does fitmaxx 5 work for abs


  • Does not work for the SCX 4521  

    Toner for Samsung ML-1610 Compatible with D2 SCX 4521 (Office supplies & stationery)
    Does not work for Samsung SCX 4521 - After inserting the paper feed has stopped working and the device signals "LSU Error"
  • Does not work for me 2  

    IPad connection kit 5 in 1 - USB and Mini USB Input - SD Card Reader and Micro SD - View your iPad to your HDTV or projector (Electronics)
    Does not work for me. The iPad arrives to detect or my SD card, or my Sony camera connected via USB.
  • Does not work for Windows 8  

    Receiver Adapter Wireless PC Game Controller for XBOX 360 Controller BLACK (Video Game)
    Does not work for Windows 8 Not an official Microsoft product. Can not install the CD on Windows 8, and the official driver does not work with.
  • Worked for me unfortunately does not work  

    Zalman ZM-NC3 Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler for up to 43.2 cm (17 inches) (Accessories)
    What I write here now, I write purely from my personal experience, without trying to talk the product per se bad. 1. Device was broken with me, unfortunately replacement unit also had a defect, but the exchange went smoothly !!! 2. This is also the m
  • Does not work for me. 1  

    AnkerĀ® 2400mAh Apple certified external battery Battery Case Cover for iPhone 5S / iPhone 5 spare battery Power Pack Cover (Blue) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    have the unit returned after a few days, as it has loaded without errors, neither with my iphone 5 nor in the 5s my wife. In the middle of charging appeared on the display "This accessory may not be supported" and charging was terminated. I
  • Needless to Thailand! Does not work for all devices.  

    Bought for a trip to Thailand, we used at the beginning and only worked for small outlets. A simple plug (2 branches) did not hold if there was a transformer (too heavy). Finally, it was perceived that our returning taken very well, so need an adapte

    Altar AL519 EOBD Code Reader with Live Data Red / Blue (English) (Automotive)
  • Product does not work for the Nikon D5100  

    Blumax Battery for Nikon EN-EL14 - latest generation - 100% compatible - for Nikon Coolpix P7000 (Accessories)
    I ordered the product on Amazon ... the first time I could not charge the battery, the 2nd time my Nikon D5100 has displayed the same after inserting on the screen that this battery can not be eingestzt for this camera. Maybe he works for another cam
  • Worked for a Week ...  

    Mobi Mail (FULL VERSION) (App)
    What I was glad to finally be able to work with Exchange. Unfortunately, the synchronization to stop working for a few days. The error message does not help as well: "It is not possible to perform a synchronization which queued updates." We
  • I have a problem with the cursor that does not always work  

    G50-70 Lenovo Laptop 15 '' Black (Intel Core i3, 4GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive, Windows 8.1) (Personal Computers)
    the cursor does not always work but I am still waiting to decide if I return it or keep it for the rest no problem
  • Multiprise ok but Usb port is not working for Samsung GSM load!  

    VOLTMAN DIO013038 Power strip 5 x 10/16 A + 2 USB ports with switch (Tools & Accessories)
    Multiprise ok but Usb port is not working for Samsung GSM load! I do not understand why it does not work?
  • A solid drive wheel to work your abs  

    Ultrasport Apparatus for abdominal abdominal AB Roller with driving instructions (Sport)
    Preamble: this accessory is currently displayed on the site lmost 2500. This is certainly a point of error, it is rather in the order of magnitude of 25. Athletes around me told me that this tool is effective to work his abs. This works for both begi
  • Do not work for me ... and no plug & play!  

    TNT external antenna - Antengrin Slate
    I am very disappointed by this equipment. Not that it does not work for me: I live in Paris and as an indoor antenna, this one has never caught anything !! The reception was perhaps too much to capture blurred, so I will not judge the reception. What
  • Great concept, but does not always work!  

    SKROSS MUV USB Travel Adapter - Universal with USB port - 150 countries (Electronics)
    For those who like to travel such an adapter is a great idea. Well designed: not too big, well compact when folded, even the design is defending. 4 He pulls to the side that allow to operate 4 plugs (separately) corresponding to many geographic areas
  • Do not work for me 3  

    Wentronic 93880 Internal power cable Fan 2 records 3-pin to 3-pin socket 1 Black 1 piece (Accessory)
    Unlike other buyers, it does not work for me, it is rather annoying because there are only 2 slots on my motherboard (CPU and system). Both ventilos of the case are 3 pin, no molex. with this cable, neither works. No not the molex power privateer, as
  • Works for a limited time  

    ORDEL Lightning To Micro USB Adapter For iPhone 5S & 5C iOS7 - SYNC CHARGE - (Electronics)
    Unlike an original apple adapter, it does not fully fits in a micro usb cable. Then, the adapter works for a limited time. I bought 2. One of the two stopped working after 2 weeks. The second at the end of a month. In short, we do not catch me.
  • the phone works for me, unfortunately not always  

    JVC KD-R851BTE USB / CD Receiver with Front AUX input and Bluetooth (Electronics)
    I installed by a professional friend to me the JVC KD-R851BTE. Everything laid and connected clean. Radio functions folded right away. Pairing with my I-Phone 4S takes a little longer (2-3 attempts). The test call of colleagues from his smartphone ar
  • In my automatic switching on and off work for On / collapse not (iPad Air 2)  

    Adento SmartCase iPad Air 2 Case in black made of PU synthetic leather - Smart Cover with back protection for iPad Air 2 (electronics)
    Unfortunately does not work for me (with an iPad Air 2) the automatic switching on and off when opening and closing. Too bad, because otherwise a good product. From the other reviews I gather that there is not the problem in others. I have not figure
  • Works for Sony HX300 ... Good!  

    Quality cable release for Sony A6000, A5000, A3000, A58, A7R, A7, HX300, NEX-3NL, RX100II, RX1R (Electronics)
    Did the trigger for my Sony HX300 worried ... Works well ... What is reported about the locking area is true, but is not a hindrance ... does his duty and for the price you can not say it is ... However, it only gets 4/5 stars because it has no "Valu
  • Does not always work, but inexpensive.  

    Stylus Soft Touch Stylus Pen for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 / Tab 2 10.1 Tablet PC (Electronics)
    Bought the pin for a Sammsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, the display is covered with a protective film. Pen works with film with light pressure, the move does not always work properly, most zooms, rather than moved. Black paint is peeling in one place as of y