duplicate funny movie review


  • Funny movie  

    Winter potato dumplings (Amazon Instant Video)
    A quite funny movie with a funny story. You can tell that the submission comes from a pretty good book and not easily operated completely sucked out clichés, as one often sees in American, certainly far more expensive comedies with big names. Super A
  • 3.5 Stene but for a pretty funny movie  

    Grown Ups 2 (Amazon Instant Video)
    Grown Ups 2 is the direct successor of Grown Ups and so there is a reunion with most actors who have been found funny in the predecessor or not. The story, if you want to call it so, revolves around the life after the holiday in the first part, but h
  • Touching and funny movie at the same time  

    Ms Ella (Amazon Instant Video)
    I liked the film very much, because Sascha (Schweighöfer) leads initially to totally selfish and treated his girlfriend shit, is afraid of life. But when he comes to the hospital, he meets Mrs. Ella, who is waiting for an operation. Meanwhile, he is
  • Super funny movie  

    22 Jump Street (Amazon Instant Video)
    I think the film class. Actually, we often experienced a disappointment when the second part comes out in theaters. Not here. The second part is in my opinion better than the first. Well done comedy for an entertaining evening movies.
  • Cute and funny movie  

    Bella Australia (Amazon Instant Video)
    The film is the fact that the 43 year-old Bella thought about what they can still do with her life, when her daughter goes after graduation for 1 year from Australia. Your first thought is to accompany her daughter, and she does everything to realize
  • Very funny movie unfortunately without O-Ton  

    The Lego Movie (Amazon Instant Video)
    The film itself is very funny! For all the Lego also like for a long time are familiar with Lego (I say only the Blue spacemen whose helmet is broken ... awesome :-)) it can only be recommended! The sound of Amazon Prime Instant Video, and the image
  • Super funny movie! 1  

    DUPLICATE - Mala Vita - The Family (Amazon Instant Video)
    Very entertaining! Good comedy, good cast and played very well! It is worthwhile in any case to rent a movie! Good experience with Amazon Prime repaired Filmverleih :-)
  • Funny movie pass as stream  

    F * ck You, Goethe (Amazon Instant Video)
    Had the film not want me to buy, but all at least once. The film made me and my wife then so excited that I would confidently buy him as a Blu-ray or DVD. Super funny!
  • Super funny movie for movie night  

    Big Momma's House 2 (Amazon Instant Video)
    This film is just great fun and exciting !! No black humor! I really laughed :-) Perfect for a movie night !!
  • Funny movie, not silly  

    My father the hero [VHS] (VHS Tape)
    5 stars for the film - suitable for teens and adults. Unfortunately, the color quality can this VHS tapes to be desired, at least on my DVD-VHS equipment. Since my camera in the other VHS tapes does not have this problem, it is probably due to the ca
  • A sarcastic, funny movie from Spain  

    Witching & Bitching (Amazon Instant Video)
    One should look at the trailer in any case first. With some short lengths which is a very amusing film with a very special sense of humor. A suitable top film for me and certainly not for the masses
  • funny movie, nice soundtrack  

    Rio: Music from the Motion Picture (Audio CD)
    I am 25 years old, male and find this CD, despite the great. You get the hear truly "Rio feeling". Although the film is directed primarily to children, in addition to, sung by the characters songs some good instrumental pieces are. These convey
  • Very funny movie for the family afternoon  

    Gulliver's Travels - Something big is up to us (OV) (Amazon Instant Video)
    Super children's film made especially super to see how children reflect the requirements of the parents. Gulliver as small puppet hilarious. Also good to think about the ratio from large to small and vice versa.
  • So a funny movie  

    Guardians of the Galaxy (Amazon Instant Video)
    I did it only for the sake of my son looked at but was really fun. The film does not take itself seriously, and there are lots of cool quotes to make you smile.
  • Funny movie for young and adults  

    Kindergarten Cop (Amazon Instant Video)
    An amusing film with Arnold Schwarzenegger starring as a kindergarten teacher. Well staffed roles and good story. A must for the want with their children something exciting and at the same time humorous look.
  • funny and good movie!  

    Medical Play (Amazon Instant Video)
    Dokrorspiele is a funny movie, sometimes a bit exaggerated. But is indeed intended for young people! But the actors are really good.
  • Giant Super game! With Funny deposits ^^  

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes - [Nintendo Wii U] (Video Game)
    So I was only wary after I read a bad review of an Amazon customer, to convince myself I have downloaded a demo for the Wii U. Since I could not fault and dare the original game to buy, it was planned for my son, now we play this game together with g
  • funny 1 1  

    Medical Play (Amazon Instant Video)
    Very funny movie and very entertaining. If you have looked at in any case times. all I can say.
  • stupid, stupid ... this movie  

    Horrible Bosses 2 (Amazon Instant Video)
    I like stupid-funny movies. of Scary Movie and The Naked Gun - all laugh, I think. But in this case the three heroes (especially the "Hamster") are really too stupid, that's no longer funny. Chris Pine to campy and predictable - can not dec
  • Ingenious and funny  

    Let's be cops - The cops Party (Amazon Instant Video)
    As always super fast through Amazon Premium, we can look at us this absolutely funny movie at any time in a good quality. We are thrilled to be happy again.