bra and pintiy viedo


  • Great bra and then also so cheap!  

    BeeDees Ladies Bra (With bracket) Stepy Soft WHP (1BN19) (Textiles)
    This bra I wear for a couple of years and keep coming back to it. Comfortable to wear, nothing pushes, scratches or pinches. Bring everything in great shape, nothing is emerging through's T-shirt. That's how it should be!!
  • Pleasantly soft and stretchy material  

    ESPRIT Bodywear Ladies String LISMORE (Textiles)
    The ESPRIT LISMORE collection like it worth a total very good. Both the bra and the "Unterbuxen" are made of comfortable stretchy and soft material. The top keeps its shape even when easy-care wash. Not a run. A little color goes from the b
  • great nursing bra, unfortunately wear out something quickly  

    Anita Maternity Women's Nursing Bra 5068, (Other colors) (Textiles)
    I have three children and I am fully convinced of this model here. Not at least for me, so for me to come alone for the sake of vanity only underwired bras in question - clipless bras do not shape the breast. In addition, I had the experience with th
  • Very good bra with almost perfect fit  

    Anita Maternity Women's Nursing Bra 5068 Nursing Bra (More Colors) (Textiles)
    TLDR: Have after a long struggle decided on the basis of ratings, to be ordered over the internet a bra. Best Bra! Any time Long one: Have generally a very large chest. This grew naturally during pregnancy even more. Shortly before the birth I had lo
  • A bra with Esprit Esprit. Absolute buy recommendation!  

    ESPRIT Bodywear Ladies Padded bra LISMORE (Textiles)
    To evaluate is today the ESPRIT Bodywear Bra LISMORE. Well packed it comes to me. It is not used too much packaging material, but enough so as not to crush the mold. Now for BH: Actually I buy underwear reluctant on the Internet. Fits she or does not
  • Photo Accordingly - and something else ....  

    Schiesser Damen Body 0/0 Arm (Textiles)
    The body came within two working days after ordering, timely and reliable Amazon in flat packaging, which did not fit into the mail slot (so had to pick up the body with a neighbor;)). The body is on a transparent, supplied bracket and is then again
  • beautiful and comfortable 4  

    Wonderbra Gel Glossy Bra - Bra - Push-up - UK - Microfiber - Women (Clothing)
    beautiful and comfortable bought so popular promo, I'm a fan of wonderbra for bras and the whole is very successful
  • Lejaby bra  

    House lejaby lingerie - select - bra every day - Women (Clothing)
    Very nice bra and fine detail, quality and original. The monmartre gray color is very beautiful. The quality is to go Lejaby
  • one A Bra  

    Anita Maternity Women's Nursing Bra 5075 Nursing bra (Textiles)
    The bra sits really great and silent he is also as it should be. Have been looking for a well-fitting bra and am has shared with Anita. Now I have two of this company and am thrilled. Although the price is very expensive but well-fitting bra is becau
  • Feminine and sporty - top!  

    POLAR Ladies Heart Rate Monitor FT4F (equipment)
    After some time I decided to buy a new heart rate monitor. In the past, I had so far only one; I had received at the time also reasonably priced (less than 15 EUR) at Aldi and was only useful as time and calorie counter. Since the name "Polar" I
  • Good nursing bra with small weaknesses  

    Carriwell nursing bra / bustier with lace Still without strap black (Baby Product)
    I bought this bra during pregnancy. Before pregnancy I had 75C in pregnancy then 80 D. Therefore, I bought L. But I'm not sure if a larger size would not have been better, because sometimes pushes the seams under the armpit. The seam forward, which w
  • Narrow and stable  

    Leifheit 81570 Stand dryer Pegasus 150 (household goods)
    With a width of about 55 centimeters, the Pegasus 150 is built relatively narrow. Rightly, therefore, the manufacturer Leifheit out that the clothes horse in contrast to several of his colleagues without major difficulties can be towed by virtually e
  • Great sports bra, but rubs off strong!  

    Under Armour Women's Fitness Bustier Top and Mid (Sports Apparel)
    The bra itself is great, fit and doing what he should. The only, and I think big disadvantage, the pink Appklikationen (edging and lettering) color after washing from extreme. Since you naturally sweat in a sports bra (finally you carry it for Sport)
  • Very nice bra, with a single Macke ..  

    Calvin Klein Underwear Ladies Bra (With bracket) 0000F3740E / NATURAL LIFT T-SHIRT (Textiles)
    I'm a big fan of Calvin Klein underwear, and possess almost exclusively bras and "Bottoms" this brand. This bra is also fitted perfectly, falls sizes-from faithfully, makes for a natural-looking lift, and is also very comfortable to wear, withou
  • Best Sports Bra for running  

    Shock Absorber Run Ultimate Support Sports Bra (Textiles)
    I already have a copy of this sports bra, and can only say that fits perfectly, nothing wobbles or is gequescht.Auch very well for larger sizes. Can be adjusted very individually. Very fast delivery! Unfortunately me this bra came in the wrong color
  • Comfortable Bra  

    SOUNONĀ® Soft shells t-shirt bra - Apricot (Gr 75-100, Cup: AD.) (Textiles)
    Have with the price expected no super bra and was even more surprised when from the welded bag a super part has come out. A perfect fit, is comfortable and looks good.
  • Very comfortable to wear! 1  

    ESPRIT bodywear ladies push up bra LISMORE (Textiles)
    Processing looks very good, not out looking seams, all meticulously crafted. The fabric feels very pleasant on the skin! Ultra soft! :-) The push-up effect is there, but not aufgrindlich / extreme. Straps are adjustable, both in length and in the wea
  • Not for bigger breasts  

    Medela Sparpack --- Set of 2 Still Bustier / StillBH - Comfortline - Ideal for pregnancy and lactation through seamless manufacturing for comfort (Baby Product)
    I got initially recommended this bra and I bought it then. I would not recommend it even now after 3 months in women with a little more chest, like expect danger of a bra. What I like at the BH: - The substance is super elastic and very pleasant on t
  • indispensable for large sizes  

    Anita Maternity Women's Nursing Bra 5068 Nursing Bra (More Colors) (Textiles)
    After I had processed the usual recommendation, me before childbirth nursing bras for Sale 2 weeks are 2 cup sizes larger than the current I 2 was a better weeks after childbirth then taught. Both were too small and anything but supportive. I had 3 m
  • Recommended Stilleinlagen of Penaten  

    Penaten care mom breast pads, 30 Pack (Baby Product)
    I test the Penaten mom breast pads as part of a project for trnd interactive marketing. The packaging of breast pads I find quite appealing, it would encourage me in any case to purchase. Of the breast pads I had a positive first impression. They hol