ecocert price amplifier


  • For the price ordinary amplifier  

    Auna AV2-CD508 HiFi Stereo Amplifier output stage AV2CD508 steel black (Electronics)
    Have bought the amplifier for connection to the TV / DVD player / CD player and am very happy with it. The mentioned in other reviews workmanship can not I confirm (to my copy!). The design is appealing, especially the metal front a quality image, wh
  • Discerning HiFi amplifier at a reasonable price!  

    Onkyo A 9155 Stereo Amplifier Silver (Electronics)
    I have the full amplifier Onkyo A 9155 now has three weeks in operation (on 2 Magnat Quantum 555) and am completely satisfied! The benefits of an integrated amplifier lie with my spatial and investment moderate conditions certainly obvious: cost-effe
  • Prima price / performance ratio - even as an amplifier usable!  

    Speedlink Vivo Active 2.1 speaker system (20 watts RMS output power, bass reflex subwoofer, volume and bass control) black (accessories)
    I bought the machine, primarily due to the product recessions, and can assist the former quite positive reviews only. Who no professional filmmaker or 5.1 surround addict is flat but only (Like me) a low-cost but decent acoustic complement the squeak
  • Super price for amplifiers small  

    Pioneer VSX-329-K AV Receiver 5.1 (105 watts per channel, 4K Ultra HD passthrough, HDMI 2.0, USB 2.0, ECO mode) (Electronics)
    I had some amplifiers in the high-end segment, this does not cost as much as a high end device but he makes the super always like to resist, is operated with me the Teufel Ultima 40mk2 and 5.1 extension set to the Ultimas
  • Ok for the price but it's not an amplified atenne  

    August DTA208 Freeview TV Aerial - Portable Indoor Antenna / Outside with Rod Telescopic Extensible TV Receiver USB / Digital Television / DAB Radio - With Magnetic Base
    Cheap and you get what you pay for, but perfectly fulfills its function and is more than enough to put me with my DVD / TV Tuners Portable Takara. A self-powered amplified antenna would be the top, but I do not regret my purchase since it works well,
  • Super amplifier for great price! (Read or the end of the assessment)  

    2400 W PA amplifier Party Disco DJ music amplifier output stage Liston 800 Silver (Electronics)
    The portion was surprisingly quickly delivered by ordering on Sunday night before Tuesday noon. Striking were damaged on the outer packaging, as well as an ever opened package of actual delivery boxes, connected with a visible unclean packaging of th
  • Good product in the price range.  

    Audio Converters Digital converter (Toslink and coaxial) to analog (RCA) - Digital to Analog Audio Converter with power supply and toslink (Electronics)
    I am very pleased with the Audio Converter. Have convert it in use to my digital PS4 audio signal into an analog signal and then feed it into my stereo amplifier. I can perceive no noise or greater loss of audio quality. So you can access courageousl
  • For the price unbeatable 1  

    Samsung BD-H5500 3D Blu-ray player (1080p upscaling, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    I bought the machine because it already should replace existing equipment 2: - A BluRay Player 1st generation (with built-in fan, high access times and moderate drive) - A media player of Fantec After I connected the player to a menu showed that a me
  • Compact - fits price / performance ratio  

    LG 3D Blu-ray BH7240BW 5.1 home theater system (1200 Watt, Ultra HD upscaling, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, Bluetooth, wireless rear speakers) (Electronics)
    All in all I've got what I expected ... no more no less. What I can evaluate as absolutely positive is the appearance. The design, the colors and the surfaces of the speakers are really worth seeing. However, this is a matter of taste. Besides, I can
  • Price / performance very good 7  

    deleyCON 1,5m HQ Optical Audio Cable - 2x Toslink connector - Optical Digital Fiber Optic Cable - 2.2mm (Electronics)
    I have my satellite reciever connected to the cable directly to the 5.1 amplifier. Since I wanted to hear satellite radio and Internet radio without the TV to have. There went fine. Who it only to the sound to the television picture arrives, which ca
  • Good cable, good price!  

