bosch ptk 14 edt stapler



    Bosch Cordless Stapler PTK 3.6 LI With Metal Box, 1000 staples (type 53, 8 mm length) and 0,603,968,100 charger (Tools & Accessories)
    Perfect: order delivered in flash, as usual with Amazon The product conforms to the description on the site. To believe, my husband uses this Staple: the material is very handy, easy to use. The price: 14 euros cheaper than specialist for DIY (large
  • inadequate my stapler  

    Bosch 2609255823 Staples 11.4 x 0.74 x 14 mm Type 53 Batch 1000 (Tools & Accessories)
    Sorry, but these clips are probably fine, but not suitable for the cordless stapler Bosch PTK 3.6 Li
  • Stapler with staples too thick and not found  

    Mannesmann 48440 Set manual stapler with staples, nails and staple remover (Germany Import) (Tools & Accessories)
    This false clone MANNESMANN the BOSCH HT14 also uses staples 11.3 * 8mm but much thicker (1,14mm) than the BOSCH HT14 (0,73mm) The site advises Amazon France to buy the staples BOSCH HT14, but blocking during use is immediate. I tried to buy staples
  • Powerful tacker with slight weaknesses  

    Bosch PTK 14 E Elektrotacker "Universal" 1000 + brackets (30 beats / min, 1.1 kg) (tool)
    The Bosch PTK 14 E tackert as promised quickly and forcefully. However, the stapler You have to keep it to work straight. Problems with the loading drawer did not exist. Unfortunately, the stapler misses often two clips at once. The brackets used wer
  • Bosch staples  

    Bosch 2609255819 wire Staples thin type 53 Width 11.4 mm 0.74 mm Thickness 6 mm Length 1,000 pieces (Tools & Accessories)
    Bosch Bosch stapler staples for, I think I will have no problem. I'll test it these days.
  • Staples for Bosch electric stapler  

    Bosch 2609255823 Staples 11.4 x 0.74 x 14 mm Type 53 Batch 1000 (Tools & Accessories)
    Perfect. Perfectly fits my stapler. Very few missed during my yard. I recommend this product without hesitation.
  • Bosch 2609255838 1000 set flat wire staples type 52 Width 12.3 mm  

    Set Bosch 2609255838 1000 flat wire staples type 52 Width 12.3 mm Thickness 1.25 mm Length 14 mm (Tools & Accessories)
    Perfect For my CRAFSTMAN.Impossible manual stapler FIND in DIY stores this width agrafes.Donc very happy with my purchase.
  • Stapler Bosch  

    Stapler Bosch HT 14 to 14 mm length tips 0,603,038,001 (Tools & Accessories)
    Very nice stapler for all small work of the good home strike but requires a certain strength in the hand.
  • Effective and allows to put two staples at the same time  

    0603265500 Bosch PTK 14 EDT Stapler DIY (Tools & Accessories)
    The stapler is supplied in a cardboard box with a plastic handle. Bosch provides a batch-type 53 staples 10x100 (width 11.4 mm, height 10 mm). The cord is about 2.4 meters long, which allows working without problems. The dial to select the force of i
  • Bosch, good ... but expensive  

    0603265500 Bosch PTK 14 EDT Stapler DIY (Tools & Accessories)
    In the line of Bosch products: quality of the tool, proper ergonomics, convenient and suitable for your use. The plus: + Duo system - tac to place two staples in one "shot" (useful for tissue such tense) + Cable length 2m 50 which allows a good
  • Stapler simple and effective  

    0603265500 Bosch PTK 14 EDT Stapler DIY (Tools & Accessories)
    First electric stapler in the house (before I used a manual). As usual with Bosch everything is well presented and packaged. But what initially striking is the lack of transport case. All products from home that I had were supplied with a small plast
  • Good for staples, zero points for pins  

    Bosch tacker HT 14 (tools)
    The tacker's a fine product and easy to handle. I was quite happy until I have the original BOSCH pins 14mm as indicated on the staple gun used. This constantly caught in the machine. Unfortunately, one must say that the use of pins is not possible.
  • Bosch pedelec - USB connection  

    BIGtec OTG Data Cable angled USB micro-B St 90 degrees> USB A Bu OTG 11cm gilt / OTG adapter Mobile Data Cables Tablet data cable OTG cable for Smartphone and Tablet for easy transfer of data or connect external USB devices / micro USB plug to USB A socket / Micro USB HOST OTG cable USB B / M 90 ° to USB A / F OTG adapter cable / Micro USB Adapter (Electronics)
    The adapter works fine on my KTM / Bosch pedelec 2014 the USB interface of Intuvia. My IPhone5 and a Huawei 4G mobile hotspot to load. Other cable and connector combinations have not previously worked. Super Price - lightning delivery
  • Stapler, class work! â € œ € žThe Musical Geniusâ we believed would finally  

    Chambers (Audio CD)
    Stapler, class work! 'The Musical Genius' we believed would finally come. After countless lessons in his Pop Music Masterclass via 1 Live, according to, in so art academic world, almost deified classical-meets-pop fusions 'Solo Piano' and 'Solo Piano
  • Well-designed new generation of Bosch cordless screwdriver, with some improvements to its predecessor  

    BOSCH IXO cordless screwdriver Home Series 5 generations, eccentric attachment, angle attachment, 10 standard screwdriver bits, charger, metal packaging, 06039A8002 (tool)
    When it comes to equipment for the DIY, Bosch is always a good choice, and we use much good stuff from the Bosch range for years, as well as a cordless screwdriver. Previously, it was a model of the fourth generation. My comparisons always refer to t
  • Does not fit with Bosch dryer WTL 5200 !!!  

    WTZ 11310 Connection kit f. "Sensitive" (Misc.)
    Unfortunately, I fell to the Item Application. It says "WTZ 11310 Connection kit ... Bosch". The latter "Bosch" has unfortunately made me Irr-belief that the articles on my Bosch washer and my dryer fits, also because no restricti
  • Bosch dryer on Miele washer - watch out!  

    WTZ 11310 Connection kit f. "Sensitive" (Misc.)
    We have a Miele washing machine with an inclined panel. As the frame came, I was pleasantly surprised: In addition to the screws a detailed and well-illustrated description as well as a distance measure for setting the dryer feet and a drill with dep
  • Bought for the Bosch IXO, cheaper and at least as good or better than the original accessories  

    Wolfcraft 2625000 1 Quick-chuck 6 kant 6.5 mm (tools)
    I bought the Schnellbohrfutter for Bosch IXO, it's cheaper and at least as good or better than the original accessories that are not black matt finish and almost twice as expensive. Again, it is recommended that the moving parts to miss a load of sil
  • Bosch wiper blade Aerotwin set for Skoda Yeti  

    Bosch 3397118979 Wiper Blade Aerotwin A979S sentence - length: 600/475 (Misc.)
    From me the product gets a full review since, in price and performance or quality of Bosch simply is very good by the simple click connection, it is also very easy to change without the one for any needs a tool. My recommendation clearly to all the s
  • Bosch Durable plastic blades for ART 26-18 LI  

    Bosch Durablade plastic blades for ART 26-18 LI (tool)
    Designed for the grass trimmer BOSCH plastic blades are very robust and comply with the manufacturer's instructions. Highly recommended for this device.