gangstar vegas pay to win ?


  • Game super se, pay-to-win but creeps in  

    Forza Horizon - [Xbox 360] (Video Game)
    A great arcadiges racing game with very good soundtrack, I've loved to play. The cars look great, the races are, in comparison, designed exciting because you rarely actually half a lap can go out ahead. You always have to go carefully, otherwise you
  • Pay to win extremely  

    RoboCopTM (App)
    So really .... is my game .... Good graphics, upgrade, Story is attending ... ok permanently bit monotonous but without gold coins makes it really not fun ... it all depends Ausrüstunstechnisch not and you is blocked for HOURS when playing level too
  • Pay-to-win expensive to buy  

    Super Dynamite Fishing Premium (App)
    This game could reach the sky a nice stress relief, if it were simply b2p (the faith to pay a purchase), but not content with being P2W (if you buy nothing with € in addition to the game, you can not really enjoy it), you must buy it from the Amazon
  • pay to win  

    Gangstar Vegas (App)
    Visually nice but very casual. By cons ib can do nothing without pay and is spam notifications to buy stuff in the game, very intrusive and painful. Uninstalled after two days
  • not Pay to Win  

    Mini Warriors (App)
    I spend currently playing every night ne good hour of this game. The crystals that you can buy more, you also get paid plenty or achievements. One can also get quite a lot of good heroes and so if it is done properly, you can keep up on its level wel
  • Pay to Win par excellence ...  

    Epic Empire: A heroic saga (App)
    Without gems nothing goes .. invested after 2 days 16. Few would be OK but this is a bottomless pit. Dear install not only.
  • funny but unfortunately pay to win  

    Game of War - Fire Age (app)
    Power is real fun and designed for interaction, unfortunately, you will constantly maltreated with ingame purchases and comes at some point hardly vorran without spending much money. Nevertheless, great game
  • Only pay to win  

    Rumble City (App)
    I'm generally a fan of turn-based strategy games. "Rumble City would be one and also arises at first so. The battles are all turn-based, but offer little chance of clever tactics to carry off a victory, rather it is to better equipment and so-called&
  • A abgekartertes Game - How EA brings you & fun to win to make even more cash  

    FIFA 15 (computer game)
    My relationship with FIFA you could probably describe best with love-hate relationship. EA has what football matches because of concerns licenses a monopoly on the market, which always makes it anew (along with EA's great promise and great look) temp
  • Super Game 4  

    Mini Warriors (App)
    I play the game now for several months. I'm usually bored quite quickly, but here is not the case. One gets the purchasable in-game currency in the game, even for weekly maintenance, or for the daily tasks that you eh casually met. Pay to win is not
  • Verschlimmbesserung: not Get Better on Amazon ...  

    The Secret Society® - The Secret Community (app)
    Explanation of the title and the 1 * review for people who do not want to read the full text: The game in itself is great, but the version that you get from Amazon, gets its updates repeatedly until many weeks after the update for Google Play users w
  • The DLC madness must come to an end  

    Forza Motorsport 5 - Game of the Year Edition - [Xbox One] (Video Game)
    Many games at the present time offer DLCs an.Dagegen is once no objection. If you look at 90% of the games on these DLCs little extras that are not needed are to fully enjoy the game (see Assassin's Creed series). The problem is, however, when certai
  • Really, really good 1  

    It's not just a card game. Another game is the same map as you? No! After your card has better items and passive skills (so-called option) which makes them a lot stronger again. The game is definitely easier not pay to win, there are countless events
  • Beautiful twin stick shooter  

    Inferno + (App)
    Meanwhile, I have the game several times by and can only recommend this game to any fan of Twin stick shooters. My personal highlight in this game is the Vulcan of difficulty in which you have to change his style of play otherwise just dies. No in-ap
  • I do not love it, you just might.  

    OTTTD (App)
    What is it: It's a tower defense game in which the towers can only be placed firmly in designated areas. This could disturb you, I do not mind. In addition, you can from 7 different characters, which activates your time, take 3 into battle. These cha
  • Classic Entertaining  

    Quest Lord (App)
    For fans of the RPG genre of the older generation Highly Recommended! Unlike all "bigger" productions here the gameplay is not messed up by "pay-to-win" in-game purchases which is extremely addictive game play tremendously benefic
  • It was missing the time. Full version = Beta Version  

    Battlefield 4 - Day One Edition (including China Rising expansion pack.) - [PC] (computer game)
    Preliminary had said: Battlefield 4 (BF4) has good approaches. It tries to be a good Battlefield, but you can tell by the game that the development time was too short. Now we have March and I have BF4 since release. It is still the case that the game
  • Very disappointed - many setbacks  

    Forza Motorsport 5 - Limited Edition Steelbook - [Xbox One] (Video Game)
    I own every Forza Motorsport which was published today and I have risen only because of FM5 the XBox One. And'm bitterly disappointed. Who has not played Forza and simulations like, will find like at home here. The control of the vehicles is very rea
  • Totaler Rotz  

    Qais Quest (App)
    bla bla blub son snot Game what it is but probably the main thing you can really verballern money ... A must for Pay to Win Noobs
  • Evolution plus long no longer Erlebtes feel.  

    Evolve - [PC] (computer game)
    First: People clearly want to earn money 2K. I see the DLCs as absolutely critical. Because there is still no one forced it to buy (store). Pay 2 Win? Not at all. Such methods will also be present in the future as development is becoming increasingly