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  • There would be more gone ...  

    Finally Famous: The Album (Audio CD)
    The story of Sean Anderson is truly unique and can probably happen only in the US so. Big Sean was more than a year Freestyle King at a local radio station in Detroit. One day Kanye West came to the station and Big Sean intercepted him in the hallway
  • "What man has put together...  

    God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything (Hardcover)
    , , , let no man put asunder. "The recent spate of books challenging the hegemony of religion have received much notoriety and no little calumny. From Sam Harris, through Daniel Dennett to Richard Dawkins, September 9, 2001 generated a renewed intere
  • Great Biography  

    Steve Jobs (Hardcover)
    Walter Isaacson is an experienced writer and biographer, so Steve Jobs this book during his lifetime yet supported. However, it is not authorized in any detail biography nor rudimentary autobiography. To the main person, the biographer behave critica