Erima low quality


  • High price, low quality  

    Habau 3007 Insektenhotel (Misc.)
    I purchased this insect hotel and was very disappointed when I received the package. It is thus going on the packaging is smaller than the goods, so that the hotel First was visible above and was taped with duct tape. After unpacking the misery conti
  • Disappointed with search a low quality ...  

    BB-Pack packaging silk, 5 kg, 50 x 75cm gray, tissue paper pad paper tableware paper Papckpapier (tool)
    This is a very low quality packing paper, very hard to pack anything without it being torn. I've purchased this product and was quite disappointed with the quality. The customer service executive contacted me and promised to refund the money. So I've
  • Low quality product.  

    Spring Bar Set 360 pieces for watch straps (7-24 mm) (clock)
    The box I received only contained about 250 pieces. They are low quality pins. I would not recommend this product to any serious watch repairer / collector. Threw mine in the bin.
  • Very low quality, poor workmanship.  

    mumbi TPU Silicone Cover Nokia Lumia 820 Cover Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Very low quality, poor workmanship. That's all I can say as a rating. If Amazon determines word count is to be completed by you.
  • Caution sold for and received a li- ion polymer li- lower quality  

    cellePhone Li-Ion battery for Sony-Ericsson Aspen M1i / Xperia X1 X2 X10 Play (replaced BST-41) (Electronics)
    I chose this because prices for Li ion c was a fair price, but I got a polymer li largely lower quality, misrepresentation of the product, certainly for this that we can not see the picture! And return couterai almost the price of this battery, they
  • Low quality, but does the job!  

    Logilink LogiLink cable tester RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 and BNC (Accessory)
    Low quality product (the faux-leather cover any chipped arrived, as if she had already served while she was obviously new), and as announced in other opinions, the ON / OFF button is reversed. But if not, the product makes the job very well, namely t
  • Manufacturing defects or low quality?  

    TRENDnet - Micro USB Bluetooth adapter, TBW-107UB (Electronics)
    The first adapter I received almost could not get into the USB ports on my computer because of raised inside edges that blocked the insertion, even by force. I put a picture to show, since we do not find anywhere (the photograph was taken a few minut
  • Very low quality! 1  

    Universal debroussailleuse head (Miscellaneous)
    Very low quality product ... I changed three clamping nuts on the 4 because the threads were ditches (on a new product ????)
  • Low quality plastic  

    Dipos Screen Protectors for Motorola Moto 360 (6 units) - a transparent film screen protector (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The plastic component protection is low quality: he quickly scratched, fingers leave marks too easily. In addition, the disk is too small, it lacks 1mm ...
  • Low quality 3 1  

    Red Blue / Cyan plastic 3D glasses for 3D movie game (Electronics)
    Most: + Low price + 3D works much Cons: - Painting handmade very approximately (maximum air bubbles everywhere), it crumbles from the beginning, and as a bonus there are fingerprints on the black paint over the entire frame - Colored plastics are of
  • Low quality 2 2  

    (Purple) Nokia Lumia 735 Case High Quality Protective cases SUPER 6-in-1 CAR ACCESSORY PACK hard hard surviving robust shock resistant Heavy Duty Skin + retractable cover Touchscreen Stylus + LCD Screen Protector Guard + Unisuction 360 embedded windshield suction cup mount Car Holder + Car Charger + USB Bullet Adapter Micro USB Data Cable for Spyrox (Electronics)
    Platic hard shell of the cut to bring my laptop to load because it does not rentrrai black c trick is to break 1week end without really Low quality decue shock
  • low quality and bad design  

    Master Accessory Case for Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 i8160 Black (Accessory)
    the tongue is more than troublesome due to its very inconvenient location. the plastic is of very low quality. I do not advise !!!
  • low quality, do not buy.  

    Russell Hobbs 20940-56 Multi Electric Fondue (Cooking)
    Does not heat enough, thermostatic tres Low quality, stainless steel of the pan does not pass on induction, after a first molten, past the trash.
  • low quality 5  

    GRAEWE ® BISTRO Spoons Coffee & Tea 18% chromium stainless steel, pack of 12 pieces (Kitchen)
    Low quality metal. 2 times in the dishwasher and they rust. Size a little teaspoon. Short to avoid despite the "germany"
  • Lower quality 2 1  

    Hama CD Case Action Nylon 64 CD Black (Electronics)
    Until now the quality of these cases was very good but the one I just received is poorly sewn, the fabric used is thinner than that of the older cases and the zipper is of lower quality (to the point that even it poses new problems for closing: the n
  • Low quality 4 TRès  

    Bosch masonry drills Game 5 rooms (Tools & Accessories)
    Lousy forests low quality made in China, I do not recommend at all if you want to forests that break constantly
  • Toy low quality plastic with old rules  

    Dujardin - 401 - Games Company - Case - Case 8 Game Standard (Toy)
    low quality plastic toy with old rules, pity ... The board game is uninteresting because not enough trap or box or box is blocked the player throughout the game.
  • Low quality 6 1  

    BasicXL BXL-TR250OR FM Radio Portable Orange (Electronics)
    Low quality for sound, for the fineness of the station search (the potentiometer is not even going to last, impossible to catch France Inter!). Returned
  • Low quality and sloppy finishing.  

    Wooden house rabbits, 43 × 22 × 28 cm (Miscellaneous)
    This house rabbit is, in my opinion, of low quality, because little resistance. The big negative is its finishes that I consider to be botched. The record is frankly not so famous. Not recommended. Thank you Amazon and its delivery more than correct
  • Low quality 1 3  

    5 LED bicycle head light 5 LED rear bike + (Miscellaneous)
    Very good price but low quality materials. I broke the bindings to the goal of 3 days. Temp CBSA Delivery very long