Gigaset a540 Wireless Phone review


  • Gigaset A540 A via DECT at Speedport W 921V  

    Gigaset A540 Duo A DECT cordless phone with answering machine, incl. 1 additional handset, anthracite / black (Electronics)
    Since our router (Speedport W 921V) is in the upper floor we needed for telephony downstairs necessarily a DECT phone. The operation of the Gigaset A540 A via DECT at Speedport basically functioning. The two handsets can each have their own phone num
  • Wireless phone simple very practical and cheap!  

    Panasonic KX-TG2511FRW DECT Phone Handsfree (Electronics)
    Wireless phone simple very practical and cheap! Nice design, color white, functional keyboard, impeccable Fast delivery!
  • Okay consistent with the description, and perfectly functioning in the wireless phone I have. Would recommend  

    Varta AAA Rechargeable Batteries x 2 1000 mAh (Health and Beauty)
    Okay consistent with the description, and perfectly functioning in the wireless phone I have. A perfect recommend
  • Wireless phone 2  

    Gigaset C300 Duo Cordless DECT phone with additional handset Black (Electronics)
    Still waiting up before giving an assessment because first impressions are often misleading. For wireless phone I am really satisfied at last. After several models who have not passed one year of use, I find it quite correct. The base is connected to
  • Gigaset Duo Cordless phone  

    Gigaset C300A Duo DECT cordless telephone with voice mail, incl. 1 additional handset (Electronics)
    Gigaset Duo Cordless phone and additional handset works very well, and the operation is playing Erich easily erklärt.Würde the phone recommend, from me, there are four stars.
  • Gigaset A400 cordless phone  

    Gigaset A400 DECT cordless telephone with voicemail, black (Electronics)
    Compared to my cordless phones from Panasonic, the Gigaset A400 cordless phone by the operator here is rather poor. Only the intelligibility when telephoning is just sufficient. Frankly, I am very disappointed with the Gigaset A400, also the user man
  • HDMI display for perfect wireless phone or tablet  

    Netgear PTV3000 Miracast case HDMI multimedia Wi-Fi compatible with all Android phones and computer incorporating Miracast (PTV3000-100PES) (Accessory)
    If you need a wireless display for displaying the screen of your tablet or phone with Android 4 or newer (and more generally any compatible device Miracast) on your TV or monitor with an HDMI input, this adapter is for you. The 1080p display is perfe
  • Useful wireless phone  

    Gigaset C430 A cordless phone (4.6 cm (1.8 inch) TFT color display, speakerphone, voice mail) (Electronics)
    A lightweight, small, but not too small radiotelephone, there is still a University degree (79) in the household. + Clear, logical, flat menu structure + That is why established in no time + Good voice quality + Coverage of the test found to be good
  • quality wireless phone with better battery life than its competitors  

    Gigaset C620 A DUO Cordless Phones Answering Screen Black (Electronics)
    high quality operation simplicity manual complete and legible paper (not downloaded from the internet) remarkable autonomy thanks to the 2 AA batteries 1.200mA: autonomy over a week on standby and 3-4 hours before recharging communications, is widely
  • Siemens Gigaset - Gigaset SL400H (Super Phone)  

    SL400H Gigaset Cordless Phone Handset Bluetooth ECO DECT Black (Electronics)
    I recommend this product. Very easy to update, and synchronize with OUTLOOK with mobile phone via Bluetooth. Very nice quality and very practical.

    Philips CD4801B / FR Cordless Solo Large screen and menu with icons Black (Electronics)
    Very good phone. Practical, simple but with all the necessary technology. Excellent ability to remember names. The sound is perfect. Better a phone that knows well call a gadget which incidentally makes calls.
  • Gigaset A540 TRIO trio = Very good  

    Gigaset A540 TRIO Phones Wireless Display (Electronics)
    Base and main phone box installed after Numéricâble in the lounge and the other phones in room and office. Everything works fine.
  • Gigaset E310H cordless phone  

    Gigaset E310H DECT big button cordless telephone, additional handset, anthracite (Electronics)
    Have recently purchased two cordless telephones, as my old MICRO 3000 have given up the ghost. My choice was the Gigaset E310H. It has the same usage characteristics as my old equipment and now even a speakerphone. Moreover, now standard commercial b
  • Gigaset E630, more phone needs no!  

    Gigaset E630 DECT cordless phone, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof (IP65), black (Electronics)
    We got off the phone now since 12/2013 and are very satisfied. The reasons to buy this phone have included + Long range + Good speech intelligibility + Comfortable adjust the volume during a call + Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof especially to I
  • Cell Phone Reviews  

    Samsung S3100 snow-white phone (electronic)
    Have recently the mobile phone Samsung S3100 snow-white, and am happy with it. Battery lasts long and is loaded quickly. The menu is relatively simple. The only thing I did not find so fast were the ringtones for calls. My claims have not been so hig
  • Gigaset A420 DUO Phones  

    Gigaset A420 Duo Cordless Phones Black Screen 1.8 "(Electronics)
    Received on time. Only problem for these devices, the first-time user of batteries that take some time, since it must fully discharge the order and time they last is not précisée.Vous Count 3 or 4 days if you follow the directions Job .....! Otherwis
  • pleasant as a wireless phone  

    Photodect Geemarc Cordless Phone White with memories photographs (French version) (Electronics)
    what is interesting is the option of a custom ringtone who is calling us, lol. At least we know far, who knows.
  • Buy Wireless Phone  

    AS405A Gigaset DECT Cordless Telephone Trio / GAP Handsfree with Answering White (Electronics)
    Very good product easy to implement, elegant white, ergonomics different functions easy to understand. I recommend it. Raymond
  • Wireless Phone duo  

    Philips CD2802W / FR Phone Wireless Duo 1 additional handset Pearl White (Accessory)
    Beautiful product of a grip and a very easy use. If I had to nitpick, I would say that it lacks a LED indicator for missed calls. The sound is clear. The repertoire has a good memory. The keys are large enough and pleasant. And besides, the whole wor
  • Wireless phone battery.  

    Battery 2.4V / 550mAh Ni-MH for Siemens Gigaset A120 / A140 / A145 / A160 / A240 / A245 / A260 / A265 / AL145 / AS150 (Electronics)
    I have absolutely nothing to say that is disparaging about the transaction. On the contrary, even, I would say that everything went well.