denon pma-1520ae test


  • Denon PMA 1510 AE  

    Denon PMA 1510 AE Integrated Stereo Amplifier (280 Watts) Premium Silver (Electronics)
    Good and solid integrated amplifier! Unfortunately, too few connection possibilities for this device. That's too bad . The previous models were better equipped. Have the purchase but no regrets. Therefore, 4 stars for that!
  • Denon DNP-720AE  

    Denon DNP 720 AE Internet Radio (Internet Radio, FM radio, DLNA streaming music, Airplay, W-Lan, Last.FM) (Electronics)
    Looking for a way to get music from Spotify via iPad / iPhone on my hi-fi system, I opted for the Denon DNP-720AE. The Network player makes after unpacking a valued, processed solid impression; Visually, it fits seamlessly into the appearance of othe
  • A nice device.  

    Denon PMA-1520AE integrated amplifier (2x 140 Watt, phono amplifiers, power amplifiers direct input) Premium Silver (Electronics)
    Now, a new stereo amplifier should be purchased for my, acquired only recently, Canton Ventos. For the transitional period of half a year was still a 20-year-old YAMAHA AX-750 ready, who in my opinion, also blends very well with the Ventos of Canton.
  • Combine old school Streaming  

    Denon PMA-1520AE integrated amplifier (2x 140 Watt, phono amplifiers, power amplifiers direct input) (Electronics)
    Prehistory The title says it all - I stream music from WiMP preferably in hi-fi quality. I also like to see 3D movies with the appropriate sound through my Denon DTB 3313th A month ago I called even a vicious Columa 900 - 5.1 surround set my own. For
  • Great entry level amplifier - Recommendation  

    Yamaha AS 500 stereo amplifier silver (Accessories)
    I have the Yamaha AS-500 Amplifier for 2 years now in use. The amplifier is operated in combination with the CD player S-300 and the DAB tuner T-D500. In addition, for music streaming still an Apple Airport Express connected. The amplifier drives 2 b
  • Emotional to the last detail ... - 1. Conclusion and 2. Conclusion  

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Edition 32 Ohm (Electronics)
    This review consists of two experiences: The sound of the first installation and the sound of the next day. First report: As I read in some reviews, there were complaints about the sharp voice reproduction of the DT990. In fact, I could even hear the
  • For stereo - friends with and without digital ambitions ...  

    Teac A-H01 stereo amplifier with DAC 32Bit / 192kHz, 2x60 Watt, USB, silver (Accessories)
    Nowadays HiFi - to develop and offer amplifiers, is no bed of roses for the companies in the consumer electronics industry. Below elitist small series in utopian price regions such devices against iPod docks, Micro must - plants from coffee roasters
  • Headphones that keep their promises  

    Sennheiser MM 70S Earphones Matte Black (Personal Computers)
    These earphones are not the cheapest on the market, but as soon quon receives one is struck by their flawless finish and look. They come with adapters doreilles 3 different sizes, a cute little storage pouch with logo Sennheiser in black leatherette,
  • The bargain of the hour- half price.  

    Canton Chrono 509 DC (160/320 watt) black (piece) (Electronics)
    The Canton Chrono 509 DC are excellent boxes for half the price, since there is already the successor Canton Chrono 509.2 are, but they were probably just mainly look slightly pimped (patch feet, a matter of taste). Compare reviews there is not yet m
  • Too small to enjoy music  

    Bose ® Computer Music Monitor ® speakers (Electronics)
    *** UPDATE from 20/01/2015: I found "my" PC speakers - see end of review *** I have to admit it: I am spoiled! In times when generate an iPhone or HTC One a linear frequency response and reasonable music sound, where in every price range one can
  • Sonos - Finally brilliant sound in the whole house  

    Sonos Connect: AMP (wireless, WMA, MP3, controllable with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, Android) Light Grey (Electronics)
    Normally I'm always too lazy to write detailed reviews, but as Sonos has me so excited and I am for years addicted to hi-fi hobby, I'm doing today times an exception. So far I had in the living room is a combination of Denon PMA 2000AE, DCD 2000AE an
  • Solid-made, visually appealing Klangwunder  

    Pioneer A-30-K Stereo Amplifier (2x 70 watts, AUX, Tuner, Loudness, Direct Energy Design) (Electronics)
    Due to the significant number of positive reviews I bought this amp (not Amazon) and was not disappointed. I used to be part-time musician / music teacher and have a trained ear. The sound of the Pioneer A-30-k is very clear, airy, transparent and fi
  • For this price a sound sensation !!!  

    Denon PMA 1510 AE Integrated Stereo Amplifier (280 Watts) Premium Silver (Electronics)
    After my beloved Harman Kardon amplifier (PM665 Vxi) after nearly 20 years more and more quirks got (pots etc.) it was time to find a replacement at least evenly matched. Unfortunately Harman builds no longer many other similar quality as in the 80s
  • Also suitable for requirements beyond the mainstream  

    Denon PMA 720 AE Integrated Stereo Amplifier (aluminum front panel, ECO standby, Advanced HC Singele Push Pull 2x 85 Watt) (Electronics)
    The new amplifier should meet the following requirements: Noise Ratio:> 110 dB (high end) Sound distortion: Loudness Correction: because I hear mostly quiet and have a human ear nichlineares Power consumption (quietly): In addition to the analog and
  • I've been waiting all the time!  

    Oehlbach DA Converter, digital to analog converters, digital coaxial and digital optical input, mteallic Brown (Accessories)
    that a solid company, a low-cost DAC builds, offering ... of course, only to the TV to be connected Hifi system. The power supply is from my TV (LG 42 inch) via USB, there is also a USB plug in. The supplied power / USB cable could be longer (about 4
  • Heco Victa 701 - On sale  

    Heco Victa 701 tower speaker, Ebony Black (1 piece) (Electronics)
    Hello, I am a beginner when it comes to hi. The boxes I use in stereo mode in the living room. They are operated at a Denon PMA 520AE with 1.5Q LS cable banana plug ,. As a direct comparison I can only much more affordable, and really not here to put
  • Stylish soundtrack, weakening of other reviews confirmed  

    Denon AVR-X1100W 7.2 surround AV receiver (WLAN, Spotify Connect, Internet radio, 5 + 1 HDMI, DLNA, AirPlay, 145 Watt) (Electronics)
    The Denon I have purchased a few weeks ago for 299 EUR because I wanted to replace my older, not Wi-Fi enabled amplifier and these now operate on a PC. Basically, I support both the positive and negative points we in the Rezesionen here - this I have
  • Small muscle man with a very good sound.  

    Marantz PM6005 amplifier (2x 60 Watt, DAC mode) (Electronics)
    I am absolutely delighted with this amplifier. Because, unfortunately, my Denon PMA 860 had laid down their wings, a new was needed. He should not noise, dissolve well and drive for the small room 2 Quadral Signo Avantgarde 70. He even walked over to
  • Small but really fine things the  

    Oehlbach Puck One For All (55035) resonance damper 8 (Electronics)
    have bought the same 16 of these marvels. This came in small inconspicuous plastic bags. As they came out of the van they were still cold and Knüppelhart. Therefore, first warmed to the heater and a half hour. and lo and behold it actually is rubber
  • What a power and clarity for this price!  

    DALI censor 3 speaker black (pair Price) (Electronics)
    EDIT ---------------------- at 13:04:14 Have been buying not regret it! Music and TV sound sound really good. By the way, softly "background music" - so towards lounge sounds very unobtrusive and yet present. In games evenings I often "sofa