmer on the go (Baby Product)
    Unfortunately disappointing. After frequent use, we had to repeatedly festellen the thermos flask repeatedly opens by itself and the water runs out. Even if the thermos is upright and avoiding any upset. Schade great idea for breastmilk to warm on th
  • Only MAM 1  

    MAM 999 215 - Anti-Colic 260ml, double (Baby Product)
    My son is 7 Mon old and I would only buy MAM. At first I found the screw and clean the items annoying. After a week that goes so fast that you do not know what was annoying. The great thing is, however: The air escapes from the bottom while drinking.