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  • Dungeon Hunter 4 - worthy sequel of its predecessor?  

    Dungeon Hunter 4 (app)
    Oh man that would be thought of as DH fan that the fourth part comes out, then so what. What that means? Read on! So first the positives about this game: The graphics and figures have generally improved, the movements look good and lighting effects a
  • Can absolutely play with it!  

    iPega PG-9021 Rechargeable Multimedia Bluetooth controller with telescopic stand füriPhone 4 4S 5 5G 5C iPad mini 2 3 4 Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Galaxy S4 i9500 i9505 N7100 N8000 NOTE 2 HTC Motorala Huawei Android smart phone iOS Tablet (Black PG-9021) ( Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I have the controller now since about 1 month and I am completely satisfied. Holder: The telescopic holder holds your smartphone firmly comfortably and safely without damaging the smartphone in any way. Unfortunately, there are only two stages. Eithe
  • Price-performance ratio is fully in order, but has weaknesses.  

    Archos 70 Internet Tablet 8GB, 17.78 cm (7 inches) (capacitive multitouch display, Android 2.2 Froyo, 1GHz processor, WiFi, Flash Support, 360 ° position sensor, HDMI, USB 2.0) (Personal Computers)
    OK, I was forewarned and had mentally prepared myself after studying the reviews here and for the most weak reviews in the trade press and on the web on getting one of the many lame Cheap Tablets, which has been praised only by people who either have
  • rating 2.5 / 5  

    @ November GO® - 2Films protection front and rear tempered glass ultra resistant Sony Xperia Z3 (Av + AR) (Electronics)
    little update from my bill after one week of use on my xperia z 3 the positive + Cutting the rear glass is just perfect, it perfectly covers the entire rear window of xperia z3 + The speaker openings, front camera ... on the front glass are perfectly
  • Product below what is being done on the market  

    6x Film Vikuiti screen protector - Samsung Galaxy S5 - Transparent Ultra-Claire (Electronics)
    I am disappointed with the product, in effect: no cloth in the package protection protected only on one side, so if the air bubbles are hunted with a map that scratch protection (I had to remove the first and one second hand poor product I think buy
  • Very good price / quality ratio 620  

    Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6 Macro Lens motorized DG - Nikon Mount (Electronics)
    A good goal for someone who begins! Less for someone who is experienced enough! For my part, I who follows beginner in photography, this lens is fine with me :) Small problem at the auto map slipping a bit, but this issue using objective is rather si
  • Can not stop the music :)  

    Lumines: Electronic Symphony (video game)
    With puzzles I see do not pay a 30 or more it actually when you games such as Uncharted get for the same money. Since I had my Vita ordered through Amazon, I got this game by 15 discounted, so for me only 15 remained. Even at 15 I was skeptical at fi
  • Ipad 2 Review  

    Apple iPad 2 WiFi + 3G 16GB Black (Personal Computers)
    Until January 2011, the smartphone wave went past me, then I have come to a result of a favorable IPhone4 Telephonvertrages. I was fascinated by this beginning, what this pocket computer IPhone (phone one can hardly call it) does. Unfortunately me th
  • Good Hack n 'Slay with the end falling motivation.  

    Two Worlds II (computer game)
    First of all, the 4 stars are a very positive evaluation component. Sometimes I was probably just after 3 and many seem too much the. That it can enter the RPG niemal considered please I always. Mir has eg Oblivion lot of fun and I think you can alwa
  • Would have to be a little better !!!  

    PlayStation Vita - WiFi console (console)
    Hi Thus, PS VITA class part. BUT - we are supposed to use the AR-Playcarts and get a jerky 0.5 MP camera with built ??? why that ...? The PS Vita is a super console and ansich Luckily as the Facebook app only for voluntary download, the part is desig
  • Fanservice for manga fans ... dood!  

    Trinity Universe (Video Game)
    Freaky funny story setting, ... dood: First things first. The game language and game text are within moderate English (although the packaging and instructions in German are)! Therefore important because a good understanding of English in this game, t
  • Challenging game hunting - Countless monsters are waiting to be killed. Do you have what it takes to become a professional fighter?  

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (video game)
    Since 13 February 2015 verschlägt us back into the breathtaking world of Capcom's Monster Hunter for the Nintendo 3DS. In the meantime 4th installment of the series with the full title Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is dipped again in a diverse, beautiful
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite  

    Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite [Essentials] - [Sony PSP] (Video Game)
    The continuation of Monster Hunter Freedom. 2 From the older Freedom 2 has been adopted much in this game, like the world map, the village .... etc Only in this game there are new monsters, some new world maps, a feline companion, who supports a at t
  • Hunting or chased be ..  

    Evolve - [PC] (computer game)
    For now, I must say that this game is a spontaneous purchase (recommended by a friend) was and I had no information about an ingame store or day-one DLC, but what I have to do it in the game (gameplay and story) directly , Gameplay: I rarely have a m
  • Literature and treasure hunting  

    Endgame (Volume 1-Appeal) (Paperback)
    "Endgame: the call" riding the literary fashion of the moment and it is true that by choosing this book I was hoping to find a little "Hunger games" trilogy that I devoured and loved it! In the idea that approaches but it is much worse
  • Great dungeon adventure for the Road!  

    Mighty Dungeons 1.7 (German) (App)
    I'm more encountered by chance on "Mighty Dungeons" when I poked around a bit in the store. As an old fan of "Hero Quest" -Brettspiele I did not hesitate for long and quickly resorted to the full version after recently playing the demo
  • Probably the best Monster Hunter!  

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - [Nintendo 3DS] (Video Game)
    MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE (3DS): First of all I would like to say that I, when I learned that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS / Wii U and do not appear for PSP Vita, a little (okay a little VLT understated ^^) was disappointed I had after I had alr
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - a much better Tri  

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - [Nintendo 3DS] (Video Game)
    I refer this review on the differences between Monster Hunter Tri for Wii and this new installment of the series. Story: The story is basically the same as in MH Tri. The hunter (ie the player) arrives in the village of Moga and to ensure the safety
  • Too complicated guessed mix of building game and RTS style of Dungeon Keeper!  

    Dungeons 2 (DVD-ROM)
    Dungeons 2 looks at first glance like a classic remake of Dungeon Keeper 2, which is also due to the similarity of the title does not last. And indeed, as in the old original one digs in the 11 missions comprehensive campaign or the free play quite t