hailo tall ironing board


  • Super ironing board! Optimal for tall people  

    Vileda Viva Express Eco 02114 green ironing board (household goods)
    Bought the ironing board for my wife :) (ironing gives me - man - not fun) Is a Super ironing board, my wife is about 1,80m. One can put the ironing board is very high and is still very stable. The attached electrical outlet is convenient, serves bas
  • Stable ironing board, the only thing missing is the metal tray.  

    Leifheit 76080 ironing board AirActive M White (Kitchen)
    Leifheit I knew so far in the field of cleaning. There are my products, regardless of whether there were buckets or wiper, always noticed by a rock solid quality. The wiper I have probably ten years in use, still ready for use, as the first day. ADDI
  • Perhaps one of the best ironing boards available today, but ...  

    NEW! MABI Bügelcenter DESIGN ALU 2000 - expanded metal ironing table - Kettler aluminum ironing cloth - Multi rack with iron rest - High-quality aluminum frame - lightweight - Portable - United - Solid! (Household goods)
    My old board has clearly over 40 years under his belt and is still well together. It was part of my girlfriend only the urgent desire for a larger ironing surface on ... So here's the positive and the negative aspects of MAWI-ironing board. Positives
  • Stable ironing board  

    Brabantia ironing board 345 647 135 x 45 cm Built-parking zone, frame Mettalic Gray (household goods)
    First of all: The ironing board has a comparison with the Hailo Swingline withstand, we have bequeathed to our daughter and no longer exist unfortunately. First, my wife and I a Leifheit ironing board type AirBoard Deluxe XL Plus VDE (72568) had orde
  • Ironing Board Leifheit  

    Leifheit 72506 Leifheit ironing board Contour L Plus (household goods)
    The board can be well adjusted in height, but is of the stability ago somewhat shakier than our last (Hailo) - but with more stability ironing boards are also some expensive !! Who slightly stronger presses the iron front of the board must be expecte
  • Super Easy; Compared with the Siemens Active ironing board  

    Leifheit 76080 ironing board AirActive M White (Kitchen)
    As well as already remarked elsewhere already here, is in this AirActive-ironing table by Leifheit a part-identical design of the Siemens-active ironing table, many alternative Interested in the. The identical construction refers mainly to the extrac
  • Ironing board 76080 AirAktive M Leifheit  

    Leifheit 76080 ironing board AirActive M White (Kitchen)
    I'm super happy with the new ironing board. 1. it is easier 2. it can be set higher, therefore back friendly 3. He has a lot of extras has not a normal board. In the suction function the laundry does not move with the iron, it is smooth. And the stea
  • Conveniently but not suitable for all ironing boards  

    LEIFHEIT reference BT Univer. 140x45 cm + cord clamping clip, 1 piece, sorted (household goods)
    I have a rather large board, which is not well by Leifheit, because I had seemed worn open up the reference, although the previous reference by Leifheit was. With a little patience and perseverance it has but then work underneath and get beautifully
  • Leifheit Ironing board  

    Leifheit 72506 Leifheit ironing board Contour L Plus (household goods)
    My wife is very happy with the ironing board: easy to handle, the wide ironing surface, the cable guide and the parking area for the B-iron, everything Optimal. Many Thanks.
  • Very good ironing board.  

    Philips GC240 / 05 Easy8 Ironing Board (Kitchen)
    I ordered the ironing board along the steam plant, and I must say it is a very good acquisition. It is perfect length, width small fins for shirts. The setting really I am very satisfied with this purchase.
  • ironing board  

    Philips GC240 / 05 Easy8 Ironing Board (Kitchen)
    Impeccable product - time delivery --- proper packaging. A good product, quite what I expected from an ironing board, large width and thus less handling, height adjustable (my back thanks me!) Sure, the price is not cheap but when the quality is ther
  • ironing board cover  

    266249 Brabantia Ironing Board Cover 124 x 45 cm + 8 mm foam - Random Model (Kitchen)
    I have bought this bag for an ironing board which is not of brabandia brand I find very thick but the last could pucker along which allowed better fix this one does that puckers at the back
  • Ironing Board 2  

    Casdon - Set Toys Day Laundry - Drying Rack + Ironing Board + Iron (Import UKI) (Toy)
    this toy is too small for the age of the child; KD ca and iron but will still ironing board, non
  • Ideal to renovate ironing board  

    Astoria RT053AK ironing Accessory Pouch (Home)
    I have an ironing board for over fifteen years, the case will be the third. For if the table structure Astoria is indestructible, the cover comes to dirty and sometimes be a bit burnt. The small price offered by Amazon for this original cover, allows
  • Ironing Board 4  

    Domena TA 600 Table Iron Active Hoods Blower / Heated Transport wheel (Kitchen)
    Ironing Board blowervac pedalles with the foot control works very well also take good product protections
  • Ironing board cover brabantia  

    Cover Brabantia 169403 ironing Cotton and Foam 2mm Ecru (Miscellaneous)
    Cover Ironing perfectly adjusted to my ironing board Brabantia brand. Otherwise no particular quality. A change regularly every two years.
  • ironing board very convenient  

    Libellule TL 12045 A3 VPC Table Mat with Holder Hangers (Kitchen)
    Mast and integrated door-hangers very practical extension. Table rather light and pretty ironing board cover. Negative: end of the board a bit too large to put on skirts and T-shirts small when ironing.
  • Ironing board dragonfly TL 12045  

    Libellule TL 12045 A3 VPC Table Mat with Holder Hangers (Kitchen)
    For several months I use the ironing board. I will try to provide you with a balance sheet test with the advantages and disadvantages. I chose this board for its solid appearance, hoping to keep several years. The pros: -Solidité And stability, quali
  • Really over the top - best ironing board in my life !!  

    Libellule TL 12045 A3 VPC Table Mat with Holder Hangers (Kitchen)
    I usually returns (no lie !!) 1-2 times a year (this is not a typo, it's true !!). With this superb central steam and ironing board, I make the funds drawers and closets to find something board. The table takes up very little space folded, adjusts ea
  • Clip for ironing board cover  

    Leifheit 72417 grip for ironing board cover (UK Import) (Kitchen)
    Received in record time, perfectly suited to the requested use. I recommend it for good hold over ironing boards nonstandard like mine.