grundig gsb 800 review


  • Grundig GSB 800 Soundbar with Bluetooth ... Grundig International  

    Grundig GSB 800 Soundbar with Bluetooth (Electronics)
    The Soundbar working properly, also has a beautiful sound, so I'm satisfied. I have connected the whole using the supplied cable. Not satisfied, I'm not with the remote control that goes !! Since I'm still waiting on the delivery of a new cell. If th
  • 4.3 stars, very good sound, especially for the price!  

    Grundig GSB 500 Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    ... So then, GSB 500 compared to Jabra SOLEMATE and Denon Cocoon Home (indirectly also portable) GSB 500 assessment ++ Very good price / performance ratio ++ Apt-x integrated + Good workmanship + Battery installed, sound even with battery as with pow
  • Not a Loewe speaker 2go, but close to it! A little history ...  

    Grundig GSB 500 Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    Like so many other reviewers, I have heard already by dozens Bluetooth Speaker to find a speaker who is my demands. I realize that there will never be that speaker likely unless I correct my asking prices significantly upwards. ;-) For me there is cu
  • Mini Speakers comparison  

    RAIKKO BASS DISC Bluetooth Speaker - waterproof, dustproof, robust speakerphone for conference calls including microphone & MicroSD Slot MP3 Player Black, for smartphones, MP3 players etc. DANCE (electronics).
    When I was in February 2015 in accordance with a transportable speaker for my phone, I realized that the search took much longer to complete than intended. To help other people with the same problem, thus saving them time, I decided to submit the fol
  • Quite well but compared to the Bose SoundLink mini short of expectations  

    Grundig GSB 500 Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    The Grundig GSB 500 makes a good impression outwardly. Processing is completely free of errors. The design is a matter of taste. Although me this "Metro" look pretty good like, fall into this category but also weaknesses: The two status LED
  • Not bad for the size  

    Grundig GSB 120 Bluetooth Speaker Black / Orange (Personal Computers)
    Property me the Grundig GSB 120 now can listen with some dealers suburb. Sonically convinced me of the speakers actually already. The heights are compared to the Bose SoundLink Mini lot better, so does not sound so dull. The bass the size accordingly
  • Outstanding! 3 2  

    Grundig GSB 500 Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    I am a HiFi enthusiast for many years but with wireless speakers I work only a short time. Due to lack of space since the move but also lack of time for long listening sessions (family, job) I decided my stereo dismantle. Wanted I have a compact All-
  • Super sound, battery scrap  

    Denon DSB100WTEM Envaya Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker (NFC, AUX input, microphone for hands-free calling, battery) White (Electronics)
    I ordered these speakers somewhere for 80 Euro. Arrived on. Super sound for the size, there's nothing to complain about! Like the other customers have also found the sound is a stunner. But, the battery is a disaster. Without Power Bank I can not ima
  • Detailed and voluminous sound  

    Grundig GSB 500 Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    For about three days, the Bluetooth speaker is now in our own endurance test while he was previously only heard in a media market to the sample. My conclusion after the first viewing, and start-up was accompanied by my previous experience in the medi
  • Bombastic sound with a high fun factor u. Despite missing APT-X  

    Harman Kardon Go + Play Portable high-end wireless Bluetooth speaker system with EU and UK plug - Black (Electronics)
    I was able to buy a good piece at the Blitz offers to EUR 210.00 u. Each EUR is applied here makes sense. Because the engineers have given a lot of effort to get the maximum out of here. I admit that he is a little bassy, ​​but with the help of the t
  • Successful box!  

    Akai AWS10BK 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    I have tested several boxes and am now stuck with the Akai. It is identical to the Grundig GSB 500 (other than an EQ, Bass has less but this is offset by the EQ on phone!) Supersound long battery and cheap!
  • Very well made. Vented reliably.  

    Aktobis dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers WDH-520HB (up to 25 L / T) (Misc.)
    I had taken the Duracraft with almost 800 reviews eye next to this and regret my choice in any way. First of all the negatives: It's too loud to make him into the bedroom. It would also prevail quite cool breeze. For positive: He dehumidified and doe
  • Review Grundig VCC 4950  

    Grundig VCC 4950 vacuum cleaner (household goods)
    Were actually looking for a bagless Staubsauger.Haben us but then changed her mind, because in almost all ratings is at versch.Modellen and companies that cleaning is complicated and dusty. So yet again a bag with. Has a super suction power, but do n
  • My Review shredder Grundig  

    Grundig CH 6280 W compact Multi- crusher (household goods)
    because our old shredder had given up the ghost after 30 years, I ordered a new Zerkleiner Amazon. The delivery took place immediately. with the device we are very pleased, and would every household empfehlen.Da it also saves space.
  • Grundig Blue Beat GSB 120  

    Grundig GSB 120 Bluetooth Speaker Black / Orange (Personal Computers)
    Hello, have this "miracle part" a few days in use and can only say good things ... For its size / power almost madness ... it's just fun ... have tested it on multiple devices and connections ... where he achieved the best result with cable (Blu
  • Grundig speakers GSB 500  

    Grundig GSB 500 Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    I have just listened to the speakers at the media market. He has a very beautiful sound. Only the price on Amazon is much too high. The speaker now costs at Media Markt 79.00 EUR. Since I do not pay it at Amazon is more likely.
  • Review water sandpaper 800 - 3000  

    1 Set water sandpaper 6 sheet - The sheet 1 800 1000 1200 1500 2000 3000 wet sandpaper fine
    The sandpaper is very well suited to opals to administer the finishing touches including polish in its gradation. The Opal shines and keeps its color after processing with the 3000 paper as well as the Opal previously underwater. Another polish has d
  • Grundig 40 VLE 7461 BL A good television, at a fair price.  

    Grundig 40 VLE 7461 BL 100 cm (40 inch) TV (Full HD, triple tuners, 3D) (Electronics)
    Because they do not exist on this model many reviews, I would like to make 40 VLE 7461 BL also my opinion for Grundig. We bought ours after personal inspection in one of the usual electric markets. However, we do not have it here at Amazon (I'm sorry
  • My review incl. Compared to the Canon EOS 70D and why I have not taken A6000 or A7  

    Sony Alpha 77 ILCA II Digital SLR Camera (24.3 megapixels Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD, XGA, 79-phase AF points, 12 frames / sec, Full HD, WiFi / NFC, HDMI) with OLED viewfinder and autofocus (Electronics)
    SLT principle: Before it comes to concrete experience, advantages and disadvantages, briefly something for SLT-principle: Unlike conventional DSLR cameras (SLRs) is at the A77 II (and the other Sony SLTs) fixed the mirror, but is essentially transpar
  • a great camera and so few reviews  

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7EG-K compact camera (10 megapixel, 3.8-fold opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) screen, 24mm wide angle, manual focus, full HD video) (Electronics)
    I have long been waiting for the LX7. After the first technical data came out, I was just thrilled. Exactly what I wanted. Now I have forced myself to wait a little until the first experience is available. And then .... because suddenly an RX100. Cam