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  • BBQ Smoker  

    BBQ Smoker BBQ Smoker Grill BBQ01 directly or indirectly
    Article delivered in 4 days 1 large scratch on the lid Installation instructions in German and English That remains to be tested good BBQ smoker, nice finish.
  • Pot lid holder for the drawer and Garguthalter for the grill or BBQ Smoker  

    IKEA VARIERA cap holder made of stainless steel (houseware)
    We have several of VARIERA lidholder at home in operation. One is in the deep drawer in the kitchen cupboard and does what Ingar Kamprad (well, probably not to him personally) has introduced the thing: it brings order to the jumble of pot lids. This
  • Price / performance without competition - the standard BBQ Thermometer  

    Outdoorchef 14.491.16 gourmet Check Dual Sensor Thermometer (Garden & Outdoors)
    I write today a product review about the Gourmet Grill Check thermometer, which I have in use since about 5 years! When I started with the serious Grillerei grew up quickly, the need for accurate temperature control. Of course you need to grill no th
  • In normal salting of food unfortunately only a barely perceptible hint of smoke flavor!  

    Smoked salt Durango Hickory, USA, walnut, 100g, TIP! (Misc.)
    Had assumed because of the good reviews that it is this product actually times is a smoke salt, in which keeps the flavor of what the smell promises, but unfortunately I was once again disappointed! The smell of salt is really very intense smoky, but
  • Comfortable grill or Smokerüberwachung from the living room  

    Maverick ET-733 Barbecue Wireless Thermometer Set, CE, color: black
    After my beloved Outdoorchef Gourmet check has passed away after many years (7 or so), I thought to enter into the radio thermometer world. The Maverick 733 then I got a gift from my wife for Christmas. Here are my impressions. Pro: + Radiomonitoring
  • As the Q 220 is the Q 2200 perfect for patio and balcony  

    Weber Q? 2200 Station Grill
    I'm Grilling a lot and like to own a great deal of hardware (including several Weber grills -. Also the predecessor of this grill, the Q 220 - and several BBQ Smoker) and Wants times reflect my impression of the new Weber Q2200, I look at and test al
  • Coal and wood for grilling tongs  

    Leifheit 3078 Kitchen and barbecue tongs 41 cm Pro Line (household goods)
    Have these pliers for several years during grilling as coal and wood tongs in use. Both the targeted placing glowing coals in the kettle grill as well as directing the wood fire in the BBQ Smoker works perfectly with these pliers. Even small pieces o
  • Barbecue = my new passion thanks to the Outdoor Chef  

    Outdoorchef 18.131.17 Gas Grill Canberra (garden products)
    I have just returned from the barbecues and there were juicy burger à la BK Extra Long Chili Cheese :-) And you can do that too !!! I use the grill for 1.5 years now we am very happy with it. It's my first gas grill. Since grilling is my new passion.
  • Spritzpökeln no problem with this syringe  

    Rösle 25058 Marinierspritze (garden products)
    I have gained this Marinierspritze because my old syringe has found its way into the residual waste (never pick up the syringes between other kitchen utensils in the drawer, which destroys the Acryzylinder, a buddy is also happening). Due to the acqu

    DUPLI-COLOR ® SUPERTHERM 800C - 584.41.96 - DUPLI-COLOR ® - BLACK - Spray 400 ml -
    The Supertherm keeps its promises, and believes it is easy to process. I have therefore my BBQ Smoker repainted and the matte black color suits 1A. Even the fire box flakes nothing.
  • Review of ABUS Smoke Detector Set 4x RM10 VdS, 346590  

    ABUS smoke detector set 4x RM10, 34659 (tool)
    Packaging was safe and easy to handle, the smoke detectors were found in good description and mounting hardware was there; Batteries included, bit fiddly was its inclusion in the smoke detector, the mounting plate does not meet the requirements of th
  • Thoughtful mobile BBQ  

    Son of Hibachi 110-100 charcoal grill (garden products)
    Hibachi which are in Japan fire bowls that are used for heating or for cooking and there are small bowls to large furnaces. Mr. and Mrs. firebowl have thus now seemingly brought a son into the world. And this son of the fire bowl is now to be the abs
  • Read Reviews!  

    Bull BBQ - BBQ grill cart with lid Smoker charcoal grill (garden products)
    I have previously read many reviews and the warnings not filtered out! Zunächs the positives: the park watching many envious over, there is plenty of room for sausage and meat, a storage area for barbecue tongs and Co and also the BBQ result ISR neat
  • My review is rather aimed at undecided Battlefield veterans who like me were considering skipping this game.  

    Battlefield Hardline - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    Brief history: I played Battlefield Bad Company 2 + 1, then the good Weiterentwicklumg BF3 and the weak part 4. As I have informed in advance me a lot and also some Youtube videos have seen too Hardline, I thought to myself; No .. this part I let out
  • BBQ because of  

    Funny-Frisch Chipsfrisch BBQ, 4-pack (4 x 175 g) (Misc.)
    Due to the good criticism I gedackelt equal to the supermarket of my confidence and have a bag brought me. Arriving home, the total disillusion I've never eaten so bad chips. BBQ-flavor in vain only a light smoke flavor is otherwise made up barely ta
  • Typical Islay Malt. Strakes peat-smoke flavor  

    Lagavulin 16 years Islay Single Malt Whisky (1 x 0.7 l) (Food & Beverage)
    The Lagavulin Distillery is part of the famous Classic Malt series. The series includes 11-known distilleries from all whiskey regions of Scotland. The distillery Lagavulin is owned by the spirits group Diageo, inter alia, the Johnnie Walker whiskey
  • Review for LTD. Sponge Connection Box  

    Planktonweed Tape (LTD. Sponge Connection Box) (Audio CD)
    One thing in advance ... it is my own opinion to the box and the album itself. No one is saying that my or other opinion is the only right therefore forms you best own opinion about the ham. I will first assess the box with its contents and then eval
  • Very good BBQ at a fair price  

    Tepro Toronto charcoal grill (garden products)
    Due to new living situation with terrace and garden, we again bought us a charcoal grill. We had earlier had experience with different grills (columns or kettle grill). A gas grill was due to the size and my suspicion that the security concerns (leak
  • What in the other reviews is not yet ...  

    Handcart Fun trailer Long with rear axle steering of Eckla (Toys)
    The advantages of Bollerwagens were illuminated in detail already in other reviews. We are very pleased with the wagon, but I want to give a few hints, some of which are still missing in the other reviews. We have the long trailer with rear axle stee
  • mumbi RMF104 wireless smoke detector: 4 x wireless smoke detector / fire detectors tested to DIN EN 14604 - linkable linkable coupled  

    mumbi RMF104 wireless smoke detector: 4 x wireless smoke detector / fire detectors tested to DIN EN 14604 - linkable linkable coupled (tool)
    Caution: Do not order from Handynow! The items were as always promptly delivered through Amazon. As other reviews it can be seen, there is now and then a false alarm of a smoke detector; so also with us. However, the seller does not want mobile phone