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  • Lvl 36 on Kindle Fire HDX 7 solve impossible  

    Zengrams (App)
    The game itself I find very good and sophisticated. I would love to try myself at all levels, but unfortunately for me at Lvl 36 forced closing. When Kindle Fire HDX 7 unfortunately is not enough "space" to solve it to this level. Very sad,
  • Cover for the Kindle Fire HDX  

    Leather Protective Carrying Case Cover Pouch Leather Case Cover with Stand and Sleep Mode Hand Strap 2013 NEW Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 "
    The cover fits super, my Kindle Fire HDX can be injected easily and copping a snug, tight and. Through the loop in your hand On / off, volume up / down button / s and power supply can be easily and operate even when the device is closed.
  • Very convincing protector for the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9  

    dipos Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 protector (2 pieces) - crystal clear film Premium Crystal Clear (Electronics)
    The screen protector for the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 in the execution crystal clear / invisible to me has been provided free by the Portal [...] e available for testing. (: June 2014 status) offered for just under six euros a comparable products very fav
  • If the Amazon store to support Chromecast sold, but not for Kindle Fire HDX!  

    Avia Media Player (Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, WebOS) (App)
    Cute note in the description: "Note:. Chrome has Google Play services function only NichtfeuerOS Android devices will support Chrome." - Is so then probably meant that this app can not access the Chromecast in the Kindle Fire HDX devices fr
  • Asurion Canopy Tablet kindle Fire HDX 8.9 "  

    2 year warranty with protection in case of accident and theft for the new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 ", reserved for our customers residing in Metropolitan France (Accessory)
    Since I ordered the 2-year warranty when buying my tablet Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 "December 6, 2013, I have not received any confirmation email with my contract and start date and end of my guarantee. He also had me send it by mail paper before 21 Decemb
  • A QR code scanner for the Kindle Fire HDX  

    Scan - QR Code Scanner and Barcode Reader (App)
    Finally I have a QR scanner found the on the 'Kindle Fire HDX' runs reliably to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, this Kindle just a front camera. A little practice and familiarization is required. Otherwise, in my view: Top.
  • Kindle Fire HD = Top. Kindle Fire HDX = Flop  

    Tivizen Nano DVB-T receiver for Apple, Android black (Accessories)
    The device does not work with the appropriate app from the Amazon store with the Kindle Fire HD 7 but with the Kindle Fire HDX 7. On the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the g app from the Google Store Player function, the device also. Because of a malfunction
  • Kindle Fire HD 7 "= top. Kindle Fire HDX 7 "= Flop  

    Tivizen DVB-T Wi-Fi for Tablets (App)
    The app works with the device from the Amazon store with the Kindle Fire HD 7 ", however not with the Kindle Fire HDX 7". Because of a malfunction with the Kindle Fire HDX I forgive only two stars. It should be possible to allow functionality wi
  • Very good full-HD image, Smart TV with Internet Apps and HbbTV, can Miracast (eg for Kindle Fire HDX)  

    Sony BRAVIA KDL-32W705 81 cm (32 inch) TV (Full HD, Smart TV, Triple Tuner) (Electronics)
    Crisp, beautiful sharp picture via cable. I have some down-regulated only the color. Who does not need a huge TV and can do without 3D, is in my opinion very well served here. Like with many LCD TVs, there is a distinct angular dependence of image co
  • Bumpy Installation at Kindle Fire HDX, quick help, but then satisfied  

    EZ CAST ALL STREAM Full HD 1080p wireless WIFI Smart TV streaming dongle fits EZCAST, Miracast, DLNA and AirPlay (Electronics)
    To anticipate ... I've done it. But was a bit bumpy but the installation on the Kindle Fire HDX. Problem: The Kindle Fire HDX has its own App Store. The Google Play store is there not exist. The app is available only to Google and at Apple. But not i
  • Case with Keyboard for Kindle Fire HDX  

    Kingtop KeyBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Kindle Fire HDX 7 "Tablet - will only fit Kindle Fire HDX 7" (Black) (Electronics)
    Case with built Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard. PRO: simple, fast writing longer texts. Key pressure point for this size keyboard well. Connection for Kindel Fire HDX via Bluetooth. Cover protects the device and includes Setting up / Klappmechnaismus. CON
  • Good quality leather. Off the kindle automatically HDX 7 '  

    Moko Case Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. 7 - Case flap with ultra-thin and lightweight support for 7.0 Inch Tablet Fire HDX 2013 Generation, BLACK (With intelligent alarm clock / sleep automatic cover It does not fit Kindle Fire HD tablet July 2012 and Fire HD 7 2013) (Electronics)
    Very good quality with leather. The flap automatically turn on and off the kindle HDX 7 '. One can bend vertically to hold the kindle to see a movie.
  • Fits well for Kindle Fire HDX 7 with origami envelope  

    Trust anti-shock Bubble Sleeve (suitable for tablets (7-8 inches) as iPad Mini, Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 & Galaxy Tab 8.0 4) gray (Accessories)
    I wanted to have a neoprene sleeve for Kindle HDX 7, which protects the Kindle including origami envelope during transport. I already had one that is read sogerade times use it, but it was sitting so close that I had to be very careful when closing t
  • Great Case for Kindle Fire HDX 8.9  

    PEDEA Tablet PC case black for 8.9 inches (22,6cm) with accessory compartment (optional)
    Have ordered 8.9 the bag for my new Kindle Fire and have to say - great. I actually wanted me to protect buy the Origami Leather Folio, but honestly for 70 - nene. OK, to be fair, with the Origami Leather Case can also install the Kindle yet, but I t
  • No longer works on my kindle fire hdx 1  

    Facebook (App)
    Last day compulsory but does not want to settle down: error message. Super what? One should have the choice to install SHIFT on the kindle fire
  • complete installation impossible on Kindle Fire HDX  

    Banner Saga (App)
    Buy and install no problem, Here is a page on which the app is attempting to install additional content. There remains at 0% are all tricks, no success, no response from manufacturers. Too bad, looked promising.
  • Anker® Kindle Fire HDX 7 (7 inch) envelope  

    AnkerĀ® Kindle Fire HDX 7 (7 inch) Case PU Leather Case Cover Case Cover for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 2013 - one-piece slide-Case
    fits perfectly and even after continuous use (got the fire almost always a hotspot in) sees the shell still quite good. The cover is fixed and the magnetic closure draws so well that you can put the bowl min to display sometimes a folded paper so it
  • Anker® Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (8.9 inch) Case PU Leather Case Cover Case Cover for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 2013 - ONE PIECE  

    AnkerĀ® Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (8.9 inch) Case PU Leather Case Cover Case Cover for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 in 2013 - one-piece slide-Case
    Perfect fit, ideal with all the necessary openings, easy to handle, truly sensational price! The "limp engined" cover the original cover has annoyed me.
  • It works on the Kindle Fire HDX  

    80 Days (App)
    First of all: I had read about the game, but then had been put off by the negative reviews. Then, when it was sold for 79 cents and there was a new version (1:05), I dare. I have now played for several hours and it came so far to no crashes. In this
  • Review Kindl Fire HDX 7 Protector Case  

    MoKo Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 Protector Case - Ultra-slim lightweight smart shell Stand Case for Fire HDX 7.0 Customs 2013 Gen Tablet, black (with Smart Cover Auto Wake / Sleep, do not fit Kindle Fire HD 7 2012 et Fire HD 7 2013 ) (Electronics)
    The envelope line with our expectations. She is thin and clear to use. They replaced the printed book, the protective sheath.