carina professional sewing machine


  • Carina Sewing Machine  

    Sewing machine sewing machine Suitcase Bag for all sewing machines (electronics)
    With the sewing machine is easy to sew class. It runs and runs. After I made a couple of times, I'm familiar with the operation. Recommendation
  • TOP sewing machine for downtown  

    W6 sewing machine N 1615 Super utility stitch free arm sewing machine - 10-year warranty (household goods)
    Have the machine get for Christmas, and I have to say in contrast to many well-known manufacturers such as sewing machines Singer (Singer tradition was fitted to earlier my sewing machine) keeps the machine what they verspricht.Bei the model you can
  • Singer Sewing Machine  

    Singer 2250 Tradition Sewing Machine (Household Goods)
    Now I have separated from my old sewing machine (almost 35 years old). Was only very uncertain whether I can handle as a new part. Having previously professionally stitched. Today, only a hobby. But I thought this modern machine does not take up much
  • Very complete sewing machine  

    Class H Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine E 20 (Kitchen)
    To: - Lever automatic threading of the needle. - Setting pressure crowbar. - Adjustment of voltage balancing son 2 (needle and bobbin). - Adjustable width zigzags (max 5mm) or right. - Adjust length progress between each point (max 4mm). - Training o
  • The sewing machine for home use  

    Singer 2250 Tradition Sewing Machine (Household Goods)
    A sewing machine for home use. Ideal for smaller sewing. Large stitch selection, good to use. Not suitable for professional sewing. Sews sometimes a bit bumpy, the volume is at the limit. Finally, but fairly decent for everyday's sewing, therefore fo
  • Tips for Hand sewing machine Easy! Maxx of marie.f  

    TV Our original 02927200487 Easy! Maxx Hand Sewing Machine (Household Goods)
    I have this hand sewing machine bought (EasyMaxx) to fit make changes in jackets purchased at feed without having to put the jacket cumbersome under my sewing machine. After the initial bad reviews that has this machine, I had only doubts. This littl
  • Excellent sewing machine!  

    Toyota SUPERJ15PE Allround free arm sewing machine with 15 programs, Jean function and extension table (household goods)
    I purchased the Toyota SuperJ15PE recently and I must say that this is an excellent, very high-quality finish, consistently satisfactory sewing machine. It is the ideal purchase for anyone who wants to have a professional machine for a good price. Ev
  • Useful versatile sewing machine  

    Veritas 2500 sewing machine with accessories (household goods)
    For this review I trust in the experience and judgment of my sewing machine enthusiastic relationship: Even at first glance makes the sewing machine Veritas qualitatively robust impression and needs in design and equipment (accessories!) Do not hide
  • Sewing machine with what is desirable service and limited functionality  

    Carina Evolution Computer Sewing Machine (Household Goods)
    Have the sewing machine bought and now in use. The stitch diversity attracted me to the machine. Is not indicated here that most bites and the alphabet only have a limited stitch size and the stitch width, which use significantly restricts and the de
  • Top sewing machine  

    Carina Evolution Computer Sewing Machine (Household Goods)
    The Carina Evolution is already my second machine of Carina. I had the model Professionel with which I was more than satisfied already, it has in more than a year more than 10km (!!!) yarn sewn without any problems, without any loss of quality. On th
  • New sewing machine  

    Carina Professional sewing machine with accessories (household goods)
    Very good value for money. Help via e-mail is great and very fast. If it is threaded correctly (the coil) then she sews wonderfully. Like a little purring kitten. The volume is minimal and they can be transported very well. I was thinking really long
  • What about W6 sewing machines necessarily need to know!  

    W6 sewing machine N 3300 exclusive - sewing, patching, quilting - 10 year guarantee (household goods)
    We tested the W6 N 3300 Exclusiv and W6 N 5000. It was our first experience with computers (electronic) sewing machines and uncharted territory. The many positive reviews is the extent nothing more to add. But what you should know absolutely: The ope
  • A proper sewing machine  

    W6 sewing machine N 1615 Super utility stitch free arm sewing machine - 10-year warranty (household goods)
    Many years ago I learned to sew on Mother mechanical machine that was solid and sturdy and took hardly anything amiss. So a machine I am unfortunately never met again. The two electric motors, which came in the course of my hobby dressmakers existenc
  • Sewing machine for beginners  

    Singer 2250 Tradition Sewing Machine (Household Goods)
    This sewing machine, meets all the criteria that should they meet for the private use. It is super easy to use, which is easy threading, convinced the sewing results! In my opinion, a top entry-level sewing machine !!
  • Sewing machine  

    Singer 2263 Tradition Sewing Machine (Household Goods)
    The sewing machine is easy, not too big and sews great. This means that all criteria I have in a sewing machine, fulfilled.
  • Good sewing machine Old sewing machine was very good  

    W6 sewing machine Free arm N 1235/61 Super utility stitch sewing machine with 10 years guarantee (household goods)
    Our 33-year-old sewing machine fell out suddenly when it was urgently needed. Repairs within 24 hours was not possible. Therefore I bought at Amazon, this new machine, which was delivered in less than 24 hours. After unpacking, I immediately started
  • Free arm sewing machine W6 N 1615  

    W6 sewing machine N 1615 Super utility stitch free arm sewing machine - 10-year warranty (household goods)
    I am a beginner in Nähen.Habe earlier attempts at my mother on the machine times, but patience had never quite dabei.Ständig tore the thread, or I had Fadenknäule under the fabric. Set Eagerly I never wanted me beschäftigen.Ich wanted to sew only one
  • Very nice solid sewing machine  

    W6 sewing machine N 1615 Super utility stitch free arm sewing machine - 10-year warranty (household goods)
    The W 6 sewing machine I bought as a second machine a few weeks ago and I am very pleased with her. She sews thick and thin fabrics jersey and fleece equally well. They transported properly. The service is super easy. One needs only a cog enter the m
  • Great sewing machine - highly recommended, not only for beginners  

    W6 sewing machine N 1615 Super utility stitch free arm sewing machine - 10-year warranty (household goods)
    I bought the machine with the manufacturing company itself and am absolutely thrilled. It is nice that many not running technically automated, which can make a sewing machine only durable. Nevertheless, the handling is very simple. The Operator's Man
  • A dream of a sewing machine  

    Brother Innovis 55 (household goods)
    After years, I have again decided to sew. Etc. Not only pants Shorten but sewing projects that I like. The operation of the machine is easy. Much learns you already try by. The manual is quite extensive, but easy to understand. Since I could not orde