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  • Very good movie  

    End of Watch (Amazon Instant Video)
    Very well-made film. Camera, Actor, dialogues, story and, above all, the cut are at a very ohnen level. In how far the film coincides with the reality one can be resident in the comparatively free of weapons Germany not say exactly, but the structure
  • This song is great, but the `movie '  

    Ride Out [Explicit] (MP3 Download)
    The movie The Fast and the Furious 7 sau I horny, each recommending the a "Fast and Furious ,, fan. This is the best movie of the Fast and the Furious Schauts you because on film.
  • Good movie with some gaps ...  

    Interstellar (Amazon Instant Video)
    Basically, Interstellar is a good movie. However, one would have in the 2.5 hours. Runtime 10min perhaps can apply for the background action. The whole world dies because of a mealworm from fungus in the plants? And how did that happen? One can exter
  • Free many movies  

    Viewster - Free Movies & Series (App)
    So I use VIEWSTER via Amazon Fire TV. It offers many free movies as well as current trailer. I was looking for a trailer app, similar to Apple TV, because here Amazon Fire TV is really behind. The app VIEWSTER I could fill this gap. Recommended this
  • Stream movies from HDD via DLNA on iPad  

    HooToo® portable wireless router repeater with USB flash memory reader, 6000mAh External Battery Pack for Smartphones and Tablets (Electronics)
    Top equipment, if you have since found out what it takes to make it work :-) To spare you this time, here is a brief guide: The HooToo Box HT TM-01, which includes the battery is shipped with outdated firmware. Thus no DLNA streaming is possible. So,
  • Beautiful movie  

    My Awkward Sexual Adventure (Amazon Instant Video)
    I did not know the movie and not the actor and I still found the film class .Lohnt to see definitely. Sometimes you still find those small pearls :-)
  • The links can indeed move but unable to determine.  

    Abacus Artistica: Model doll / mannequin / Mannequin wooden 12cm high AMP 12cm DE (Office supplies & stationery)
    The doll excellent small. All joints are present and moving. But inside a spring is located, the doll always returns to the starting position. Legs or arms bend, bringing the lower leg in a bent position, head tilt and then a drawing is not possible
  • Move Navigation Controller  

    PlayStation Move Navigation controller (optional)
    The Move Navigation Controller is a very high quality. He sits comfortably in the hand and does the job wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, there is not many games that require or support this controller, but I'm sure that Sony and other developers will d
  • 3D movies for the home  

    Sony BDV-N5200W 5.1 3D DVD / Blu-ray home theater system (Bluetooth, wireless LAN, NFC) (Electronics)
    Actually, we need no longer go to the movies. With our new Sony BDV-N5200W Blu-ray 3D home theater system, we have brought us the 3D cinema to the living room. All systems are delivered in a cardboard box, which contains all the ingredients. Included
  • 3D HD Movies  

    LCS - CRONOS - 10M - hyperspeed SERIES - HDMI 1.4a generation - High Speed ​​with Ethernet and 3D - Quad-shielding / braided - for all HDTV, LCD, LED, Plasma - gold plated connection (electronic)
    3D HD movies to send over a 10m HDMI cable has been a challenge for many cables, all of which attach to the same specifications on the flags, but only the latter has also held what it was. Good workmanship, still bend to reason, the thickness of the
  • Very good movies!  

    Prime Instant Video (app)
    For me, the movies, which is a member of the Prime available is very good. For only knappp 60 per year you can endlessly watch movies and gets (even)! always the fastest and kostenlaosen shipping of orders. Could not be better I think. :)
  • OMG such a bad movie  

    Interstellar (Amazon Instant Video)
    Dull, dull and boring, so a worse movie I've been for years not seen ... and I thought Pan Tau would be bad but this film surpasses by far.
  • A movie for action fans  

    The Marine 4 (Amazon Instant Video)
    The Marine 4 is from beginning to end is a must for action fans. Easy Some great action movie. Much geballere and fight tens.
  • Bad movie bad actors .........................  

    Big Momma's House - the double portion (Amazon Instant Video)
    Did the film viewed at the weekend and I have to say to compare the first two parts (the second was not necessarily good) this movie was underground bad! Flat Story bad actors. I am annoyed that my family and I have seen the film. I would clear him t
  • Great movie  

    The Princess Diaries (Amazon Instant Video)
    I've watched this movie with my 10 year old daughter, and we found him both very funny ... was a nice evening Viedeo :-)
  • funny and good movie!  

    Medical Play (Amazon Instant Video)
    Dokrorspiele is a funny movie, sometimes a bit exaggerated. But is indeed intended for young people! But the actors are really good.
  • This movie sucks!  

    Strawberry Summer - The summer of your life (Amazon Instant Video)
    This movie sucks! Actually, the theme has potential, but the film is poorly laid out, the dialogues hollow, and the actors bring over any feelings. Normally, I love country music and schmaltz, but the money that I paid for this film is a waste of mon
  • stupid, stupid ... this movie  

    Horrible Bosses 2 (Amazon Instant Video)
    I like stupid-funny movies. of Scary Movie and The Naked Gun - all laugh, I think. But in this case the three heroes (especially the "Hamster") are really too stupid, that's no longer funny. Chris Pine to campy and predictable - can not dec
  • Even the old movies had more pep and excitement  

    Hercules (2014) Extended Cut (Amazon Instant Video)
    Caveat: It is a pity the whole renowned Darsteller.Diese film had none of those / these Verdient.Der film begins (logically) and it comes and comes no voltage auf.Zumindest one thinks that as well exciting come muss.Irrtum .As is nothing dergleichen.
  • By far the best Hercules movie ever!  

    Hercules (2014) Extended Cut (Amazon Instant Video)
    As Hercules fan, I believe that it is by far the best Hercules movie ever! Before my review 1 point: The Blockbuster Hecules film is in German and was only when he came out again briefly in English and some have therefore poorly judged him, has said