gorenje washing machine amazon reviews


  • Review Washing Machine AEG L72475FL loading and delivery service  

    AEG Washer L72475FL front loader / A +++ / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / White (Misc.)
    This washing machine for 7 kg of laundry (dry) has all the desirable settings for various types laundry and wash programs. The delivery service is excellent. The delivery date and time have been previously agreed by phone. Both me personally already
  • Very happy with Amazon Services and Siemens washing machine  

    Siemens washing machine front loader WM14E32A / A +++ B / 1400 rpm / 6 kg / White / Super-15 program / wool-hand wash program (Misc.)
    I can only confirm all the positive comments on this unit. Even the order at Amazon and a product-related demand on my part went smoothly. The callback service works well. This means I think is exemplary. No annoying waiting on the phone at ceaseless
  • Gorenje WA 50129S - a super washing machine  

    Gorenje washing machine front loader WA50129S / A + / 5 kg / Eco 15 ° C / 17 'Quick / 15 programs (Misc.)
    The washing machine was delivered quickly and was as described. After the first few washes I am very satisfied with the Gorenje. On the one hand, the laundry is clean and dry enough. Furthermore, the volume in the washing mode is very low, although s
  • Result good, but nothing for the washing machine  

    Simplicol 1511 textile-true color, liquid, black, 250 ml + 400 g Echtfix (Personal Care)
    I have three discounted pajamas purchased along with a promotional code for Amazon favorable cotton with white-blue striped top. The stripe pattern I found something high contrast / strenuous therefore heck, times 5 invested in this black color 4.5 s
  • My favorite brand washing machines  

    Gorenje WA 7900 washing machine FL / A +++ / 166 kWh / year / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / 9586 liters / year / weight control sensor / Quick 17 / white (Misc.)
    After just over one month: The washing machine is very stable even at 1400 revolutions - without special underlay. The delivery was an Aquastop hose with 1.5 meters. The programs are extensively available. You can modify it quickly. I use the washing
  • That to me is a good washing machine  

    Bosch washing machine front loader WAS28443 Logixx 8 / A +++ / 1400 rpm / 8 kg / white / VarioPerfect (Misc.)
    Nine years ago I bought a machine at the company source with which you could wash and dry, max. 5kg to 2.5kg washing and drying. We, my wife and I, at that time had an apartment in which no space for the dryer was, you could not ask each other well.
  • Bosch washing machine WAE28347  

    Bosch washing machine WAE28347 FL / A +++ / 152 kWh / year / 1400 rpm / 6 kg / 10372 L / year / Aqua Saving System / white (Misc.)
    After our Bauknecht washing machine broke down after only 6 years, we definitely wanted to have no more Bauknecht, because one negative even with the current models reads (bearing damage, etc.) The order processing via Amazon was perfect. We ordered
  • Great washing machine with integrated dryer function  

    AEG LAVAMAT TURBO L75670WD washer dryer / AA / 1600 rpm / Washing: 7 kg / drying: (Misc.) 4 kg / white / Silence Motor / Aqua Control System
    We already had the previous model of this washer-dryer (AEG LAVAMAT TURBO L16850A3 washer dryer / A / 4.76 kWh / 7 kg / 1600rpm / white [Energy Class A]). Unfortunately, we did not take very long at the predecessor our joy because we after a short ti
  • Can you fall in love with a washing machine? Oh yes, that is ...  

    Bosch washing machine WAW28500 FL / A +++ / 152 kWh / year / 1400 rpm / 9 kg / 11200 L / year / Activ Water Plus / white (Misc.)
    Previously I had a washing machine from Siemens, with whom I was very pleased. Therefore, at first I was thinking on whether a change is worthwhile at all, but in the 8 or 9 years, I've used the old machine, there were some further developments. My o
  • Family-friendly washing machine at a fair price  

    Beko WMB 71643 PTE front load washer / A +++ A / 0749 kWh / 1600 rpm / 7 kg / 41 L / Pet Hair Removal / Watersafe / white (Misc.)
    At first I was a bit skeptical because Beko is the sales division of a major manufacturer in Turkey and we have so far is not so well known. The more the equipment delivered me convinced - especially at the price compared to traditional competitors.
  • Good washing machine at a good price  

