calypso 400ml


  • Feelino "Rondo" XXL 400ml double wall tea glass  

    Feelino "Rondo" XXL 400ml noble Macchiato extra large double-walled tea glasses / coffee glass, also a great gift for Mother's Day, thermal glass / coffee glass with floating effect for tea flowers, tea roses, well for latte, cappuccino, latte, juice, iced tea, desserts or as a sundae suitable A great glass in a gift box .... ideal for bar's, cafe's, Ice, office, gastronomy Quality (household goods)
    I was looking for a big tea or tea glass because a "normal" large cup was not sufficient for me. The Rondini liked optically very good and the 400ml capacity corresponded to my search. Now I have a while this glass in use and am still very happy
  • Teslanol SP LECTRO CLEAN special fine cleaner 400ml  

    Teslanol® SP LECTRO CLEAN special fine cleaner 400ml (Electronics)
    Teslanol SP LECTRO CLEAN special fine cleaner 400ml did me immediately a good service, a key of my keyboard strike sprayed and went back, since everything evaporates everything dry again
  • Calypso 400 ml  

    Bayer Schädlingsfrei Calypso 400 ml (Misc.)
    Reliable quick turnaround time, very good Produkt.Für very effective, so recommended combating Buchsbaumzünslers very! The built-in dosing is excellent!
  • Bayer Schädlingsfei Calypso - acting super  

    Bayer Schädlingsfrei Calypso 400 ml (Misc.)
    acts against super Buchsbaumzünsler.Den we had not, but amounts of Dickmaulrüsslerlarven. This had taken root in all plants in pots on the terrace. The plants wither and wither, because the fine roots are abgefdressen. When repotting they discovered
  • Bayer Schädlingsfrei Calypso 400 ml  

    Bayer Schädlingsfrei Calypso 400 ml (Misc.)
    Consistently good, in the application, in the effect.The about 60-year-old book is alive again auf.In 6 days takes place the next Use of the product.
  • Compressed Air Bomb - PC cleaning - 400ml  

    Compressed Air Bomb - PC cleaning - 400ml (Personal Computers)
    has roughly competitive with supermarkets but check anyway, anyway indispensable for the maintenance of your computers.
  • WD-40 1810031 Specialist Cleanser 400ml Contacts  

    WD-40 1810031 Contact Cleaner 400ml Specialist (Automotive)
    perfect product as the full range wd 40 tested on windows with electric contactors who took moisture thanks to my daughter who had forgotten to close the comments I would pass me lol
  • Calypso shows  

    Calypso watches - K5577 / 2 - Watch Boys - Quartz - Digital - Alarm / Stopwatch / Lighting - Black Rubber Strap (Watch)
    Superb watch for a 10 year old boy. received the parcel this morning. very nice presentation + and there was a gift package! too strong ..
  • Heden - Bomb Compressed Air Hedan 400ML ... - Very well.  

    Heden - Bomb Compressed Air Hedan 400ML (Electronics)
    Can be used for all, if the volume of air is ultimately limited, which is normal, this is not a scuba tank, the price makes a purchase amount.
  • Liqui Moly 1594 fabric impregnation, 400ml (Automotive)  

    Liqui Moly 1594 fabric impregnation, 400ml (Automotive)
    super fast delivery: -D easy to use fuel economy: have thus 2 leather suits, 2 pairs of motorcycle boots, tank bag and 1 long jacket sprayed from textile fabric and the can is still more than half full What particularly excites me the garments could
  • LM 5111 Pro-Line Choke Cleaner, 400ml Liqui Moly  

    LM 5111 Pro-Line Choke Cleaner, 400 ml (Automotive)
    The engine runs more quietly, after the start is not so loud, uses less fuel and I think that is a good stuff.
  • LogiLink Cleaning Duster Spray (400ml)  

    LogiLink Cleaning Duster Spray (400ml) (Accessories)
    Very good spray. Once used, it is used again and again, that's very helpful. Very precise for spraying and thus you waste too much where you did not actually have it
  • Table Trash Can Luna Calypso  

    Rosti Mepal Table Trash Can, Calypso Luna Red (Kitchen)
    I now have the 2.Tischabfall, the 1st I now had 12 years. It takes up little space, has a large volume, does not require a bag, is to carry with one hand and easy to clean. The hinged lid is completely removable. Ideal for smaller kitchen waste.
  • 1 piece 400ml red paint oven exhaust lacquer paint heat resistant 650 ° 13311  

    1 piece 400ml red paint oven exhaust lacquer paint heat resistant 650 ° 13311
    Can be processed excellently. Have injected so my caliper. Adheres very well .If necessary, I will come back to you.
  • Calypso - best before date?  

    Bayer dope against pests Calypso -750 ml (garden products)
    After me about 6-year-old agent was sent (the packaging you could see the age) I asked the Bayer Customer Service for durability. The package includes only the production date! Lt. Bayer has assumed an efficiency of up to 5 years. So check, otherwise
  • Very good against the book borer  

    Bayer Schädlingsfrei Calypso 400ml (garden products)
    Anyone who wants to save his book against the corn borer, let him take Calypso Bayer. In the garden next to berries and trees we have disposed of the book, because I do not want to inject because of the children. But the hedge on the road I want to k
  • Our boxwoods ........  

    Bayer Schädlingsfrei Calypso 400 ml (Misc.)
    ...... I even pulled out of small twigs, decades had grown wonderfully - no pests - they were cut every year my husband and enjoyed with their deep green. But this year was different ..... they were yellow in some places, lost leaves, we played to re
  • (Apo) -Calypse against aphids, insufficient against Buschbaumzünsler  

    Bayer Schädlingsfrei Calypso 400 ml (Misc.)
    After sparge various ornamental plants and roses were quickly and permanently lice free. Even small caterpillars are well controlled by Calypso. The experiment caterpillars were Buschbaumzünslers two days quite cheerfully even after direct sparge. Th
  • Average effect when cydalima perspectalis but completely impractical dosage device  

    Bayer Schädlingsfrei Calypso 400 ml (Misc.)
    Thanks Calypso and some artifices my two book-balls have survived, driving with fertilizer supplies and in favorable weather continued powerful and lead brave their struggle for survival against new infestation and some larger caterpillars, in which
  • No effect in mealybugs - a waste of money  

    Bayer Schädlingsfrei Calypso Perfect AF - 1 liter (garden products)
    Our magnificent, large-leaved ficus plant in the living room was infested with mealybugs, which unfortunately we noticed only a little late. First we cut mainly affected young shoots and the plant altogether somewhat trimmed. Then the Ficus 2x was th