doosh showerhead


  • Butlers Doosh showerhead  

    BUTLER DOOSH showerhead 10193278 (Misc.)
    This shower head is absolutely top! It is highly recommended for women and for men. Kudos to the Lord Raab, because he has done something very good.
  • Super showerhead  

    Hansgrohe Raindance Select 120 E 3jet hand shower, chrome (tool)
    The Hansgrohe shower head has a hardware store 15.- Euro showerhead replaced me. Even if the part is not a special offer, I do not want to give him: The three stages are super shower and let nothing missing. It has a soft shower setting that makes th
  • Interested showerhead with good workmanship  

    NewGen medicals XXL shower head "Tropic Summer Rain" (Misc.)
    Good day everybody, I have the XXL shower head "Tropic Summer Rain" bought for my 3-headed shower WG and in the hope of including can possibly take a shower for two. When I had the shower head in your hand first, I worried about the center and a
  • Supersaver showerhead  

    Hansgrohe Crometta 85 Green hand shower, shower head size 85 mm, chrome (tool)
    I own the Crometta 85 Green now about a month and am very satisfied. He saves definitely a lot of water, yet has a pleasant shower spray. Despite gas water heater is still working properly and there is not a big delay in adjusting the temperature fel
  • Hand shower showerhead square quadro metal  

    Hand shower showerhead square quadro metal (household goods)
    The hand shower showerhead square quadro metal is quite good but simply ... a point deduction that you can not order the right bracket to the shower head. Taking care of the shower head you should not neglect in calcareous water.
  • Pleasant showerhead  

    Hansgrohe Croma 2jet hand shower with two spray modes, chromium (tool)
    Positives: + High-quality + Pleasant shower jets The shower can be installed very easy, after some in the shower hose inserts were inserted in order to reduce water consumption. Then you have the choice between two modes. A shower mode where the wate
  • Doosh  

    BUTLER DOOSH showerhead 10193278 (Misc.)
    At first skeptical wg. Raab-product and then enthusiastic because of the application and then be disappointed because of the quality. The shower head is really well thought out and the application of her just super. The wide area showers over the bod
  • Very good showerhead  

    Hansgrohe Croma 100 Vario hand shower, chrome (tool)
    The shower head fully meets my expectations and I can only confirm the positive reviews. I use the showerhead now since 2 weeks and wonder why I have long rumgeärgert me with the old shower head. Mostly Sufe 3 or 4 is used, the adjustment goes smooth
  • Schicker showerhead with pitfalls  

    Infactory LED shower head with automatic 4-color changer
    We use these shower heads now for a few years - when my partner runs for several years without problems - for me the LED effect is now already at the 2nd shower head (or ists of 3) no longer functional. Often also drops the water pressure, this can b
  • Top showerhead  

    Hansgrohe Croma 100 Vario hand shower, chrome (tool)
    this is absolutely a top super product price to a low budget, and therefore more than recommended. Top design is excellent in hand, the shower programs are 4 easy to adjust. the whole is in the shower a real eye-catcher (catcher), which the shower be
  • Okay but not really recommended showerhead  

    AVANTO LED shower head / shower with automatic 3-way color change (depending on temperature) and LED lighting
    So, I bought the shower head to me about 4 months and was visibly surprised how beautiful the colors are bright .... but that was all. Within 4 months the Green LED fell from the shower head and the spray head sprayed in all directions. According to
  • Hansgrohe showerhead  

    Hansgrohe Croma 100 Vario hand shower, chrome (tool)
    A very good shower head at a very good price / performance ratio. Makes a very heavy, quality impression, not like the goods from the hardware store. However, I find the price is not much more expensive than the DIY goods. The water jet is very soft
  • Perfect showerhead  

    Hansgrohe Croma 100 Vario Shower head (Germany Import) (Tools & Accessories)
    Finally a shower that allows a maximum pressure! Far from these products labeled "green", with minimal pressure that enable theoretical water savings seen the rinsing time multiplied by three or more. After much research, I finally found the per
  • showerhead  

    Shower head multicolored LED changes according to the temperature (Miscellaneous)
    c is a very good product meets my expectations and makes very pleasant bathroom. red blue green c is ok
  • LED showerhead  

    König - HC-SH10 - LED shower head (Tools & Accessories)
    the shower head is nice to use, but the article does not match the title of the seller: the color changes instantly regardless of the water temperature. This remains a good product.
  • "The" showerhead  

    GROHE Rainshower Shower set Classic 160 28770001 (Germany Import) (Tools & Accessories)
    This set is beautiful, the quality Gröhe well on hard chromium is present, thickness of tube Therefore, adjusting the spacing of fasteners, perfect for a 160mm diameter rénovation.L'énorme apple brings an undeniable comfort.
  • My best yet showerhead  

    Hansgrohe Croma 100 Multi Hand shower with three spray modes, chromium (tool)
    I have my old shower head, he had become leaky, changed to this one of Hansgrohe. The installation was completed in a few minutes; A new seal is in the package. A dirt filter is pre-installed in the handle and can later be once removed for cleaning w
  • Showerhead perfect  

    Grohe hand shower Rainshower Classic, 160mm diameter shower (4 jet types) (tool)
    Accustomed to good quality Grohe slightly higher price. The more water is consumed is a matter of course! Really a Rain experience, the other spray patterns are hardly used.
  • Power & Soul showerhead Grohe ...  

    GROHE Power & Soul hand shower, 130 mm 27.672 million (tool)
    The shower head is just a little care instructions without shower hose. The one need usually not as often and as much as a new head. It can be quickly and easily install. Despite its size, it is lightweight and portable. According to instructions he
  • 37cm x 25cm oval rainshower showerhead Rainfall showerhead  

    37cm x 25cm oval rainshower showerhead rain shower head shower shower head Sanlingo (Misc.)
    Although hesitant at first - whether the Preisgestaltung- we are just thrilled by the ease of installation. Finally showers like in the wellness temples and no back and forth to dodge around everywhere to get wet.