cookwell micro wave


  • Micro Wave disappointing  

    Severin - 7810 - Microwaves / Grill - 700 W / 1000 W - 17l. - White (Miscellaneous)
    I am disappointed with the value for money, I now understand that it is on promotion. I compare it to a big tin can with a fine but certainly too fragile technicality. Even promo it is too expensive. I do not recommend it !!!
  • Not recommended 21 1  

    Whirlpool Microwave AVM250 Accessories / Crisp-plate small (Ø25cm) / Suitable for microwaves Bauknecht (Misc.)
    Contains no description, and does not work with low-cost Micro waves such as of known discounters. Well-suited only for Whirlpool. Schade
  • Has not the power to start the Compaq 615  

    PELTEC @ Premium Notebook Laptop Battery HP Compaq 6720s 6730s 6735s 6820s 615 550 610 4400mAh (Electronics)
    The battery actually was packaged well and safely. The package was accompanied by a short description, the only generalities contained (not battery thrown into water, no heating in the micro-wave and similar atypical for me actions) but. So I used th
  • Very good 591  

    Seeberger Microwave Popcorn sweet, 11er Pack (11 x 100 g package) (Food & Beverage)
    This micro-wave popcorn is the best that I know, it has the full 5 stars! The same product I bought here in a shop and so I had to have more simple, because it is a good alternative to chocolate products :)
  • Chio Popcorn  

    Chio Popcorn sweet, 11er Pack (11 x 100 g) (Misc.)
    As a micro-wave popcorn probably the best and most delicious I've ever seen. I'm going to order it in salty and also sweet continue.
  • Bauknecht with Crisp: reasonably adequate successor  

    Bauknecht MW 85 SL microwave / 25 L / 700 W / Silver / Crisp system / Rapid Defrost / Quartz grill (Misc.)
    We had been a (felt: historical) predecessor of Microwave of Bauknecht. (Also with Crisp / without hot air). The microwave is used with us for the following: Heating of water for tea directly in 1 Coffee. (Daily) seasonal: heating of mulled wine dire
  • Diversification  

    Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage System (10 180 ml jars, lids and 2 adapters 10) (Baby Care)
    Bought at the base to keep my breast milk, finally I use it to freeze homemade meals of my baby. It may be silly but I find them very beautiful, neat and detailed in order to record the information. The adapter nipple is perfect. I put liquids thicke
  • Simplicity and efficiency  

    MS23F300EAW Samsung Microwave Oven 23 L 800 W (Others)
    Micro wave basic and simple. What good to bother with a bunch of final since, buttons, use only 2 of them: the time (or weight for thawing) and the power control? So there. This one does it perfectly and that's what is expected of him. We regret any
  • Practice 77  

    Campingaz Urban Picnic Lunch Bag (Sports)
    Very convenient. And very roomy: He keeps it cool. The downside is the side provided with boxes ... they are very fragile. A corner of a box is already case or particular shock (perhaps the micro wave).
  • microwave grill for high IKEA furniture  

    Whirlpool AMW 492 IX Microwave Oven Freestanding Grill 22 L Fingerprint resistant stainless steel (Miscellaneous)
    you should know that the micro wave is sold by IKEA WHIRLPOOL device sold under IKEA brand with non-standard dimensions this unit can be mounted in IKEA furniture, you just have to cut the door properly 3cm this device has a very good value and easy
  • utlisation simple and good overall quality  

    Continental Edison CE17MX34GM Microwave Oven 20 L 700 W
    I just pity the outside portion that forms around the micro wave is rather square while the portion of the front it is rather rounded, suddenly it gives a strange appearance or feel a defect otherwise good quality and easy to use
  • Aesthetic, efficient but heavy and restrictive enough for the elderly  

    Philips HR2096 / 00 Blender forward Brushed Aluminium Glass Bowl 800 W 2 L 6 blades (Kitchen)
    Right out of the box, one is struck by the attractive look of this HR2096 blender Phillips personable. It has a nice finish while being robust (stainless steel): it inspires confidence and has a professional look, especially compared to other cheaper
  • To remove from sale 1  

    Mastrad 2-Cooked Chips Microwave (Kitchen)
    Really disappointed with this product You have to heat the food for so that it dries the micro wave died. Many of us in this case. Product totally unsuitable for our small household electronics.
  • perfect 1 3559  

    Ultratec 331400000117 MWG200 Microwave Grill with 20Â 700 L / W 1000 Å (Miscellaneous)
    very nice grill micro wave; works perfectly. Many handy menu. I highly recommend. Instructions very clear in french.
  • A small dose 1  

    Aukey® Charger USB Power Wall Charger USB Power Adapter Wall Pirse with Aipower Technology, 12W 5V / 2.4A for Smartphones, Tablets and other USB-powered devices, EU Plug Black (Electronics)
    Bought for travel and work, doing his job. Distrust still often false contact, stopping the charging devices. In addition, tends to become hot, transforming the battery in devices micro wave ~ in small doses, ok, but to use every day, I will fear for
  • 1020 practice  

    JKIH.104N - Bento lunchbox cooler Luntus 1040ml (Kitchen)
    maintaining 7am to 13 pm in warmth despite the boiling water into the outer container and the transition to strong micro wave. Hermetic for compact products. The untested liquid. After 3 uses, washes, and left in the open air, the cups always have an
  • Papillote practice  

    Lékué Box Papillote 2 people Green with white filter (Kitchen)
    I bought this papilotte to simplify my dishes cooked in the microwave. The white filter separates the herbs and other product spices that are cooked. It's the perfect size for a solo meal, it will be too tight for 2 people. Never cook without a littl
  • Lunch Box Be'to Alladin  

    10-01134-004 Aladdin Bento Lunch Box Double Wall 0.60 L White (Kitchen)
    This Lunxh Box is ideal for a woman who not eat too much, it's really ridiculous 0.60L like portion. Otherwise level keeps the heat in 5min microwave has 6h30t is lukewarm to 12.30pm. The positive points are the price, it goes easy-care micro waves.
  • great product 642 1  

    Listen to Philips AVENT baby - babycam (Baby listening with video), zoom and move, baby unit until 4 cameras (Baby Care)
    seen some bad reviews I was a little afraid to buy this phone visio, but very nice surprise this is a great product! the camera is indeed connected to the mains but it saves battery consumption, you can ask it or fix it on a wall we clearly see both
  • Finally muffins no extra sheet  

    Lurch 85012 Flexiform muffin baking cups 12-brown (household goods)
    We bake our muffins in a micro waves combi oven. That just goes faster and cheaper than in the big oven. The problem here is that does not fit a regular muffin tin, how to use it for paper cases. And paper cases are too unstable, or in the long run a