(God Travels Always Incognito)


  • From now on my travels always with you :)  

    Philips BHD001 / 00 Essential Care Travel hairdryer, black (Personal Care)
    The Philips BHD001 / 00 Essential Care Travel Hair Dryer is super. It is lightweight, small and very compact, so it fits into the super travel bag / backpack. The hair dryer makes an output of 1200 watts for a relatively fast drying process. It has 2
  • When traveling, always there  

    Pole bag for 1 pair of Nordic Walking poles from ON | TRACK (Misc.)
    The bag is super convenient when traveling. Highly recommended. The sticks are out of the way, and easy to transport. Excellent.
  • God is always there, where we do not look for him.  

    How Will You Measure Your Life? (Hardback Edition)
    "How will you measure your life?" The title of this book, first published in 2012 by Clayton M. Christensen had me some time so busy that I first studied eV the relevant standards of the German Institute for Standardization. DIN 1319-1 gave me s
  • The PRS 600 traveling? Better not!  

    Sony Reader PRS 600 Touch Edition Black (Electronics)
    What will you have such a device? As someone who likes to read, you have especially on holiday and when traveling always the problem that books not only take up much space, but also mean a lot of weight. Here especially, so I thought, an electronic r
  • Nullissime  

    The philosopher who was not wise (Paperback)
    His first two novels "The man who wanted to be happy" and "Gods traveling incognito" were SUPER, Unfortunately, this third book is crap and not worth wasting time or losing money or much less take up space in the library. I hope the ne
  • Express yourself  

    Sound & Color (Audio CD)
    So you've done it again: The Alabama Shakes are a band for which sound attributes were as organic and analog invented here humming the tubes, smacking the relay, feedback, distortion and noise are welcome sound components that are elsewhere weggebüge
  • Report Packages  

    Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 (17.8 cm (7-inch) touch screen, 16GB memory, Android 2.2, WiFi, 3G, video telephony) white (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Looking for an electronic travel companion I decided after a lot of thinking for the Galaxy Tab. I had in January and February a multi-week Asia trip in front of me and did not want to take my laptop (too large). On the other hand I wanted to buy not
  • Useful accessories 6  

    EasyAcc - black sleeve, bag, bag, Hard Case for external EasyAcc Battery (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I have the great battery of EasyAc. So far I had him. When traveling always in a sealable plastic bag This case is of course much more practical and better protection. I have found no quality problems at the processing of the case. The material feels
  • Battery Charger 4 in 1  

    . Bundle Star Battery Charger 4 in 1 incl charger + Patona quality battery for Canon BP-828 (real 2670mAh!) Pairing - Canon XA20 XA25 LEGRIA HF G30 G25 G20 G10 M30 M31 M32 M40 M41 M300 M301 M400 S10 S11 S1400 and many more. ... - NEW with Micro USB port (Electronics)
    Charger is designed for external recharging of my Canon Legria camcorder battery. Included with the camcorder only a charger for charging the battery is in the camcorder available. It is not to charge a second battery externally the Möglichleit. For
  • Convinced me 4  

    Vanguard Sedona 51 backpack for SLR cameras black (equipment)
    I have long sought such a backpack were my requirements: - Access for the camera on the inner side, so that the outside you put in dirty surroundings in the dirt - A lot of space and facilities for tripods, light stands, light shapers etc. - As varia
  • Unsatisfied! 11  

    Manfrotto MKC3-H01 Compact Photo-Video Kit (tripod + hybrid head) black (VHS pin is not included) (Camera)
    I owned a number of stands and have to say it is the worst of my 4 tripod stands, although it is one of the most expensive real. While it has a firm footing, but no matter how firmly I fastened my bridge camera, SLR or video camera on the hybrid phot
  • Hardness test passed 3  

    Cullmann Berlin Compact RS 350 DSC-bag with rain cover black (Accessories)
    The Cullmann Verlin RS 350 Compact DSC-bag is used by me for safe keeping my beloved Sony RX100. Since the bag offers a lot more space than the camera needs, I can grab while traveling always beautiful yet diverse, little important things such as roo
  • Fairly Good hair straighteners, but still with room for improvement  

    Remington S9600 straightener Silk double layer ceramic coating (Personal Care)
    The Remington straighteners it had with me not easy, because for years I used to home a GHD straighteners and am very happy with this (before that I had some favorable straighteners - either short-lived or not satisfactory results). Here is my experi
  • The adventure, true, and style!  

    Square Fortune (Paperback)
    Fortune square / Joseph Kessel Fifty years later I read with passion this wonderful Drafting exotic novel published in 1932, one of the most successful of Joseph Kessel with "Les Cavaliers". Recall that Kessel was a great traveler, always on the
  • Na endich  

    Holiday Pirates (App)
    to search for vacation pirates and mydealz I found at least Urlaubsoiraten the AppStore. unfortunately made me the previous reviews suspicious, but I was taught! The app works great, liquid at least on my fire phone and invites all content. so I can
  • Four wins with a difference !!!  

    Gigamic, Quarto Mini (Toy)
    Quarto is simple but nonetheless a Sap! The game consists of a 4x4 fields large game board and 16 different game pieces. Every stone has several characteristics (light / dark; big / small, round / square, hole / no hole) The aim of the game is four i
  • Simply superb !!! 4 1  

    Life lessons: Understanding the meaning of our desires, our fears and our hopes (Paperback)
    While I do not expect this kind of reading, since I thought read testimonials of NDE (not enough I was informed :-)) but I am amazed and so happy to be fallen by chance ... (God who walks incognito) on this book that gave me a shot of hope, motivatio
  • A jewel 40  

    The Gospel According to Jesus Christ (Paperback)
    José Saramago, Nobel Prize winner wrote a remarkable novel about in its own way, the life of Jesus. The style first: the sentences are very long, punctuation is limited to commas and no separation between the dialogues or indication of who is speakin
  • The white and black Blue Champion  

    Riding With The King (Audio CD)
    That sounds not bad, if you read on the cover, Eric Clapton and BB King, two masters of blues and blues guitar, have recorded an album together. Then if you're often disappointed by the work of several stars on an album, so I can only say, this colla
  • Fantastic solo work of film composers  

    Mythodea-Music for the NASA Mission: 2001 Mars (Audio CD)
    "Mythodea" in my opinion is the best and most elaborate solo work outside VANGELIS` many good soundtracks. Together with symphony orchestra, large choir, professional vocal performances of singers Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman, "Mythode