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  • Toshiba RDXV50KF HDD DVD / VCR  

    Toshiba RDXV50KF HDD DVD / Video recorder (160GB hard drive, DVB-T) (Electronics)
    I had to replace a VCR and have decided to replace the Toshiba RDXV50KF HDD DVD / VCR. The unit I have now very happy for several weeks in use and am. Even the connection and commissioning thanks to the clear operating instructions was very easy. Par
  • Combi DVD / VCR  

    LG V280 Combi VHS / DVD HiFi (Electronics)
    Fast and consistent delivery in good condition. Easy installation, more than I thought. Quick grip with the user manual at first, then it's almost automatic. Excellent device: very good image of 2 drives (DVD and scope) and very good sound. For cons,
  • Stopgap, if you want built-in DVD player  

    DVD Player & DVB-T Receiver USB Multimedia Player Video Recorder Timeshift (Electronics)
    I'm not so happy with the device. Image quality is good, but due to limitations in the USB recording, I'd prefer the thing to return immediately, the only problem is, there are few alternatives for DVBTtuner + DVDplayer + USBrecorder, and are no bett
  • Simply convincing  

    Logitech Harmony 300 Universal Remote Control (People's remote control) (Accessories)
    I was long a skeptic when it comes Unviersalfernbedienungen. I always had the feeling that these are divided into two types: cheap and useless vs. expensive and complicated. But I was wrong. The Logitech Harmony 300 is truly unbeatable when it comes
  • Does what it should, with less restriction  

    Logitech cordless Music Adapter for Bluetooth Audio Devices (optional)
    The Logiteck Bluetoth receiver has arrived with me yesterday, and of course had to be tried out directly on the plant. So looking for an empty socket and wired the receiver with the hi-fi system. First pairing experiment with my Motorola Defy ... wor
  • ease of use and top function without quirks, great device !!  

    SILVA SCHNEIDER DVR 4959 DVB-T DVD-REC. (Electronics)
    For this DVD-VHS combo recorder is equal to so much to say .. it works completely reliable, so I can finally digitize my entire VHS collection and thus now have DVD's to save space without sacrificing quality on the shelf. I have everything on DVD-R'
  • Truly universal remote control 1  

    Logitech Harmony 300i Remote Universal Remote PVR Controls Programmable Buttons Black (Accessory)
    Essential computer because programming is done through the internet. Possibility of additional buttons assignment by infrared link with the remote control of the unit. - A problem with a DVD / VCR Thomson. Unable to program a button for selecting DVD
  • good copy machine, but ....  

    LG RCT699H DVD recorder with VHS player (HDMI, USB 2.0, DivX) (Electronics)
    you have to be clear that you RCT699H VHS tapes can only play with the LG, not record! The recording function works only with the built-in DVD burner. As a "better" alternative there the MEDION MD 83425 I refer hereby only the copy function, the
  • A very good and solid device.  

    Panasonic DMR-EX96C DVD recorder (Electronics)
    I'm not a technical genius. This is my first DVD recorder with hard disk. I had a DVD / VCR Combi unit from Panasonic. The menu navigation is self-explanatory. It is worth mentioning that can be taken only on disk. Had I known this before, I would pr
  • Good device for money Acceptable  

    Denon DP29F Turntable silver [electronics] (Electronics)
    Good equipment, Cinchstecker Contemporary but why not invent finally a ground wire on a built-in device. Had to do so well over power connector? Well, at Older stereo phono input + ground terminal and the device Perfectly well was the sound, unfortun
  • Toshiba VCR / DVD / HDD device  

    Toshiba RDXV50KF HDD DVD / Video recorder (160GB hard drive, DVB-T) (Electronics)
    Dubbing is simple and works smoothly. Setting has its pitfalls. What really bothers: The device does not contain a cable tuner for HD television. It has been retained anyway because the main concern - recorded video to DVD - is excellently solved. An
  • Telefunken LED TV with DVD player and Triple tuner DVB TCS: brilliant image and top sound  

    Telefunken L22F275I3D 56 cm (22 inch) LED backlight TVs, EEK A (Full HD, 100Hz CMP, DVB-C / T / S2, integrated DVD player, HDMI, CI +, VGA, USB 2.0, Hotel Mode) (Electronics )
    The first thing to at the TV mounted after unpacking the base, which works with a particularly simple click system. Pressed then 6 rubber stopper into the foot and only 3.7 kg light televisions are safe and stable. The remote control is supplied with
  • Denver DVH-1240m DVD player HDMI DVB-T tuner and PVR function  

    Denver DVH-1240m DVD player HDMI DVB-T tuner and PVR function (Electronics)
    All the best and works very well found no fault recording with EPG go well my 1.5TB hard drive was immediately recognized by the EPG recording, the recorder will automatically turn off just looping through the TV signal to the TV was bad so I did it
  • One must indeed Tune! 1  

    One must indeed tune (Audio CD)
    One must indeed write a decent review. In general, the album is very varied. It's as good as for the whole family a little extra. In addition to the tracks Dreams, input already known (HDF), one must indeed Tune, money or love, DVD evening and so man
  • One must indeed tune 2  

    One must indeed tune (Soon she's gone Edition) (Audio CD)
    One must indeed tune has a similar style as regeneration and its Battle, as the main theme of the album from sex and drugs there, but that's nothing negative, because he has this always brought. However, there are also tracks that provoking the liste
  • One of the last VCR  

    After the failure of our Panasonic VCR we arrived due to the recession on the LG GerÃ't incl. DVD Recorder. So we can secure our family videos on DVD and video playback. Commissioning was selbsterklÃ'rend, the first video footage showed a slightly wo
  • Super dubbing VHS to DVD  

    MEDION MD 83425 DVD / VHS recorder combi device (DVB-T & analog tuner, HDMI, USB, E70004 copy function, Timeshift, EPG, upscaling to 1080p) (DVD)
    We were looking for a dubbing apparatus for dubbing of VHS tapes to DVD and did not want to spend so much money for an expensive Panasonic. Since there is only one new LG RCT699 for 220, -. The VCR can only play and only DVB-T. A bit strange (althoug
  • Very good DVD recorder  

    Panasonic DMR-EX99VEGK DVD and HDD recorder / VHS recorder combination 250GB (HDMI, 1080p upscaler, DivX Certified, USB 2.0) with integrated DVB-T & analog tuner combination (Electronics)
    I have the DVD recorder for about 4 weeks and use it with the built-in DVB-T tuner. Have long sought / compared and me opted for this device because it has both an integrated DVB-T tuner as well as a VHS drive. The picture and sound quality are very
  • Beautiful machine to copy the VHS collection to DVD.  

    Funai WD6DM100 2-in-1 DVD / VCR recorder (Electronics)
    As predestined copying machine of visually successful Funai is one of the last of its kind. Basically you have to say goodbye to familiar comfort features from the past VHS era. VPS, sender identification, destination drive etc. -> all history. But a