davos colint sled


  • LP-02 Macro Focusing (macro sled camera sled, sled photo, macro rail) - 24cm adjustment.  

    Quenox / Photo Mate LP-02 Macro Focusing (macro sled camera sled, sled photo, macro rail) - adjustment 24cm (Accessories)
    I am very pleased. This camera macro sled can be used not only for these, proper purpose. I have two halved lens clamps mounted thereon and thus get a wonderful rest for my cameras with long focal lengths and teleconverter. I need this for my wildlif
  • It replaced my sled vacuum cleaner  

    Dyson DC45 Vacuum Broom Dyson digital motor V2 Root Cyclone technology 2 years warranty Grey / Silver (Kitchen)
    I can not do without me! Always available on its charging station, it replaces very advantageously my sled vacuum cleaner (dyson yet as a), but the difference is the wireless and powerful powerhead. What a pleasure to pet hair! Battery life is perfec
  • Sled to go!  

    Hamax Sled & Toboggan - Bobs Lillehammer Rodel Mini W / back support, black / maple and beech, 540 026 (equipment)
    We bought this foldable sledge for our 20 month old son, because we were doing a set with backrest. Although the extra of folding was not the most important criterion but we are more than excited. First, for processing: The slide is made of lacquered
  • The best sledding  

    Kathrein Rodel Family two-seater sleigh toboggan, black-yellow, 11 (equipment)
    For all the smaller kids, so is a toboggan (of course with helmet) ideal. We swear on this sled. Driving pleasure at every snow quality. Works well for kids aged 3 with mom or dad.
  • Sled has game + feet not slip  

    Walimex Pro Video Rail Slider cineaste 120 cm (smooth video track incl. Spirit level, pocket) (Accessories)
    This slider is the price for insufficient quality. The following reasons have led me to this evaluation: The carriage has game that does not fall at the beginning perhaps so much, but after some time (1-2 months) it wobbles more and more. . Thus, sel
  • Rating RPL Trading Folding sledge beige-blue RPL45100 Davos  

    RPL Trading folding sled, beige-blue, RPL45100 (equipment)
    R: P: L Trading folding sled, beige blue RPL45100Davos The carriage arrived on time, as reported. The folding mechanism works einwandfrei.Die size is for 1 person in order.
  • Proper function, distance sled deficient.  

    Philips QC5380 / 80 PowerPro hair trimmer, Turbo Button, 12 lengths, silver-black (Personal Care)
    If the product does what battery and cutting tool relates excellent. Only the distance slide for setting the hair length shifts too easily when cut, so you suddenly have a shorter average length is set as the area initially obtained. This is annoying
  • Beginners sled with no claim to perfection  

    Quenox / Photo Mate LP-03 Macro Focusing (macro sled camera sled, sled photo, macro rail) - adjustment 24cm (Accessories)
    The carriage is reasonably heavy, which is important. The scroll wheel could use a bit more calm precision, but do what they should. Lunatic precision you should not expect from the carriage. If a Q Qastel you look at the right price / performance ra
  • Solider, Arca-compatible macro sled  

    Novoflex CASTEL-Q Focusing (Electronics)
    I use these slides for a EOS 7D with BG and EF 100 / 2.8 L IS macro. The carriage carries this combination easily and in every situation. The fine drive operates without play, but the translation with 15mm per revolution is relatively coarse, so focu
  • Good complement to the Dyson DC 62 Dyson car or sled-compatible  

    912772-03 Dyson Vacuums Home Kit All Models (Kitchen)
    See my review of the Dyson DC62. Useful for aspiring high above furniture, venetian blinds, brush semi rigige very convenient
  • A perfect family sled  

    EKO Sledge Snow Star 120 Silver 120 x 35 x 37 (Sports)
    finished caterpillars ending dissociated ... Now everyone gets down together! Luge light and strong. Nothing to say
  • The expedition sled Vnier Nicolas and his dogs ptits .............  

    With my dogs - Wild Odyssey (Paperback)
    Finally, the story of his expedition as atendu, a real treat to read, I'm a fan of Nicolas Vanier has always ....................
  • Wooden Sledge Davos 100 cm  

    Hudora 11992 Davos Wooden Sledge (Sport)
    Although he had a problem with this command that had failed me in time I remain faithful to your services because you have chosen to send me another similar article that I received very quickly. Of course this incident is beyond your control, since i
  • Slippers Sled  

    K2 Ladies Skates Andra Ice (equipment)
    Incredibly great fabrication. In this light as a feather. Running was almost by itself and even though I was no longer on skids for many years. One can confidently count to beginners me so. The material is very well made and justifies in my opinion w
  • Good macro sled  

    Professional 3D Focusing Minadax - 4-way macro rail for panoramic and macro photography (electronic)
    Small drawback: the attachment to the tripod takes me too long. Property me therefore still a Schnellkupplungsplatte ordered, a bit gewerkelt and now the exchange is easy and fast. Otherwise, a bit shaky, as too much play between the two rails. Howev
  • Sled too short  

    Knight slicer E 18 Duo Plus with ECO Engine (household goods)
    A month ago I bought this food slicer, especially for bread to cut it. It was not easy to find a left hook. The machine cuts very well, the engine operates quietly. The extra knife is a good bonus, which seems appropriate for the price. For security
  • Ideally winter boots when you drive sled with children  

    Kamik Celebrate NK2045 Women Snow Boots (Textiles)
    The boots are warm, waterproof and easy to put on. That's why I bought it. That some "rough" appearance and are only conditionally suitable city, has to be accepted. I wanted for once so warm winter boots like the children ... For me, the boots
  • Warm and dry feet - ideal for sledding  

    Vista Canada POLAR Children snow boots Snow Boots removable thermal-TEX liners jute (Shoes)
    Both my son and myself wearing Vista winter boots when there is snow. Through the inner shoe the foot is dry and warm, while the outer rubber layer of snow, water and dirt keeps. By the height of the shaft reaches especially when my son no snow betwe
  • Space-saving sled  

    ImpagĀ® folding slide with tension flange back red and red / blue Footmuff Tatry 115 cm (Misc.)
    It is a beautiful and safe slide for children. All parts can be assembled quickly. Space saving during transport in the car.
  • TOP Sled  

    RPL Trading horns toboggan with slat seat colint (equipment)
    The slide is very durable and looks great. We have not yet purchased the appropriate attachment (back) for it. Easy to install. A very good buy.