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  • If an error occurs, the buyer is on her!  

    500 Amazon Coins
    It's not real money, thus also not the applicable law for a purchase money be applied. It is not the German buyers right. For me an InApp purchase went wrong and then I have to write between Amazon and the APP-traders often back and forth (Amazon and
  • Unknown error  

    500 Amazon Coins
    when ordering the coins there was a "unknown error" and the invitation the game Farm Heroes Saga reinstall. Unfortunately, the Coins and the amount to be paid, although billed as a purchase order but the coins have disappeared in the data n
  • Error, error, error ....  

    Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player GA3A00032A07 (Personal Computers)
    "There has been an error. Please try again." This is by far the most common image that conjures up the chrome cast on the TV ..... completely unreliable connection breaks off permanently, although he dangles just above the Wlanrouter .... H
  • Ingenious game with little blunders and large errors.  

    Bravely Default (video game)
    I had given up hope to find even a decent RPG. In the 90s I Inhaled virtually the whole RPG's from the Super Nintendo and Megadrive. Final Fantasy 3 (6), Chrono Trigger, Lufia, Phantasy Star 3 and 4 and so on ... Then it was in my opinion with the RP
  • Nice game but with serious graphics errors!  

    AirFighters Pro (App)
    The game itself is very nicely done - even if some behaviors of Aircraft not correspond in the least reality. Unfortunately, very serious graphic bug causing some missions can not be completed - an example: at the airport in Odessa are the building i
  • Error message instead of the usual brilliant content presented ...  

    ZDFheute (App)
    I agree with the previous reviews grds. to. ZDF was now so far my favorite news app, especially because of the very attractive interface. But the past two weeks, I have the following problem: Attempts to load the new content will fail every time. Ins
  • Production error  

    SanDisk SDMX18-008G-E46K Sansa Clip + 8GB MP3 Player Black (Electronics)
    Since I am very satisfied with the old Sansa Clip, there eventually but the clip is broken, I have ordered the new me as a second model. Everything 1a, which is the folder selection super when times are not correct ID3 tags class. I have not used it
  • Good performance with errors  

    Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone (11.9 cm (4.7 inch) display, 64GB memory, iOS 8) Grey (Electronics)
    Now Since November I have been working with the iPhone 6. It is now my fourth iPhone, that is, I am well acquainted with the operation. The again enlarged form would have Apple can save me; the 6 Plus comes for me not in question because it's really
  • Wg back material error  

    Rieker 90173-00 Ladies High boots (shoes)
    The shoe looks great and fit very well. Unfortunately, there was a visible front material error, which for a black shoe course notice. Therefore, I have sent back the shoe.
  • 4TB model - Win7 backup with error message  

    WD My Book 4TB External Hard Drive (8.9 cm (3.5 inches), USB 3.0) Black (Personal Computers)
    The first impression of the plate is good, it is very quiet. The USB3 cable is approximately 1.20 m long, the USB connector on the panel to be somewhat vulnerable, so I'm going to exercise caution when connecting. So far there were no problems. It is
  • Good keyboard (but key error) and simple Laser Mouse ...  

    Logitech Wireless Combo MK520 (QWERTZ, german keyboard layout) (Personal Computers)
    The wireless keyboard and mouse set Logitech MK520 came perfectly packaged with me. Unpacking pleased. Everything is neatly packed in single small cardboard drawers and additionally protected with plastic bags and plastic film. No damage, scratches,
  • Error Messages  

    Ride [Playstation 4] (Video Game)
    Running game crashes with error messages. What about the championship? The first I was able to drive, although the locked logo appears and if I want to go to the other, is at all match was abandoned with an error message. Hope the patch will fix that
  • No Green Pixel errors more !!  

    AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI adapter cable, 3 meters (Electronics)
    With the DVI / HDMI adapter with was my GTX 285 plus 4 times shielded HDMI cable I had green pixel error! In my Internet research, data errors. I then bought this cable here and now everything is perfect, have no green pixel error more! Positives: -
  • Cable is not recommended because transmission errors are standard.  

    LCS - CRONOS - 5M - hyperspeed SERIES - HDMI 1.4a generation - High Speed ​​with Ethernet and 3D - Quad-shielding / braided - for all HDTV, LCD, LED, Plasma - gold plated connection (electronic)
    We have the cable connected to the Flachbildferseher and the 5.1 system, and on the notebook. In the 5.1 system, everything was fine, just the notebook incurred huge transmission errors that were fixed using a different cable.
  • Image and sound errors - the flat cable has enormous problems with other power sources!  

    HQ HDMI flat cable with Ethernet Channel 7.5 m (personal computer)
    So this cable really knows to entertain. But not because the picture and sound is top notch, no, the exact opposite is the case. Unfortunately, this cable occurred constant image and sound and even ... if you have the light in the apartment on and of
  • Content errors  

    The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship - Extended Version (Amazon Instant Video)
    Unfortunately running with me the movie only the first 27 minutes. I can not imagine that it's up to my TV (KDL-55W805A of Sony), the Internet connection is excellent to me. Already have asked Amazon to correct the error. Otherwise, you should take t
  • Material error  

    Nike Shox NZ EU Black 325201 023 (Textiles)
    The initial enthusiasm (appearance and processing appeared as usual from a shop) gives way for some time the knowledge ....! Already during the fitting I noticed in / on the right shoe that expresses this in a very certain point on the instep - I tho
  • Caution Gross production error and not an isolated incident!  

    Sony Xperia Z3 Smartphone (13.2 cm (5.2 inch) Full HD TRILUMINOS display, 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 20.7 megapixel camera, Android 4.4) Black (Wireless Phone)
    For this purpose that this device is a great and ingenious smartphone and leaves no wishes unfulfilled, all is well been said at the 5-star reviews and need not be repeated by me. Nevertheless, I can forgive only 1 star currently. Caution: When the p
  • Good database app with errors  

    My Movies for Android Pro (App)
    The functional scope of the database and the service meets my requirements and fulfills its purpose. Joy will be a little clouded by that advanced functions such as the selection of spectacles or call additional information is not possible, and the a
  • Nice idea, unfortunately with errors  

    My Alarm Clock - Wake up with the digital alarm clock app on which has a sleep timer and displays the current weather conditions (app)
    Nice idea with errors. Does not run without Amazon apps. = -O Requires a great deal too many and unnecessary permissions Is too large. Was otherwise fallen.