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  • Super stoked that French watch!  

    Southern Cross - 1849212 - Men Watch - Automatic Analogue - Black Dial - Brown Leather Strap (Watch)
    Kinetic movement for a 90 it's pretty tempting! This watch is an automatic kinetic watch! which means that the rotor your daily movements will not recharge a battery but a spring! Furthermore the movement of the watch is seen from the rear through a
  • Functional, but not as good as the original stands  

    VicTsing USB Charger shows Pebble Smart (Electronics)
    This cable does its job well, but it does not hold as well as the original. This is not too serious because, in principle, the watch will not be too heckled during charging, but the slightest shock off the watch cable.
  • Beautiful watch, Quality G-Shock  

    Casio - GA-100-1A1ER - G-shock - Men's Watch - Quartz Analog and Digital - Black Dial - Black Resin Strap (Watch)
    Nice watch good finish G-Shock quality so I recommend their eyes closed Delivered in a box full, nothing to regret
  • Only watch G-SHOCK found chrono wanted offering options  

    Casio - G-7700-1ER - G-Shock Watch - Steel and Resin - Digital Quartz - Multifunction -Sport - Stopwatch - Timers 2 - 5 Alarms - Time Zones - Waterproof 20 ATM - Black Rubber Strap (Watch)
    Watch very readable, waterproof, very easy to use, many managements alarms, stopwatch and LAP registration The stack is given for a period of 5 years It perfect for use as I wanted to be in running and swimming Chrono with the intermediate lap time i
  • Casio Men's Watch G-Shock GW-2500B-5AER  

    CASIO Men's Watch G-SHOCK GW-2500B-5AER (clock)
    The G-Shock is very appealing design, which pleases the recipient and me very well. The solar function is convenient and environmentally friendly. The lighting is great, especially the hands can be seen very well in the dark. The clock is great. The
  • Watch G7710 G Shock Casio 1ST true to the series  

    Casio - G-7710-1E - G-Shock - Men Watch - Quartz Digital - LCD Dial - Bracelet Resin Black (Watch)
    This is my second gshock. Shows not too big compared to her sisters but with a significant size either. Features to appointments. Use made for the regular running, tracks the time changes on the same circuit. The colors reversed side is not annoying,
  • Casio - G-7700-1ER - Watch G-Shock  

    Casio - G-7700-1ER - G-Shock Watch - Steel and Resin - Digital Quartz - Multifunction -Sport - Stopwatch - Timers 2 - 5 Alarms - Time Zones - Waterproof 20 ATM - Black Rubber Strap (Watch)
    Nice watch very easy to adjust, many easy to use features my son is very happy I recommend this purchase
  • Watch Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A4ER  

    Casio - GA-100-1A4ER - G-shock - Men's Watch - Quartz Analog and Digital - Dial Red - Black Resin Strap (Watch)
    Good stuff, After 3 months of use, not a scratch despite daily use in all circumstances. I have not yet been able to test the waterproofing diving. Only criticism I think the hour hand is red and low light, is hardly visible against the black backgro
  • Elegant, waterproof solar watch with sapphire crystal  

    DETOMASO Gents Stainless steel case Stainless steel bracelet Sapphire glass SOLAR SAN REMO Diver Watch Classic Black / Silver DT1039-B (clock)
    Important to me was that it is-because waterproof you stand in the rain just sometimes and I the hands the clock do not wash every time off möchte- the scratch resistance of the glass should be better than my last watch or so designed that the housin
  • Mechanical watches for beginners  

    Invicta Men's Watch XL Automatic stainless steel 8926 OB (clock)
    My description refers to the so no longer produced Invicta Pro Diver 8926th Externally it differs from the current collection by the fluted bezel, also "old Bezel" called "OB" or "Coin": The case is meticulously crafted.
  • Noble ceramic watch + eye-catcher!  

    Emporio Armani Men's Watch XL Chronograph Quartz Ceramics AR1424 (clock)
    The clock was clearly getting fortunately below the list price. The clock itself looks beautiful and classy. They can not be confused with a cheap plastic watch 20 euro or G-Shock with white ribbon. A really nice piece! Because it is ceramic, does no
  • For me, the most beautiful so far G- Shock  

    Casio G-Shock Mens Watch Radio Solar Collection Quartz Analogue GW-3000BD-1AER (clock)
    The design of the GW-3000BD with its Black / Turquoise combination is part of the best of what is currently in the field of quartz-powered multifunction watches erhätlich isnt just in terms of the CASIO G-Shock models. The first time discovered in th
  • Watch all terrain  

    Casio - GA-100-1A1ER - G-shock - Men's Watch - Quartz Analog and Digital - Black Dial - Black Resin Strap (Watch)
    G-SHOCK sober enough to ligther volume. The look is understated, his exemplary robustness and its étanchéité.Les white needles stand very well on all matt black. The functions Chrono, Alarm, World Hours are easy to implement. The metal packaging box
  • Secure protection against shock  

    Navitech complete protection for LG G Watch Case + Screen Protector (Electronics)
    Protects well the LG G Watch eventual shocks. Provided with a small film for protection against scratches. this is the only downside as it adds thickness to watch and change its design. But one can not have everything.
  • I no longer need another watch ...  

    Casio - GW-M5610-1ER - G-Shock - Men Watch - Quartz Digital - Black Dial - Black Resin Bracelet (Watch)
    After a recent mishap (see separate review), I chose this Casio GW-M5600. For those who have no prejudice against digital watches, but especially for all those who still, here's what I can say after a week of use: - Reasonable size box, light, matte
  • Watch casio 8  

    Casio - GD-100-1A - G-Shock Watch - Men - Quartz Digital - LCD Dial - Bracelet Resin Black (Watch)
    Before buying it, I had to try in jewelry. The watch is identical only difference the price (I win). Otherwise it's a G-Shock, thus shows very strong.
  • Super GPS watch phone to my child!  

    TBS®3202-B surveillance spy watch phone with GPS tracker child and quick call SOS - Safety shows - shows tracer your children! (Light Blue) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Apart from these features, the design is very nice, my child love him well, it makes a little ice watch for children, and has the air extremely strong, in spite of everything what it makes it undergoes it sits well in shock.
  • nice watch 36  

    Seiko - SNXS77K - 5 Gent - Men's Watch - Automatic Analogue - Blue Dial - Bracelet Grey (Watch)
    Tras beautiful watch, discrÃ'te rather dimensionnÃe c is as fashionable now .J bcp like its blue color and Dark legible needles night .A small bÃmol the origin bracelet is really crap; one remÃ'de change the brown crocodile leather strap style and "s
  • G-shock reputation held  

    G-Shock - G-9300-1ER - Men's Watch - Quartz Digital - Solar / Alarm / Lighting / Chronograph - Black Resin Bracelet (Watch)
    I bought this model there is little time for mainly professional and private use. In the workplace, I was pleasantly surprised at the strength of the case and bracelet. I received some small strokes (feet or fists) or fall to the ground and not a cla
  • Good product 3218  

    Casio - GW-7900-1ER - G-shock Watch - Men - Digital Quartz - White Dial - Black Resin Strap (Watch)
    The watch was received very quickly, it meets all expectations I might have had a Casio G-Shock, namely shows a robust design which I enjoy and which gives precise time! For other features, such as sea level or phases of the moon, this is pretty nice