    Direct Cable 2m Digital coaxial and subwoofer cable (1 phono to 1 phono) - PRO Series (Accessories)
    I can only say, this cable has a very good price / performance ratio. You can do much more to spend on a cable, but for what ?! I bought the cable to operate with my girlfriend a powered subwoofer from Canton to a 7.1 amplifier from Denon. + Good wor
  • Super cinch cable to a top price!  

    Direct Digital Cable 1m coaxial and subwoofer cable (1 phono to 1 phono) - PRO Series (Accessories)
    I bought about a week before my RCA cables made by Cable Direct. Finish: 1x RCA to 1x Cinch, 1m The cable made already when unpacking a very sophisticated look, especially the bend protection enjoyed in the plug head at the transition from cable. I u
  • Reasonable price, but flawed  

    VR-Radio Internet Radio Tuner IRS 820.HiFi with Digital Radio DAB + & FM (Electronics)
    In principle, I can join the Vorrezesenten. For me, the IRS-820 should my previous device Muvid IR715-2 replace in future to receive DAB +. Since the devices are similar in construction, the IR 715-2 from the quality is rather modest was my expectati
  • The Swiss army knife of headphone amplifiers  

    Creative Sound Blaster E5 High-resolution USB DAC portable headphone amplifier (3.5mm microphone, Bluetooth, NFC, USB) black (accessories)
    If you stay on the page for this product, then I need but actually no longer to explain what a headphone amplifier (abbreviated KHV) is, right? Perhaps very briefly summarized in a nutshell: If you buy yourself a powerful, wired over-ear or on-ear he
  • Surprisingly good for the price  

    amzdeal® shotgun microphone Camera Microphone for DSLR DV camcorder (Electronics)
    I bought this microphone for my Canon EOS 700D, because I as amateur filmmakers wanted to have reasonable tone. With such a price one must of course have no great expectations of microphones. Still, I was surprised by the good quality. While it is to
  • The most incredible SIMBYOSE between price and SOUND - 6 stars if possible  

    Devil Aureol Real open Over-Ear Headphones Black (Electronics)
    I am an absolute fan and collector headphones. Here my Pallette ranges from 100 euros this model to the Beyerdynamic T1. Of course, the devil is in sound and processing standard can not be compared with the T1, but the competitors in the price field
  • Schnörlkelloser, quality crafted amplifier  

    EnGive SA-S3 TA2021B 2x25W Class T AMP Tripath Stereo digital amplifier Amplifer Black (Electronics)
    The amplifier is made of metal and leaves a high quality impression. Connecting the sound source and the speaker is self-explanatory. For me, a Bluetooth receiver is connected, so I can stream music via Spotify. The reproduced on my Heco Music Colors
  • Very good for the price 3  

    Hama PC Headset HS-250, Stereo, black (Accessories)
    So I have to say the set is very good for the price. Me and my girlfriend now use it for more than two years for Skype and also to LAN parties and it's still very good. There are no complaints from Skype partners. But on the contrary. It is important
  • Very good listeners for its price  

    Koss KTX-PRO1T Casque Titane Headset with Volume Control (Electronics)
    I use the headphones usually go on MP3 Player, but I've also already directly on the CD player (Marantz CD5004) and tested at the amplifier. The sound is very good and detailed, a little bassy (but is a matter of taste). The headset has a very high e
  • for because price just a top product!  

    XOMAX XM 2DTSB78 Car Radio + Multimedia Player with 18 cm / 7 "Touchscreen Display + Bluetooth hands-free and music playback via A2DP for smartphone, MP3 player etc. + Codefree DVD / CD drive + SD card slot (up to 32GB!) And USB connector ( up to 32 GB) for Audio & Video: MP3, WMA, AVI, DIVX, MPEG4 etc. + ID3 tag display + RDS radio tuner + AUX in + ports for rear view camera & Subwoofer + Double DIN (2 DIN) standard mounting size + incl. 2-DIN installation frame, matching panel and remote control (electronics)
    1. Price for because it is simply a top product !!!! 2. I have a VW Golf 5 and thought to myself now I give the original car radio out !!! 3. at all what also a VW Golf 5 and still have the original car radio inside to watch out !!!!! 4. Do you need