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  • Other audio story of Bibi and Tina  

    Episode 78 - The Stud in England [+ digital booklet] (MP3 Download)
    My children are thrilled. If we download repeatedly! Priced totally OK! We have chosen to equal another episode!
  • Sympa January 36  

    edjing Premium DJ mix rec studio (App)
    App. has full audio effects. However, I am not very good at using them. But it's nice to discover the world of DJ.
  • Hammersmith Revisited  

    Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith (CD)
    Full audio and video concert. Genesis titles and solo career. Everyone applies many it is very very clean, as the sound. Pleasant voice but they sometimes lack a little rage. Set the correct list. Lets listen. Interpretation modeled on the originals,
  • Black, sultry, almost poisonous.  

    Salem (Paperback)
    Probably one of the best King of the first hour. Pure horror in the vein (almost palpable force graphics), it is at what King wrote better. One can prefer the tone of his novels humans (Misery, Gerald's game and especially Dolores Claiborne) or its m
  • Actually sounds like the early Kitaro albums  

    Dreamscapes (Audio CD)
    This album is addictive and is now with me on "repeat mode", reminds me a bit of the wonderful works Silk Road or From the Full Moon Story of Kitaro. Nevertheless Antai Antai sounds like and is completely self contained. So if a composer and sou
  • "Maritim" lets Sherlock Holmes for the thirty-fourth time determine  

    Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 34: Charles Augustus Milverton (Audio CD)
    The Broker Charles Augustus Milverton is without question a royal subject again, because his profession is the extortion of women and men of high society. As Sherlock Holmes to negotiate on behalf of a young woman with the blackmailer, it quickly bec
  • Pure Geldmacherei - very disappointing  

    Kosmos 631 673 - The Three Investigators Advent, in the Haunted Manor, 2014 (Toys)
    As a big fan of the three question marks, I was really looking forward to this Advent. The idea behind I find really good: Every day has to be solved a riddle to find the right door. The reaction can, however, much to be desired: The story is very fl
  • Wonderful fantasy journey to relax and fall asleep  

    Autogenous training - imaginary journey - summer meadow - deep relaxation & restful sleep (Vol. 4) (MP3 Download)
    This imaginary journey is a perfect relaxation and sleep aid. That it is not like some complain about a classical Autogenic training going on here with the basic formulas, I was clear beforehand. In the final part an allusion made to autogenic traini
  • Super Bass ... that's it  

    Magnat Soundforce 1200 Party Speaker (1 piece) (Electronics)
    In the bass performance of boxing there are nothing to complain about, because the walls shake. The midtones are for quite ... well. Höchtöne does not exist either, or crunching. For the price if one much on bass is really nice if you want to hear th
  • Best game to the Alien films  

    Alien: Isolation - Ripley Edition - [PC] (computer game)
    Now I'm sitting here, writing the review and the closing credits of the game is not even 5 minutes before flickered across the screen. So what can I say? I am thrilled. I love this game and just celebrate it really. Rarely have I had in a game so oft
  • The Dr3i The gateway to the afterlife  

    The Dr3i - episode 02: The Gateway to Beyond (Audio CD)
    If it is in the old widower Sylvester Meyzel only a notorious liar or he is truly haunted by an invisible guest? Meyzels nightmares daytime reality. The Dr3i take on the old man, but soon Peter has terrible nightmares. Main speaker: 5 stars In additi
  • The mystery of the voodoo magic  

    The Three Investigators - episode 79: The Curse of the Voodoo (Audio CD)
    Random learns Bob know the music producer Al Parker. When he later with Justus and Peter in tow, visited this short time remember the ??? fast that the music producer is something wrong. What is it about the dizzy spells from Parker on and what is ac
  • The three ??? The Curse of the Voodoo  

    The Three Investigators - episode 79: The Curse of the Voodoo (Audio CD)
    Bob visited a sauna to finally get rid of his cold. Another man in the sauna suddenly has violent palpitations and suffering from shortness of breath, it is the famous music producer Al Parker. As Bob then returns to the sauna, is the third detective
  • A story full of misunderstandings ... * hand-to-finger-leg *  

    LG P920 Optimus 3D Smartphone (10.9 cm (4.3 inch) display, touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, Android OS) black (Electronics)
    After almost a year of time service now I write a review on the times Optimus 3D. This year I've done with this phone almost everything. Laughed, cried, rooted and scolded. I angeschriehen it and petted, taken to bed and forgotten to the pub counter.
  • J liked this story, full of bounce and adventure !!  

    The Butterfly Children (Paperback)
    First of all, I want to say that the book is beautiful, the coverage is pretty cool, but i especially liked the inside from cover which is yellow! A beautiful yellow mustard flash !! Each chapter start page (which marks a countdown) is lined by barbe
  • a simple story full of humor  

    Rode the wolf! (Album)
    a short and simple story, full of humor with redontantes few sentences, some that can be put into song and a wolf rolled by a sweet grandmother. In short, everything that makes my 4 year old son loves. After reading, he could already tell the story.
  • Wonderful life story full of imagination  

    The Monsters of Templeton (Paperback)
    If I ever hierbin, I can also find out who I am: archeology student Willie returns to an incident with the wife of her professors, with whom she has an affair, back to her hometown. Pregnant and churned, it presents itself, encouraged by her mother,
  • Heartbreaking and heartwarming story full of charm That makes its reading a pleasant experience  

    Lost Lake (Paperback)
    Lost Lake by Sarah Addison is new novel from beloved author of Women fiction, full of romance, drama and special charm did are all characteristics of her works. The novel is made from two stories are intertwined, indeed; the main character Kate, a ye
  • Story full of tenderness.  

    How giraffes mom say? (Album)
    The story is touching, the illustrations are beautiful. I only regret the paper quality. For a children's book, one feels that it is fragile and that the fingers will quickly make dirt on these pages without any protective coating. Too bad.
  • The story is not transcendent, it's not a romance, but the audio was nice novel  

    A feeling stronger than fear: Audiobook MP3 CD 1 - 601 MB (CD)
    For a long time I love the novels of Marc Levy and I long also jumped on the least of its publications. In time, I have not read the last out, with a feeling stronger than fear, so I revives the author of Seven days for an eternity (I am a romantic a