gigaset USB cable


  • Gigaset USB cable SL400 / SL78H / SL910H / S810H / S79H  

    Gigaset USB cable SL400 / SL78H / SL910H / S810H / S79H (Electronics)
    Use to synchronize the data cable for my Gigaset SL910 Gigaset QuickSync over to my call pictures, ring tones. The data cable is also needed to update the firmware. (Current status Handset V.88), was at my freshly delivered Gigaset unnecessary (16/10
  • Very solid processed USB cable which is suitable for charging but also for data transmission  

    Ugreen High-grade USB 2.0 Micro USB charge / sync cable with aluminum case for Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2, HTC, Motorola, LG, PS4, Xbox etc (10ft / 3m, Black) (Electronics)
    After it does not consider the company Sony necessary to put the Xperia Z2 Tablet adequate charging cable with only an approximately 60 cm long poorly crafted USB cable has put in, which is not only far too short to use at the table while invites but
  • Schicker, valent and practical hub with very short USB cable  

    1byone® USB 3.0 7-Port Hub Aluminium (Best Sellers !!!), with power supply socket and LED, Freedrive & support USB 3.0. Super fast data transfer up to 5Gbps, 24 months warranty (electronics)
    The USB hub is very well made and has a stable and high quality, with its metal enclosure. Also with regard to the performance, there is nothing to complain about: the USB hub is very reliable and ensures that you always have enough USB slots and the
  • Cheap Mini USB cable in very good quality!  

    USB 2.0 mini cable, USB-A plug Mini-USB-B plug, 1.0m (Electronics)
    I recently bought the Mini USB cable on Amazon Marketplace (1.40 incl. Shipping in adaptare) and must say I am very happy with it. The delivery arrived on time on consignment in cushioned letter, the cable was again wrapped in a plastic bag. The proc
  • Best Micro-USB cable to date  

    BUYSICS Set: 2 Micro USB 2.0 cable (24 AWG, 1 meter) for smartphones and tablets (Accessories)
    I bought because my previous Micro USB cables are worn out rather quickly and have stopped working with my very picky Nexus Tablet 9, and have loaded it only slowly tough this cable. This cable works already several months in daily use with devices,
  • The non fumbles with the USB cable - useful and performant.  

    WiFi File Explorer PRO (App)
    For those who do not want to fumble with the USB cable. App to copy (upload / download) via WiFi. The app recognized my wireless / Kindle at once and displays all Kindle Fire Folders to. The app is stable, has a good GUI and rich functionality. All f
  • Sensible purchase for debugging USB cables and charging behavior of USB devices.  

    DROK® USB Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter Universal 3.2-10V 3A voltmeter power meter power meter power meter power Voltage testers Electronics Digital Ampere Power Voltage Detector Digital Dual Charger 2.0 LED Display Power Monitor Meter (Universal, Red + Blue) (Electronics)
    The display is very readable, by two different colored ads it also acts quality. The measurement is very reliable and above all highly interesting. Thus can be easily sort out USB cable, which have a high internal resistance, which leads to a reduced
  • Very solid processed USB cable which is both for charging but also for data transmission is 1  

    Ugreen Micro USB Cable Data Cable Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 I9500, Nokia Lumia, HTC Blackberry, Tablet PC, and Most Android Tablets, Android phones, and Windows phones (1.5m / 5ft, White) (Electronics)
    Has after it does not consider the company Sony necessary, the Xperia Z2 Tablet in white an adequate charging cable in place to only a approximately 60 cm long USB cable set in black for which not not only color matches the white tab but also much to
  • Myth of the USB cable and the long load times  

    AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Cable A Male to Micro-B plug (1.8 meters) (Personal Computers)
    Since my data link charging cable from Samsung after a short time had a loose connection I needed a new one. The new cable should be longer. In my research I have come among others, on the idea that not every USB cable would be appropriate because th
  • Klein + Good + long USB cable  

    Belkin Mobile Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 7-Port Hub black (Accessories)
    Today I the 7-Port USB Hub and get am (until now, after 3-4 hours use) well satisfied. Pro: + Long USB cable 2m + Small, flat and dumb (= no Pfiepen or similar) + Is not even lukewarm Neutral: o PSU cables shorter than USB cable (but okay) Cons: - Th
  • USB cable 1  

