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  • Filco Majestouch 2 small guide on mechanical switches  

    Filco Majestouch-2 Pro Keyboard: Brown switches DE (Audio CD)
    The keyboard I have now been just over a year and have for my Logitech G11 thrown overboard. The keyboard is rather Ausstattungsarm (wrist rests are optional) and high quality finish. One notices immediately when unpacking, since the Tatstatur very d
  • Weaken class keyboard with small - Lioncast LK20  

    Lioncast LK20 mechanical Cherry Blue Gaming Keyboard (German QWERTZ layout, USB) black (accessories)
    I use the keyboard now about a month and am really excited. Wanted I have a keyboard with which I can write a lot and quickly, which is useful but to play just as well. I pushed on the LK20 and the current competitors (SteelSeries, Razer, Ducky etc.)
  • Simply FILCO up!  

    Filco Majestouch-2 Pro Keyboard: Brown switches DE (Audio CD)
    Hey I have ordered from this keyboard and am just so happy with it! Quality: Very rugged, heavy, comfortable, the keys are very hard and the print is firmly and totally scratch resistant. Unfortunately, I expect for such a price by punc
  • Recommendation from a professional keyboard :-)  

    Filco Majestouch-2 Pro Keyboard: Brown switches DE (Audio CD)
    When it comes to keyboard I'm passionate about: I sat so long apart, and various keyboards tested (eg the old IBM, SteelSeries, Filco others). My favorite is this FILCO! I program a lot of hours a day and place high value on a very decent keyboard. I
  • Razer Deathstalker gaming  

    Razer Deathstalker gaming keyboard (accessories)
    I was looking for a gaming keyboard, which should, however, come in everyday to use. Through good experience with Razer, I decided to buy the Deathstalker. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the quality and feel when using the keyboard. The keyb
  • Coolmaster Storn QuickFire TK  

    CM Storm QuickFire TK Gaming Keyboard (MX-Brown) (SGK-4020-GKCM1-DE) (Accessories)
    I have this keyboard for the past 3 weeks and am very zurfrieden. Particularly impressed me the lighting concept. There are three modes, switchable: - Out - Only WASD illuminated - Kommplett on, all the buttons illuminated Moreover, one can regulate
  • Top processed, very stable, price / performance prima  

    Lioncast LK20 mechanical Cherry Black Gaming Keyboard (German QWERTZ layout, USB) black (accessories)
    This review refers to the Lioncast LK20 with blue MX switches from Cherry. The LK20 is a Tenkeyless keyboard, the number pad was therefore omitted. Of which there are also some other on the market, but often the rest of the layout and the arrangement
  • A bit disappointing, unlike other products of Lioncast.  

    Lioncast LX16 PRO Gaming Headset for PC / PS4 black / blue (accessory)
    Well ... well. I regret to say that I am disappointed with the headset something. Processing affects me through the whole very cheap plastic and the design is not overly "cool". I understand, for example, not know why the little dents are not fi
  • Good rattled, Lioncast  

    Lioncast LK30 LED mechanical keyboard (USB, German keyboard layout, QWERTY) cherry blue (accessory)
    To make it short: Yes, it's noisy. Are the mechanical keyboards all. So for the office, it is rather nothing unless you want to mess with his colleagues. I've brought directly Lioncast me the keyboard. Since you can but there in the shop no reviews a
  • Lioncast Bungee Mouse / USB Hub  

    Lioncast MB10 Bungee Mouse with active USB hub and Blue Light technology (4x USB 2.0) black (accessories)
    Accustomed fast delivery from Amazon. The me previously unknown company Lioncast has put a great product here on the legs. It closes the hub via USB cable to the PC and you're good to go. All USB slots on the hub function 1A and my mouse cable is fir
  • Switching from Roccat on Lioncast  

    Lioncast Gaming Mouse LM30 programmable 19 keys MMO Mouse, laser with 16,400 dpi (Accessories)
    After nearly 8 years Roccat (Kone, Kone XTD), I needed a mouse with more buttons because I now primarily been playing MMORPG. Optically most appealing was there for me the Lioncast LM30. In direct comparison with Roccat Lioncast has at least visually
  • Lioncast LX16 Pro - a recommended headset  

    Lioncast LX16 PRO Gaming Headset for PC / PS4 black / blue (accessory)
    The Lioncast LX16 Pro is very well made, has in my opinion not just a too short cable (4.5m) and is not too tight on the head. Even that was connecting the headphones, not like most others, surprisingly simple. The Lioncast LX16 Pro won me over in sp
  • Lioncast? No thanks!  

    iPhone 4 Home Button Plastic Part with flex connection black incl. tool set of GIGA & Fixxoo (Electronics)
    Vorneweg: Original Apple spare parts there are not officially on the market. Everyone tells something else is lying. Now the Apple service is unfortunately also very expensive in the repair of small items. For this reason I decided for the cheaper al
  • This review concerns Lioncast  

    MotionPlus Adapter for Nintendo Wii Remote Black Black (Video Game)
    I have not had this Wiimote in use, because I did not want to have. Although I have canceled the order about an hour later, the merchandise has arrived. Communication with Lioncast is very difficult. Since this "company" around the corner has it
  • Lioncast LK 20 with Cherry MX Black switches  

    Lioncast LK20 mechanical Cherry Black Gaming Keyboard (German QWERTZ layout, USB) black (accessories)
    I was for some time in search of an affordable keyboard TKL with linear switches, and in the end it is then these become here. My impressions and comments are as follows: Switches: Well, familiar and great quality cherry halt. Who the black switches
  • Lioncast Charger Controller of PS4, 4m ...  

    Lioncast Charger Controller of PS4, 4m black / blue (accessory)
    With such a long cable you can also gamble super, while the controller is loaded without being restricted. It invites the controller to quickly and the processing is also great. We recommend
  • Lioncast silicone sleeve  

    Lioncast Silicone Protective Case for Xbox Controller One, Black (Video Game)
    I give the sleeve 5 stars. Because it protects the controller to 100%. For example, when I play pinball on Xbox and too coarse or too tight with my hands the controller or press firmly echoed, the plastic shell of the controller shifts. With the prot
  • Lioncast PS3 Controller Silicon Case "Crip" black  

    Lioncast Silicone Protective Case for PS3 Controller, Black (Video Game)
    Super shell, just as the past few days is extremely hot wenns. Before sticking the pad in his hand and one left always so sour patch it. This shell no longer. Now no longer klebts. Perfect fit, simply pulling over it, ease of use - plus the delivery
  • California Guitar of Lioncast for PS3  

    Lioncast PS3 Guitar wired California (Video Game)
    Good game behavior and looks good. What I do not like so much the Slide keys or that they are rounded so as hemispheres. For quick play, you easily slips away and thus strikes not the sounds. This is wired the guitar does not bother me personally, be
  • Almost perfect 27  

    Lioncast LK20 mechanical Cherry Blue Gaming Keyboard (German QWERTZ layout, USB) black (accessories)
    The processing of the keyboard looks solid and slightly higher quality than eg at a Cherry G80-3000. In addition, the keyboard seems a bit heavier, so that it is felt safer on the table. Compared to a CM Quickfire TK missing from a useless cable rout