carpet wakefulness


  • Very good carpet wakefulness  

    Fisher-Price Jungle Carpet (Baby Care)
    Beautiful carpet, beautiful colors, many activities my daughter started sy interested in two and half months and love it! One caveat though the carpet is very light must be added under a blanket, I've put in the park .
  • carpet wakefulness fisher price  

    Fisher-Price Jungle Carpet (Baby Care)
    colorful carpet of awakening with lots of attractive topics that can be arranged at different attachments, soft music or sounds of zen Nature accompanied by changing lights that allow the child to sleep peacefully, there are also based music and ligh
  • carpet wakefulness taf toys  

    Taf Toys Carpet - Kooky My First Play Area (Nursery)
    My son immediately adopted this carpet! well bright colors and fun little toys! he unfolded 90 x 90 square so nickel for our park! only downside arches are not removable once implemented. everything has already been washed and the colors do not move.
  • useful carpet - impossible packaging  

    Andiamo 1100013 carpet Calvados / 160 x 230 cm, sand (household goods)
    The carpet is useful good - nothing more. Price and performance go well together. The white lines on the carpet look really bright and stand out a bit more and the back is made of pure plastic and slips very. An anti-skid pad is highly recommended. H
  • On carpets super, on smooth floors not suitable  

    Leifheit House Clean Electric Sweeper Power Max (household goods)
    I've bought the battery operated sweeper to between wegzukriegen coarse dirt, as pet owners this is often necessary as normal. On carpets the battery operated sweeper works great thing that was most important. Even the finest dust, which you normally
  • Suitable for cat owners and carpeting.  

    Leifheit House Clean Electric Sweeper Power Max (household goods)
    I got myself the identical model of TCM (Tchibo), actually just to get by former carpet (medium pile height) in the living room, the cat hair off, the difficulty managed our 2400 W vacuum cleaner with turbo rotating brush. And I must say, I felt bett
  • Habs risked for runners on carpet - really only for smooth floors  

    Ako Exact carpet underlay 2:50 x 0.60 m
    I made a purchase risk and tries to use the pad on carpet. But the runner slides with this document or on the carpet as excluding any backing - my mistake. However, not liked the fact that the different sizes of the delivery were all delivered withou
  • Remove pet hair from carpet to Super  

    V7 Universal broom handle, blue (Home)
    For the price a very great broom around, as in our case, to remove pet hair from the carpet. Works quite super and with relatively little effort. Processing works ok.
  • Smart Carpet  

    Lalee 347255009 High-quality designer rug with contour cutting, pattern: Modern Art, 160 x 230 cm, silver / black / white (household goods)
    So we were looking for a carpet for some time because we wanted to have both color and pattern matching wallpaper and curtains. Delivery was fast, the quality you can not complain: the carpet is very dense and has not smelled chemicals. Our robotic v
  • Beautiful Carpet  

    Shaggy Shaggy high pile carpet Plain Sky in Purple, Size: 140x200 cm
    The quality is very good, beautiful rich color, the color is exactly the photo Praise to the customer service. Had ordered 2 identical carpets, unfortunately my 2 different colors were delivered. The error was corrected quickly and easily.
  • Super carpet, could not be better  

    Shaggy Shaggy high pile carpet Plain Sky in Purple, Size: 190x280 cm
    I ordered the carpet on Monday and Wednesday, he was there. Super class, he looks absolutely like the picture, the quality is top. He does not smell and you can interpret it immediately without which he has big kinks. And very soft. There would order
  • Beautiful carpet 1  

    Velour Carpet Trend pink, Select Size: 270 x 400 cm
    Delivered very quickly. Price for the size absolutely super. Attention no high-floor carpet. Clean edges vernäht.mass details fit. Carpet keeps far from everything, 2 children 1 tricycle, 1 bobycar, 1 cat, doll carriage, etc Colors not ab.leicht to c
  • Beautiful Carpet 2  

    Carpet patchwork 200 x 130 cm cotton Web carpet Reversible
    I like the carpet very well. He is well-made for this very competitive price. And he also does not smell, maybe slightly like incense. Aired short and already it's okay.
  • The latest technology, but for rugs and carpeting unsuitable.  

    Bosch BGS5SIL66B Bodenstaubsauger Relaxx'x ProSilence66 EEK A (bagless, SensorBagless Technology, 66 dB (A), Quattro Power System) black (household goods)
    After studying various test we opted for the latest technology from Bosch decided that low volume, no filters, high energy efficiency, etc. The vacuum cleaner keeps all these promises, but suck at the Turbo Universal brush, the most important part fo
  • Great part with smears on carpet!  

    Philips PowerProUltimate FC9922 / 09 vacuum cleaner (EEK A, bagless, turbo nozzle) copper (household goods)
    About all the positive features of this sucker was already written extensively. Unfortunately, not really met these suckers but the requirement Carpet lint, etc. to free animal hair. Not even the use of the turbo nozzle is changed unfortunately nothi
  • Satisfactory quality, nothing more. No carpet!  

    Bath Mat Bath Mat Color: Royal - Blue Size: 50 x70 cm premium quality 650 g / m²
    First of all: You are purchasing no carpet, but basically a slightly smaller towel! What you should know beforehand what I did. I deliberately bought this rug, as my thick carpet, whom I had are the shower, has always discolored and badly dried. Unli
  • Beautiful Children carpet  

    Haba Carpets Children Child Carpet City / seal: contaminant free / pile material: 100% Japanese acrylic / pile height: 11 to 20 mm / Motif / Design: / Manufacturing: / living room: children (toys)
    It is a beautiful children's rugs. Great vibrant colors. He does not moult and can suck well. And when it needs to be, you can get out even small stains with soap and water well. The only drawback: When opening the packaging of the carpet smelled som
  • Beware of carpet  

    Paulmann 77032 Table & Desk Kiia table lamp max.1x40W E14 230V Opal Glass (household goods)
    Actually, I've already read it in the vote like that, you will not believe, however, So ... Delivery Tip / Top! Milky glass globe totally i. O. Bottom SSZ. Supply of the power cord - by recess .... version needs to be pushed ... works! Acts but someh
  • The carpet, I would buy again  

    Casa Pura® quality Shaggy - Carpet for particularly smooth ride | beige | 4 sizes | 200x290cm (household goods)
    I am excited about the good quality of the deep-pile carpet. He is bound off the side, so you do not must fear that he rises. In addition, it can be quickly and easily cleaned. The carpet has a good quality and good value for money. I would buy it ag
  • Meguairs Carpet Cleaner  

    Meguiars Carpet & Interior Cleaner Upholstery Cleaner, 473 ml (Automotive)
    About 8 months ago I was allowed to take part in a seminar of Meguiars Car Care in Cologne. Already there it was discovered how great all Meguiars are Produkute. I use the Carpet and Interior Cleaner very often! He is not only very suitable for color