delight exam 23.420


  • Measured 420 degrees C !!!  

    G3Ferrari 1XP20000 Pizza Express Delizia Pizza Maker (Kitchen)
    At Level 2 1/2 (3) of the FERRARI reached among the pizza ovens measured by the IR thermometer 420 degrees - and there in terms of temperature is another thing! Strangely, the instructions for Pizza recommends exclusively operating at level two and a
  • Works with Canon 420 EX and Metz 45 CT 5  

    Pixel TF-325 flash adapter (hotshoe adapter) for X-contact flash (ISO) to Sony / Minolta A900 A850 A700 A580 A560 A550 A500 A450 A390 A380 A350 A330 with PC sync port (Accessories)
    Can thus trigger with my Nex 7 the flashes Canon 420 EX and Metz 45 CT 5. With another adapter (Seagull) I had previously, which unfortunately did not work with the Metz flash. In this respect, I am very satisfied. The Metz flash has indeed its own a
  • A very high quality camera which will delight any amateur photographers with their razor-sharp images!  

    Nikon Coolpix S9900 Digital Camera (16 Megapixel, 30x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) OLED display, USB 2.0, image stabilized) Silver (Electronics)
    Initially, a small note: I am not an expert, but I use my camera to family photos, nature pictures or photos for my blog to make. Therefore, I put in my review to focus on the normal buyer a Digicam & the everyday use of this camera. Are importan
  • My wife is delighted 1  

    Taffstyle® Tragus jewelry ear clip Helix Cuff with crystal butterfly Butterflyen - left ear - Clear (jewelry)
    My wife is delighted with the earrings and this is simply all that matters and what should be achieved. I can therefore fully empfhlen the earrings ..
  • Sunrise Delight  

    Sunrise Delight - a refreshing morning wakeup (App)
    The Sunrise Delight app is a perfect screen saver for the Kindle Fire. Harmonious here changes the light intensity of the landscape. The Sunrise Delight app also provides a background sound (birdsong), which can be activated via the menu.
  • "Delightful-beautiful songs" for Nachdenken- Good buy!  

    The Starter Wife 2014-2004 (digipack) (Audio CD)
    The purchase of Silvermoon CD was just right, the there are many well-known hits that have a wallow in the memory. Delightful-beautiful songs for thought, of which one or the other class texts with quite critical of society anregt- to sing like me re
  • Absolutely delighted 2  

    Head Men's Boxer Boxers underpants 8 Pack in many colors (Textiles)
    Someday the "Head Men's Boxer Boxers Underpants 4-pack blue / black" bought and am absolutely delighted by these boxers. I can only repeat my local recession: -Very Good comfort -Very Tight fitting and comfortable Working note on the back d
  • Delights Bones  

    8in1 Dental Delights Bones, functional chew for effective plaque removal in dogs, size XS, 7 piece (Misc.)
    Since I have not tried, even the chewing bone I have to rely on the judgment of my Yorkie: he is as crazy about these treats. It's an evening ritual that he gets his Delights Bones. It is then very attention with his bones and his teeth engaged shows
  • I ordered the first time water plants and am delighted with the quality ....  

    1 bunch Bacopa myriophylloides, milfoil similar
    I ordered the first time water plants and am delighted with the quality .... they have ordered at 29.01 and received on 31.01. Well packed and clearly good quality. I've watered to instructions and it swam no leaves in the water. Today I have planted
  • Works with Canon 420 EX  

    Flash Adapter Seagull SC-5 for Sony Alpha + Hot Shoe (Electronics)
    As stated in the description of the adapter does not work with all the flashes. On my Canon 420 EX everything was fine, the Metz 45 CT 5 was not triggered. Whether that works for their own flash must probably just try it. Well, I found the release bu
  • Super lightweight, digitizing my children exams, awesome  

    Iris IRIScan Anywhere 3 A4 mobile scanner Wifi USB Black (Office Supplies)
    I bought this little mobile scanner to scan examinations of my children to PDF and to rework them later, really nothing to say, top design, scanning speed + - 7 pages minutes, I need more, compared to my HP Officejet 7000, a real rocket, and I love t
  • Delightful  

    IPUIS 20pcs waterproof lamp submersible waterproof LED waterproof candle White (White)
    Very nice product. Solid. Bright light. I can leave them outside without fear of rain. I am delighted with my purchase. I recommend these candles.
  • Very effective, delighted with my purchase  

    Babyliss Homelight pulsed light hair removal new generation G930E (Health and Beauty)
    Here is my review after 4 sessions of use: - First a little difficult grip, I could not well trigger the flashes, but only because I did not support enough on the skin (my fault). For the epilator works requires that all sensors are (strongly) presse
  • works well and a half after 1 month; I can not explain but I am delighted  

    Micro SD to SD adapter card Sandisk
    I received in a padded envelope without protective box contactors did not always work a month and a half after everything works I am delighted and I say this seems normal to me RICHARD Rouah
  • practical product and delighted !!!  

    Bestron DSW90R Panini grill / meat: Large Model + Thermostat + Plates 30X24 cm 2000 W (Kitchen)
    Great product it is used very often for burgers, toasted, grill meat, sandwich, my partner is delighted he uses it more often than I !!!! and my son delights !!! I recommend heating grid and although it's been 3 years it is used very often !!!
  • Delighted with this purchase, I recommend this article.  

    Ioio-Lot 6 Candles has LED Charge Station Support Photophores Satin (Kitchen)
    Delighted with this purchase. These lamps are indeed genuine glittering candles, romantic atmosphere guaranteed, or Zen atmosphere in the lounge for intimate evening ... I recommend this article to all lovers lanterns, very good value for money becau
  • Delighted after several months of use!  

    CYBEX - Sirona Charcoal Car seat Group 0 + / 1 (Nursery)
    This car seat fulfilled its function very well, and we are delighted. Our first priority, with a Isofix strut passing in cars with a hatch underfoot. This seat is the only one found among those that we liked from this criterion for his leg strength i
  • Delighted with this acquisition  

    HNNHOME Eames Eiffel Chair Inspired Dinner Modern Salon Furniture - White
    For the price !!!! I am delighted with this acquisition. I first ordered a chair for me to realize, I tested for 1 month at a desk and then, satisfied I have recommended 5 others I have placed around my table SAM. Easy installation, delivery faster t
  • Delighted by the quality of this product!  

    Larousse College (Paperback)
    My daughter is delighted with her dico and refers to it regularly. I found it superfluous, but it is ultimately a reference!
  • Delighted demon purchase  

    Tefal crepe PY559312 Colormania Green Party Cactus (Kitchen)
    Super. Quality device, tefal plate does not stick and easy to clean. Am delighted with my purchase. A advisor.