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  • A Push Up Bra is like a bag. You open it and it`s half empty.  

    ESPRIT bodywear ladies push up bra LISMORE (Textiles)
    A handsome, black push-up incl. Ruffles applications and the opportunity in a halter version, to dispense with the variable carrier. The quality is good, as well as otherwise expected by Esprit. The trend of falling Lismore eating a small mark, as or
  • A subtle push-up bra for every day  

    ESPRIT bodywear ladies push up bra LISMORE (Textiles)
    First look for: The bra is very high quality but processed simply. The peak in gray sits pretty on the black fabric. The carriers are a bit narrow, which can be problematic particularly for larger breasts. The push-up effect is rather decent I think.
  • A super beautiful soft bra  

    ESPRIT bodywear ladies push up bra LISMORE (Textiles)
    The bra just sit very well with me. The adjustment possibilities are comprehensive and allow it to that it can be well adapted also to my admittedly very small body. He sits really great and feels very soft and supple thanks to the substance really g
  • Beautiful bra, but the fabric is a little too thin  

    ESPRIT bodywear Women Ironing BH LISMORE (Textiles)
    I have Bra Size 80B - size, I wear otherwise. The cup size B fits me perfectly here, but I feel the underbustwidth as somewhat narrower than usual. The bra is very well made, looks high quality and very chic. The fabric feels good, is very pleasant e
  • New favorite bra  

    Scandale Ladies Bra (With bracket) SC01S-0004 (Textiles)
    Order bras over the Internet is often difficult wg. passport size. This bra has but as I liked with the tips and the rear section ausergewöhnlichen that I ordered my standard size. He was reduced to 20. The bra came beautifully packaged and persuaded
  • A bra with variations, a super idea.  

    ESPRIT Bodywear Ladies Padded bra LISMORE (Textiles)
    The size fits perfectly. The fabric is very soft and wears very well. The design is appealing. What is very beautiful solved is the versatility. One can wear the bra as usual, but also tension the carrier around the neck or on the cross. This versati
  • beautiful bra  

    Triumph Ladies T-Shirt Bra beauty Full Aura W (1NP45) (Textiles)
    I have ordered the bra in the size 90C - it fits as expected / not too tight and too loose. The processing of the bra is qualtitativ quality, the colors are displayed in the picture. The fabric is comfortable to wear on the skin ...
  • practical, well-fitting bra  

    Underwired bra multifunctional additional carrier silicone Naturana 7533 black skin white Cups AD, 70-90 (Textiles)
    This bra is due to the three carrier variant (strapless, with color or transparent carriers) very practical and also sits like a glove. The only thing that bothered me from the intense smell, I have not quite figured out also from the first wash. I h
  • Better than any nursing bra  

    Anita Maternity Women Bustier, 5290 U / Nursing Bustier (Textiles)
    I find this better than any bustier nursing bra I have ever tested. Seat wonderful and you feel almost nothing wear while. It is also easy to "operate" with one hand. I deliberately decided due to the previous reviews for the bigger size wh
  • Good bra  

    ESPRIT bodywear ladies push up bra LISMORE (Textiles)
    The bra came on a plastic strap. It feels good on the skin and fits well. The push-up effect is good. Processing acts of high quality, all seams are neat and clean. I think the substance is not quite ideal - just when it comes to laundry. Therefore,
  • Pleasant Nursing Bra  

    Medela Nursing Bra ladies, 620.80 (Other colors) (Textiles)
    The Nursing Bras Medela I got both from a friend, as well as by the midwife in my antenatal class recommended and they have promised too much to me. Even before birth, I prefer wearing my sports bra, because he is so nice and comfortable and has gezi
  • Finally a chic Nursing Bra  

    Luxurious Nursing bra with underwire and soft molded cups (Textiles)
    I had this bra, has a slightly higher price bought, to have found in the hope of finally send a nursing bra, which is also fed a little and makes a great cleavage. When Mama you have to anyway times, from time to time in public to breastfeed freely a
  • Nursing Bra 75H  

    Luxurious Nursing bra with underwire and soft molded cups (Textiles)
    Really a very nice bra, visually great, fits perfectly, forming a beautiful bosom and has no seams which project strange or pointed breasts make such other bras. Despite feeding the cups are relatively soft and can therefore be reasonably well fold u
  • A nursing bra as it should be  

    Luxurious Nursing bra with underwire and soft molded cups (Textiles)
    I have tried a lot of nursing bra's and this is definitely the best of all. At first I was very skeptical, but he justifies absolutely his price. The bra fits perfectly and looks elegant. It is the first to like my husband and in spite of his bow nei
  • Pleasant Nursing Bra 1  

    Anita Maternity Women's Nursing Bra 5068, (Other colors) (Textiles)
    I did not want to permanently wear bras without underwire, thus sees the bust of so informally. I had initially feared a bra with underwire was lead to engorgement, but this is not so. I think the bra makes a good Dekolete, is comfortable to wear and
  • great nursing bra, unfortunately wear out something quickly  

    Anita Maternity Women's Nursing Bra 5068, (Other colors) (Textiles)
    I have three children and I am fully convinced of this model here. Not at least for me, so for me to come alone for the sake of vanity only underwired bras in question - clipless bras do not shape the breast. In addition, I had the experience with th
  • SUPER STILL bra from now only Anita  

    Anita Maternity Women's Nursing Bra 5068, (Other colors) (Textiles)
    I attach great importance to my appearance and also look good as a mother and especially the shape of my breast further depended would maintain, I grabbed a little deeper into their pockets and am absolutely thrilled. Because this bra by Anita in con
  • Nursing Bra 80 F  

    La Isla Ladies Maternity Bra Strap Soft Cotton Nursing Bra (Misc.)
    By pregnancy due I needed a large nursing bra. 80 F corresponds to the size. The tragicomedy is sufficient for me, he cuts still nowhere and no tweaks. The fabric quality could be a bit stiffer, to make the breasts look better. I recommend the bra on
  • a robust and functional bra  

    Naturana ladies, maternity bra, Anaïs - Soutien-gorge sans armatures d'allaitement (Textiles)
    While the bra looks boring, but served its purpose and is comfortable to wear. I wear it at night, because I always need my breast pads. When sleeping it does not interfere, and even after repeated washing and wearing andauerndem losing not so fast t
  • Ingenious nursing bra  

    Naturana ladies, maternity bra, Anaïs - Soutien-gorge sans armatures d'allaitement (Textiles)
    The bra itself is awesome, but is slightly larger. Absolute highlight of this nursing bra is that this is so far the only one in which the nursing pads are really not visible from the outside! Absolute buy recommendation