cases for Noklia Lumia 365


  • Case for Nokia Lumia  

    mumbi Flip Case Nokia Lumia 925 white bag (accessory)
    The Flip Case Case for Nokia Lumia 925 is in comparison to other particularly well, for the reason that the side control buttons of cell phone are quite free. Very nice
  • Supremery leather case for Nokia Lumia 535  

    Supremery® leather case for Nokia Lumia 535 Case Book Cover Case - Genuine Leather (Electronics)
    This case is made of genuine leather and surrounds firmly and securely my Nokia Lumia 535. The smartphone locks securely into the sleeve and is not easily removed. I highly recommend this case for the Lumia 535 with a clear conscience.
  • mumbi Premium Genuine Leather Flip Case for Nokia Lumia 630  

    mumbi Premium Genuine Leather Flip Case Nokia Lumia 630/635 bag (accessory)
    Have the Flip Case ordered for my Lumia 630 and get delivered quickly. Excellent fit, no problems have to pick up the smart phone from the plastic shell. The Lumia has a tight fit in the Flip Case, operation is very good. The Lumia is very well prote
  • fitBAG phone case for Nokia Lumia 930 - Top cleaning function  

    fitBAG Jive gray cell phone pocket from textile material with microfiber lining for Nokia Lumia 930 (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I already had a fitBAG for my Lumia 820 for my new 930'er I decided again for fitBAG. Everything I have reported in the review on the bag for the 820'er, also applies here. Just great. By the way: The Case for 820'er is now 1.5 years old and still to
  • DONZO Wallet Flip Case Structure Case for Nokia Lumia 625 - functional and recommended  

    DONZO Wallet Structure Case for Nokia Lumia 625 Black (Electronics)
    I think the case for the Nokia Lumia 625 very functional, because in addition to the mobile phone operating störfreiem is also space for various plastic cards.
  • Jelly Case for Nokia Lumia 520  

    Handycop® Jelly Case Blue for Nokia Lumia 520 - Book Cover TPU Silicone Skin Cover Case (Electronics)
    Case is passgeau for Nokia Lumia 520. All can be good bedienen.Man looks at Case closed who is calling. Cover is beautifully narrow and can be perfectly stowed in jacket and trouser pockets. Whether the part cushion a fall on tiles or the floor I do
  • Cell phone case for Nokia Lumia 1320  

    Vertical bag with steel clip and lanyard - Size 2XL- for example Motorola Nexus 6 - Kazam Trooper 2 6.0 etc. (electronics)
    the brand is zzt. the only thing I could find for the Lumia 1320; sits perfectly on a belt and fits well otherwise excellent; processing is OK. small drawback is the magnetic lock on the mobile flap, which could be a little stronger on the magnetic f
  • Great case for the LUMIA 635 ORANGE! ! !  

    kwmobile® practical and chic flap protective case for Nokia Lumia 630 in Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    To all those who look for a compatible case with Lumia 635 color ORANGE, I can confirm that he is back in and is stable and maintained it right! in fact, much searching, I realized that rare cases corresponded with the hull of the Orange Lumia 635, w
  • Case for Nokia LUMIA 530 1  

    BAAS® Nokia Lumia 530 - Case Leather Flip Case Cover + 2X Screen Protector + Stylus For Capacitive Touch Screen (Electronics)
    True to the description. Case sober. Delivery neat and fast. Perfectly suitable for the Nokia Lumia 530. I am completely satisfied with this purchase.
  • Gel Silicone Case for Nokia Lumia 635  

    YouSave Accessories KA02-NO-Z527 silicone gel case for Nokia Lumia 630/635 Effect Blue Maille (Accessory)
    Rendering is Nikel, the case really fits well Nokia Lumia 635 while leaving accessible buttons. This is perfect and I recommend this product for those who want an original phone, guaranteed by setting the same color tiles.
  • Cell phone case for Nokia Lumia 630  

    Terrapin mobile leather wallet Case Cover with card slots for Nokia Lumia 630 with flowers Interior (red with flowers Interior) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The value for money is right. For my claim the cell phone case is ok, since I do not have the part the whole day in his hand, so is not exposed to continuous stress. Looks pretty, and the recesses for the control buttons fit perfectly the Nokia Lumia
  • Case for Nokia Lumia 620  

    Black Leather Foldable Case Cover for Nokia Lumia 620 - Flip Case Cover Case (Electronics)
    The case looks very valuable and is well made. The Lumia 620 is a good fix and take out. The mobile phone is well protected. For almost all required functions corresponding recesses are present. Unfortunately, a head -or earphones via plug not plugge
  • Leather Case for Nokia Lumia 630  

    yayago Premium Flip Leather Case Leather Case for Nokia Lumia 630/635 in black (Accessories)
    Ordered me to the cell phone to this bag. The delivery came with the phone for 2 days. The phone fits nicely in the plastic tray, not wakelt and the buttons on the side, and the headphone input are available. On the back are holes for the camera and
  • Silicone Case for Nokia Lumia 830  

    PhoneNatic ​​TPU S Case for Nokia Lumia 830 black (Accessories)
    Seeking for two months! Envelope, I checked in different markets, all the answers negatively. Nokia has only not answered. About Amazon then I have the envelope of PhoneNatic ​​chain- Supper -. This shell fits perfectly and my Lumia 830 looks even mo
  • Assessment Skin Case for Nokia Lumia 620  

    mumbi TPU Skin Case Nokia Lumia 620 Silicone Case Cover - Silicon Protector sleeve black (Accessories)
    The envelope is indeed as described and fit for the Nokia Lumia 620, but the usability of the keys is behinderd and also does not fit in the window zusamenen holder whom I have bought. That's why I'm not going to use this skin.
  • Case for Nokia Lumia 520 1  

    Case white carbon appearance for Nokia Lumia 520 (Electronics)
    This note for the product according to the photo. This case is practical, elegant color against a little thick to put in a man's pocket, but in the bag of a woman is perfect. Oh, I wanted to add = shame that this case should remain open for the phone
  • Case for Nokia lumia 520 2  

    Master Accessory Leather Case for Nokia Lumia 520 Purple Heart Flower (Accessory)
    Very beautiful case that easily cleaned if task. The colors and patterns are very nice. Gift made for my daughter; and I'm happy. Delivery serious.
  • yayago Premium Leather Case for Nokia Lumia 630  

    yayago Premium Flip Leather Case Leather Case for Nokia Lumia 630/635 in black (Accessories)
    The leather case makes a very good and elegant impression and is very well made. The smartphone fits into outstanding. All functional parts are accessible. However, do you enable Device to Charge not stuck in a docking station. One must use the norma
  • Case for Nokia Lumia 535  

    Case for Nokia Lumia 535 Flipstyle Cover Mobile Phone Case (Electronics)
    For the case an unbeatable price. Very stable version, the phone will not budge in his pocket. The shutter magnet is hidden in the envelope. Easy access to connections and control buttons .. We recommend.
  • Protective Case for Nokia Lumia 830  

    Hard Case for Nokia Lumia 830 - rubberized blue - Cover PhoneNatic ​​Cover + Protector (Electronics)
    After 8.1 immediately got along very well with new PC and Windows, I decided on the new smartphone also for this system. Regarding the accessories you however then placed practically on their own, because everything is in place for the competition in