    Bosch washing machine WAE283ECO FL / A +++ / 165 kWh / year / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / 10686 liters / year / ActiveWater saves water and costs thanks to sensor-controlled, multi-stage automatic load / white (Misc.)
    Super machine. Did the washing machine bought here on Amazon and am completely satisfied. Order desired date delivery and construction went smoothly. The washing machine washes clean and do this to shake quietly and without large. I would buy the mac
  • Askoll pump Gorenje washer  

    Askoll pump - replaced former model of Plaset / drain pump / pump - screwed
    Do these pumps purchased for our washing machine Gorenje. According to Internet research and retailers, this pump will replace the predecessor of Plaset because it is simply a corporate takeover and thus a product name nines. We can fully confirm the
  • Excellent washing machine at an affordable price  

    AEG LAVAMAT L5.5FL washing machine front loader / A +++ -10% B / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / Start time delay / spot option (Misc.)
    I have written this review because of two judgments which are not of this machine absolutely fair and erected partly proven allegations in accordance with the untruth. So writes Zh. Kassynova in his review of the 14.01.2015 for example, quote: I was
  • A really good washing machine!  

    LG F14B8TDA front load washer (A +++, 1400 rpm, 8 kg Start time delay, sports program) white (Misc.)
    We are a 5 person household and therefore our machine will be quite busy. Average wash 2x per day is very common with us. How to reach the "normal" life of a washing machine (Stiftung Warentest expects 1840 washes for 10 years) but much faster (
  • Great washing machine at a great price!  

    Siemens washing machine front loader iQ300 WM14E425 / A +++ / 7 kg / white / VarioPerfect / EcoPlus (Misc.)
    The washing machine was delivered on time, but during delivery, there was disagreement. Allegedly missing a connecting part and for this reason, the deliverer refused the machine, as ordered and demanded to connect. This was then later, after a compl
  • Washing machine with small defects and errors.  

    Siemens IQ800 WM14Y54D washing machine front loader / A +++ / 1400 rpm / 8 kg / white / reload / varioPerfect / ecoPlus (Misc.)
    When I had the machine ordered in early December, were still no reviews for this find. Only on another website we found two, has been described in which the machine had started jumping around after two weeks. Although you could choose the delivery fr
  • Washing machine very good, delivery great need of improvement  

    Siemens IQ800 WM14Y54D washing machine front loader / A +++ / 1400 rpm / 8 kg / white / reload / varioPerfect / ecoPlus (Misc.)
    The evaluation consists of two aspects. For the washing machine, there are 5 star. For the delivery and assembly service, there is only one star. For washing: It does what it should: Wash Neat and hurl. With the delivery to be made but we were very d
  • Just a washing machine? -Denkste!  

    Samsung WF70F5E5P4W / EC washing machine front loader / A +++ / 122 kWh / year / 9400 liters / year / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / Crystal Door White (Misc.)
    Video at Amazon.com: yes, it is "merely" a washing machine that has it all! To name the most important features first: Scrubbing agent is previously foamed with air to produce cleansing bubbles -New motor which is powered by magnets Should be pu
  • Laundry is done! For the washing machine and countless other applications ...  

    HomeMatic 130248 adapter plug switch actuator with power measurement (accessory)
    This simple and visually unobtrusive adapter plug in my opinion with the brilliant development of the HomeMatic range. The integrated power measurement of the connected load arising almost endless opportunities to exploit the potential of this device
  • Eco washing machine with easy handling. Perfect for small budgets  

    Bauknecht WA PLUS 622 Slim washing machine front loader / A +++ B / 1200 rpm / 6 kg / White / Clean + / Small Display (Misc.)
    We have brought us this machine due to their low water and electricity consumption and after 5 months still completely satisfied with this machine. The washing machine is by its smaller external dimensions really narrow, so watch also in smaller area