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  • Great Satchel  

    DerDieDas Ergoflex SuperFlash School Backpack Set 5 pcs. SF Pretty Rose Pretty Rose 10 (Misc.)
    We had already agreed that our little one is to get a DerDieDas Ergoflex because this simply has the best fit for the back of our daughter and both breast and hip belt and adjustable shoulder strap features. We chose this design because us the road s
  • In my opinion, the best full-format camera on the market (value for money)  

    Nikon D750 SLR Digital Camera (24.3 megapixels, 8.1 cm (3.2 inch) display, HDMI, USB 2.0) body only (Electronics)
    Good day, I have the D750 2 days after appearing at a dealer near Frankfurt am acquired. At Photokina I had thrilled in advance in his hand and was immediately. Since I mean some time, two and a half years old, Nikon D5100 Upraden wanted, and the wai
  • Picture you your opinion  

    PICTURE (App)
    Picture you your opinion are the key words in the advertising image. I will surely do. That's why I've chosen image. you can not judge if you do not all opinions, at least trying to exploit.
  • Divided opinion basic idea well, implementation flawed.  

    Battlefield Hardline - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    I belong probably one of the few who play the story, so I rate only that, I can not say anything for multiplayer. I find it easy to have to rip off to pay 70 euros a year to play online. I'm a matter of principle. As Mitlglied a police special unit I
  • In my opinion, dangerous ...  

    KooPower 100 LED String Lights Christmas Party Christmas Lights Outside Inside Chain Lamp White
    (The product was me free of charge for review) Funny thought those things are already: a small control unit plugs in to the outlet. On him a string of lights hanging from the white LEDs of KooPower. The end of the chain forms a European renewal in th
  • Quality good - in my opinion, next to trendy  

    Mevina ladies wool hat in vielene colors winter hat 100% viscose Autumn / Winter (Textiles)
    Quality good - next to fashionable in my opinion. The "Beanie" part of the cap is determined 40cm long. In my rather small head size which looks very inappropriate.
  • The best in my opinion, "Accessories" for the I9100!  

    Samsung original battery pack with rear panel EB-K1A2EBEGSTD (compatible with Galaxy S2) in black (Accessories)
    I had recently been on my previously owned I9000 official battery in the larger variant (then 1650mAh) bought to increase the battery life. Right here is the dog as I find in all modern smartphone buried: power without end at the level of a netbook,
  • In my opinion, the best controller for the PC  

    PC - Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, Black (Personal Computers)
    The title says it my impressions of the Xbox 360 Controller for the PC because there is a wide range of controllers and the PC branch of the Xbox is one of the best - if not the best. But now I do not want to overdo it, here is my experience: The con
  • Efficient bag sucker economical than Bagless Stromfresser (just my opinion)  

    Miele S 8340 EcoLine Lotus White Canister / 1,200 watts Efficiency Engine / AirClean filter / 3-piece integrated accessories / Comfort-cable rewind / plus / minus foot control / Universal switchable floor nozzle SBD 650-3 AirTeQ (household goods)
    About this vacuum cleaner here Much has been written, so I summarize only the most important points for me together. 1) Power: I had in mind "only" 1200Watt at whether that's enough, because my old Bagless had twice the performance. Then pu
  • in my opinion, I would recommend it to anyone  

    Baby Sling - Baby Wrap CuddleBug - Free Shipping - Baby Carrier Sling - Sling baby (Baby Product)
    My wife and I have recently got our second baby and I'm glad that we have happened to this product because of our first child, we have also bought something in this kind but it was never ever as good as this model. It is our son warm and gives us the
  • High-quality bag, good workmanship and excellent value for money. Protector is a matter of opinion.  

    MaryCom premium quality leather case black for Apple iPad 3 with stand when + free screen protector / LTS iPad (Electronics)
    For my iPad 3 I purchased the leather case. First of all, to the purchase: the purchase went smoothly, the delivery was fast and an invoice I have received. The leather bag was properly packed and delivered in good condition. Leather Case: The bag ma
  • In my opinion, a must-have  

    Waterbed fill and drain adapter BlueMagic with Gardena-compatible hose connection
    In my opinion, such an adapter actually part of the basic equipment of a waterbed. The adapter is just the right size makes filling a breeze. to the correct port in the end there are no spills and you can quickly and simply fill the bed alone. To emp
  • My personal opinion on the quality and sound  

    1 pair of floorstanding loudspeaker Mohr SL15 silver loudspeakers speaker speakers (Electronics)
    Hello, I ordered this column speaker as these very cheap and a very nice design hatten.Habe the Internet user test or opinion about the great (SL20) and little brother (SL10) and read as the opinion went extremely apart from Supertoll to Bäh China sh
  • Just an opinion of many ...  

    3 Year WARRANTY EXTENSION for coffee machines from 400.00 to 499.99 EUR (Accessories)
    Edited Version: The offer is designed a little confusing in my opinion. At that time I overlooked when purchasing the link to the insurance terms and conditions, as I studied the long list of non Versichten damage in retrospect, I was only aware of w
  • Another opinion, however, no new insights  

    StilGut® bulletproof glass screen protector for LG G2 (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Good day, the review I write only because the product when I bought it, yet 4.5 stars (so the corner) had - and in my opinion simply does not deserve it. Yes, this thing can be compared to a film easy to install, so, the surface feels and indeed very
  • In my opinion, the best thing you can get for your money currently price / performance: outstanding  

    Steering Wheel TM T500 RS GT6 RACING WHEEL (Accessories)
    I'm a big fan of Assetto Corsa, the F1 GRID series and Co. and since my old steering wheel a Logitech Driving Force Pro kicked the bucket after a long faithful service I was looking for something new in recent months. I've tried almost all its compet
  • Very useful in cases of diarrhea or thin stools. It is important in my opinion, that care is taken ...  

    OLEWO carrot pellet 2.5 kg - Dog Food (Misc.)
    ... That the pellets are actually swollen completely. So far I had my four-legged always been a mixture of very soft cooked rice and cottage cheese, when the intestine has again not working as it should. That was a tip from an earlier, in the meantim
  • In my opinion TOP  

    The Sims 3 - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    As the title of my review is already, I think Sims 3 very well. I play it now already for 6 hours and can not stop, so much fun to me the game. Owner of Sims 3 on the PC will find at home immediately, because it is very similar to the PC version to t
  • My opinion about LANoire  

    LA Noire (uncut) - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    I have LANoire ordered primarily because I'm a fan of Rockstar Games series. Of course I was expecting no new GTA and prepared before it before that the game is not a sandbox game, so you could read on some tests. At first I was rather skeptical abou