    LogiLink USB 3.0 cable, Type A / B Micro, 1 m (accessories)
    Dear Sirs, because I ordered this product on Amazon, (No product description in the hard drive Toshiba USB cable) was there, I ordered this. After returning to Amazon, came back, because I have this geschikt false. A detailed product description woul
  • There is a USB cable  

    5m (meters) USB 2.0 Repeater / extension cable (Extension Cable) with active signal amplification - signal amplifier / repeater | expandable | gold plated contacts | (Electronics)
    If you need a description for a USB cable that is 5 meters long and has a repeater, you're absolutely right in my comment: Cable is 5m long. Has a repeater. Works together with other USB cable. Keyboard, mouse, USB HUB and game controllers tested. (W
  • Actually, it should not be so hard to find a "decent" Micro USB cable ...  

    Samsung CB5MU05E microUSB cable (5-pin, 0.5m) for NX200 / WB750 / MV800 / ST93 / 96 (Accessories)
    It took me really disproportionately long a USB to Micro USB Cable to find. I chose this cable from Samsung (although I do not otherwise possess Samsung devices) and I'm happy with it. I have a short (0.5m) Cable sought a robust processing and attrac
  • USB cable completely useless  

    Bundle Star Battery Charger 4 in 1 incl Charger for Canon LP-E12 for Canon EOS M and Canon EOS 100D + 2x Patona Replacement Battery for Canon LP-E12 -. With a car adapter, power flat connector, USB and - NOVELTY with Micro USB port ! (Electronics)
    The charger works perfectly with both car charger and with power cord (2 hrs charging time when the battery is flat, barely warming.); what the supplied USB cable should probably know only the gods. It is a USB Type-A to USB mini-B cable is not conne
  • USB cable will do the trick  

    USB 3.0 Docking Station for all 2.5 "and 3.5" SATA hard disks and SSD's - HDD Auto Detection - incl. Eject button - Backwards compatible - Black (Electronics)
    This dock will only work correctly if you use the supplied USB cable. At first I had used another cable, which meant that boards were not addressed properly. The correct cable has more connectors. Thus the Dock works fine.
  • Attention! USB cable to install on the computer is missing!  

    HP Officejet 6500 multifunction device with fax (Personal Computers)
    Actually, I find the HP OfficeJet 6500 super for my purposes. Unfortunately, I had no idea that the provided cable is intended only for the fax function. Coincidentally it also fit into a port of my router so I tried for hours over and over again to
  • amazon usb cable, 3 meter  

    AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Extension Cable A Male to A-Female (3 meters) (Personal Computers)
    this cable is just very good. I use it as an extension to a DVB-T stick for the purpose of receiving quality DVB-T antenna. are mostly as 3 meter USB cable leeway to try out the computer the best reception place necessary. Products for other USB, the
  • First with USB cable Install the software, then the W-Lan is available quickly!  

    Brother HL-L2340DW Monochrome Laser Printer (2400 x 600 dpi, Wireless, USB 2.0) Black (Accessories)
    Have the Brother HLL2340DW only a few days in use, but am quite excited. Quick, douplex function and a large paper tray. That's great! When you set up Wi-Fi should connect only with the USB cable, otherwise it gets to the puzzle. The cable to after i
  • Very good case for Samsung Slim Portable Drive + USB cable  

    Case Logic Portable Hard Drive Case QHDC101K 6.3 cm (2.5-inch) External Hard Drives Black (Personal Computers)
    I use the case for my Samsung Slim Portable Drive and the associated USB cable. The case is not processed completely rigid, but are under pressure with the fingers quite a bit after. But it's already stable and the protection afforded appears appropr
  • unfortunately without usb cable :(  

    Sony PS3 Wireless Controller Black (Accessories)
    I ordered the Controller although only a few hours, but admit now from my review, I behind me a ps3 with associated controller are hab.also the controller you need, believe me, nothing is super processed; big plus : it is very easy, for exam