gefu porcelain coffee filter


  • Clio porcelain coffee filter Gr. 4  

    Porcelain coffee filter size 4 (household goods)
    can only recommend the part sufficiently large drain hole ensures brisk filters. That this process towards the end of the brewing process is slower, is normal, since the ground coffee is by then completely swollen and slows the passage of a little, a
  • Melitta Look Selection 1011-03 coffee filter machine  

    Melitta Look Selection 1011-03 coffee filter machine -Aromaselector -Glaskanne black (household goods)
    I for many years put forward to Melitta Coffee machines and had always been very satisfied. But with the 1011-03 Melitta Look Selection Filter Coffee Machine, I now experience the first time some really great new features. So I found it very positive
  • stable coffee filter  

    alfi coffee filter, transparent plastic, size 4 (household goods)
    This coffee filter is convenient and fits perfectly on my Alfi teapot. Nothing is loose thanks to the long spout, so everything was wonderful. Only the price I find rather too high for a plastic product. Therefore, a point deduction.
  • Coffee Filter Holder porcelain Size 4  

    Porcelain coffee filters 1x4 (household goods)
    In my search for alternatives plastic & Co. I was thrilled to find a porcelain filter. , , At a very good price, with reasonable shipping and - it is already there! Wonderfully packaged so that nothing happens to him. , , :-) Many Thanks! 11.05.2014
  • Permanent coffee filter  

    Melitta 180424 permanent coffee filter 2 pieces for all Philips Senseo coffee pod machines (household goods)
    Have a hopper from a dressing plastic bottle made me who is slender upward. Thus the coffee remains in the middle, and you then press the filter to easily. No Coffee "Gekrümel" more ...
  • Coffee filter with predetermined breaking point?  

    Braun KF 47 coffee machine Aromaster White (Kitchen)
    Unfortunately already failed two machines with exactly the same error image. The second held exactly one year. The first longer because rarely used. It breaks the extremely intricate running tab on the filter assembly. Thus, the opening through the u
  • Good coffee filter  

    Filter cup white (household goods)
    I have long need to look before I came up with the idea of ​​this product even search bar to place in the Amazon, basket filter, there is little to buy in the normal supermarket and for my Coffeemax I need this because normal filter bags umkippen.Gut
  • Melitta coffee filter machine Look Therm  

    Melitta coffee filter machine Look Therm, Aroma Selector, thermos, black 101110 (household goods)
    For several years, I'm a big fan of Melitta coffee makers. Before my "Melitta Look Selection" that I currently use and which does not provide thermos, I had an older model of the "Therm Melitta", which made me even then very excited, e
  • Coffee Filter  

    Cilio 105568 coffee filter size 2, Marone (household goods)
    Very nice retro filter the once heated, the filtering process long does the temperature. Suitable dishwasher and a real eye catcher in the kitchen.
  • Coffee filter holder  

    Weis 16953 coffee filter holder, stainless steel (houseware)
    Although the filter holder corresponded in shape to my ideas, but unfortunately had a visible material defects. I hope to be able to exchange it.
  • Xavax Coffeeduck coffee filter  

    Xavax Coffeeduck Coffee Filter for Senseo Classic HD 7810 and HD 7812 (filled with complimentary coffee and pads) (household goods)
    Powder pure, plug in the machine and make coffee. At least, it looks the part of us. The negative reviews here I doubt seriously the respective minds. Perhaps, if you are whole beans into it, the result may be insufficient, but it is also not intende
  • Coffee filter holder, stainless steel of Weis  

    Weis 16953 coffee filter holder, stainless steel (houseware)
    This product is very practical, fits everywhere because of its material and Designing to go very easy to remove un clean, so everything as it should be.
  • looks good and does everything it should  

    alfi vacuum carafe La Ola plastic orange 1.0 l (household goods)
    After 28352 jug Columbus 2000 was very unhappy with my former non-insulating, badly to be cleaned pot Leifheit, finally needed a new one. Unfortunately, I had not bought the Columbus-pot by mail, so I could not return it. Become wise from harm, I had
  • As expected is achieved delicious filter coffee!  

    Cilio 105575 coffee filter size 4, Marone (household goods)
    Besides my Siebträgermaschine I also wanted to drink filter coffee time delicious again. So ordered the coffee filter and delivered quickly get. Angeschmissen coffee grinder and ground fresh coffee and freshly brewed. Simply delicious! The filter doe
  • Filter coffee maker Bar Riviera  

    RIVIERA & BAR CSI - FILTER 1 CUP ASSEMBLY - 500 591 709 (Kitchen)
    Coffee filter coffee maker for Riviera bar.Free single flats even after she sancrase easily cleaned and disassembled it must be changed
  • Super coffee except filter element difficult!  

    Philips HD7447 / 20 coffee machine, 1000 W, Black (Kitchen)
    The use of the coffee filter in use is not possible right away :-(. With a little more cautious hand but possible. And the 2 drawback is the dripping of the lid when you open the water tank and then the machine Get cracking because of the Cold conden
  • Ideal for Handaufbrühen with filter  

    Leifheit 28401 Columbus jug 1 liter satin-black (household goods)
    Since over 10 years we certainly use the Columbus jug because it looks pretty, well kept warm, can be opened for easy pouring. At present we have the white version, but with this version I have also flirted because coffee drops are not seen so ... In
  • Good - but the old Melitta Ceramic filter patent (with grooves in the filter) is better ...  

    CHEMEX Woodneck - Carafe glass for 6 cups (household goods)
    The advantage of ceramic Melitta filter bags Tower of granny is that you can put a ceramic filter directly to a thermos, ie no flavor and temperature loss that would occur by spilling from a Chemex pot has. In addition, the cleaning of ceramic filter
  • Good and cheap coffee machine  

    Melitta coffee filter machine Look Therm, Aroma Selector, thermos, black 101110 (household goods)
    After a long-lasting trend of fully automatic coffee machines and espresso and cappuccino thus currently experiencing the classic filter coffee a comeback. When Melitta Look Therm coffee filter machine is a cheap version of the classic (Filter) coffe
  • good coffee machine but not properly  

    Philips HD7546 / 20 Thermo Coffee (1000 watts, 1.2 L, drip-stop function) black / metal (household goods)
    + Beautiful design with stainless steel applications + Good value for money + Automatic shutdown after brewing saves power + By Wärmeisolierkanne no hotplate necessary (as with water jugs) and also saves power + Easy to read water tank + Easy open wa