hama wireless hdmi opinion adapter


  • HDMI-DVI adapter cable is worth its price  

    High Quality HDMI-DVI 18 + 1 pin male gold plated connection cable 2.0m (accessory)
    Acquired from me HDMI-DVI adapter cable meets the requirements. The quality of the DVI connector goes like this. The screw is in my opinion a bit too short to be reasonable screwed into the nuts on the computer. After slightly more than one revolutio
  • Hama microSD / microSDHC USB Adapter Set  

    Hama microSD / microSDHC / microSDXC Adapter Set (USB 2.0), Black (Personal Computers)
    Hama microSD / microSDHC USB Adapter Set The micro adapter, is very small, just slightly larger than a micro USB stick, thus very convenient for Net - or notebooks! Write speed of the card coppied: 18.4 - 21:00 MB * Write speed on the map draufkopier
  • HDMI Female Adapter DVI Male  

    HDMI Adapter HDMI Adapter DVI Male / Female 581 701 (Accessory)
    HDMI Female Adapter DVI Male very good and inexpensive to connect an HDMI cable to a screen that only accept DVI
  • A Wireless LAN Network Adapter with a great performance!  

    Xbox 360 - Wireless Network Adapter (Optional)
    I have a Netgear DG834GT Router. The setting was very problematic. I had forgotten to add the adapter to the wireless stations access list. This was very problematic because the router recognized the MAC address automatically and indicated. Then it w
  • Hama microSD / microSDHC USB Adapter Set works with USB OTG  

    Hama microSD / microSDHC / microSDXC Adapter Set (USB 2.0), Black (Personal Computers)
    After several unsuccessful attempts with other USB SD card reader, I could by the Hama USB Micro SD Adapter successfully more Micro SD cards (2,8,16 and 32GB) via USB OTG on my Android Xperia Arc S mount. The other previously tried out Adapter for SD
  • deleyCON HDMI to HDMI Converter Adapter - HDMI socket to HDMI socket [plated contacts]  

    deleyCON HDMI to HDMI Converter Adapter - HDMI socket to HDMI socket [plated contacts] (Electronics)
    My purchased items of the ranges fit and I like good, you can behind the adapter using normal HDMI cable as well, each flat owner. Whether this manufacturer-specific special functions are possible, I can not say because I do not have device with such
  • Wireless Xbox360 controller adapter for Windows  

    Windows Wireless Adapter (Accessory)
    This adapter lets you use the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller PC. I have windows 7. Driver installation is very quick and painless; the handle was recognized immediately, to play on PC with the comfort of a lack of the wire. I recommend it without hesit
  • HDMI VGA Adapter perfect  

    KooPower HDMI to VGA (Black) + Audio Output Cable
    Perfect adapter with expectations. After testing the video output and audio output, I am satisfied with the result. I even used the single audio output with headphones on a computer without jack but with an HDMI output and it works perfectly. I am ve
  • good HDMI VGA adapter  

    Kanex - ATV Pro - Adapter AirPlay Mirroring VGA Projector (Electronics)
    A good HDMI to VGA adapter. It is perfect to run a TV apple on a video projector. here is!
  • Title image does not match the product HDMI-DVI adapter  

    mumbi HDMI DVI adapter - HDMI plug male (19 pin) to DVI-D connector female (24 + 1) (Electronics)
    The picture does not fit the description, unfortunately, I was not paying attention when reading, because there is 24 + 1, the image from the adapter shows however 24 + 5 Kontakte.Ärgerlich when it happened. But nevertheless the picture has nothing l
  • Micro HDMI-VGA adapter  

    Cable Matters Micro HDMI to VGA Adapter with 1 m Charging Cable Black (Electronics)
    I bought this adapter to connect my tablet Blackberry Playbook on various projector of my work. Having doubts about the final result (and as it was for work ...) I did not want to invest too much in this material so I looked to see the cheapest. This
  • HDMI / DVI adapter  

    HDMI Adapter HDMI Adapter DVI Male / Female 581 701 (Accessory)
    Cable does not look but does the job asked. I was able to connected my Xbox 360 to my PC monitor. By cons, no sound because HDMI carries sound ... I omitted this detail before purchasing ... Amazon thank you.
  • Wireless HDMI: perfect  

    Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter supports Microsoft Windows 8.1 and above (Personal Computers)
    Despite the price difference with the US price ($ 60) I do not regret the purchase. This dongle is very easy to install (consider the length of the USB power in your installation: twenty cm). Connect, TV: Source HDMI, PC: Share screen: it works. To t
  • HDMI Coupler Adapter ELBOW 90 ° elbow ...  

    ELBOW Coupler Adapter HDMI Male Right Angle 90 in a Female Cable For Plaque (Electronics)
    works perfectly suited to my needs connectivity, inexpensive. Avoids damaging the connectors on my computer because I use a HDMI cable shielded large diameter and 2m to connect to TV What more to good quality product !!!
  • hdmi angle adapter  

    MCA - Hdmi Adapter Elbow (Electronics)
    I bought this HDMI elbow to reduce the space between my lcd and mur.Je am satisfied with the image quality loss problem of résultat.Pas or product son.bon
  • CSL - Full HD HDMI / VGA adapter,  

    CSL - adapter Full HD HDMI / VGA with included audio transfer (Line out) | Converter Cable | up to 1080 p / support HDTV | D / A | White (Electronics)
    Works perfectly with one of my overhead, for no sound against another. But not very important since I reference sound directly from the PC to the speakers at the foot of the screen. The image is very fluid against. Without this adapter my retro-VGA p
  • HDMIACFM HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable Adapter F / M  

    HDMIACFM StarTech.com HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable Adapter F / M (Electronics)
    In its name, they put>, that's exactly what it lacks, because the cable reduces the tension exerted by the weight of the cable you want to adapt, but it is convenient and I recommend it.
  • HDMI VGA Adapter: Let's go for the Raspberry Pi!  

    MOGOI (TM) White 1080P HDMI Male To VGA Female Video Converter Adapter Cable For PC DVD HDTV With MOGOI accessories (Electronics)
    Product suitable for use as I was aiming: Raspberry Pi to connect a VGA monitor, for an unbeatable price. Almost immediately, just request a modification of Raspbian configuration file to force the HDMI output ... That's what works for me: # Uncommen
  • CSL 3in1 Mini DisplayPort to VGA + HDMI + DVI Adapter  

    CSL - 3in1 Mini DisplayPort to VGA + HDMI + DVI adapter (converter) | PC + MAC / APPLE | gold plated contacts (Electronics)
    The adapter I've used so far only with the VGA port to my Surface Pro 3, the work properly and the connector can also be screw firmly. The other ends I'll try at times. I find the adapter also not cheap processed, value is good. Would be nice if he w
  • Belkin N150 Enhanced Wireless F6D4050ed USB Adapter Black  

    Belkin N150 Enhanced Wireless USB Adapter black (Accessories)
    Have the adapter used for my Western Digital WDBAAP0000NBK-EESN TV Live HD Media Player and runs tadelos. No disconnections or otherwise. Great Stick.