Hanker bay key wifi s8000jet


  • Google Chrome Cast - Key WIFI HDMI Multimedia  

    Google Chrome Cast - Key WIFI HDMI Multimedia (French version) (Personal Computers)
    The Chromecast is a top part. Very easy instalation. The Chromecast is described as well as the manufacturer. Best Picture, Best Sound, Fast Streaming. Everything was great and is worth the money. I can see the Google Chrome Cast - Key WIFI HDMI mult
  • Key wifi  

    USB WiFi IEEE 802.11 B / G 54Mbps 400M Scope (Electronics)
    Hello ', small bemole record was in english, little dificult for the instalation and then I set my computer upstairs as planned and I am connected without problem .I'm satisfé the wifi keys

    TRENDnet - Mini Wireless N150 USB adapter, the TEW-648UB (Personal Computers)
    Very good WIFI internet key quality, very good quality data transfer and Internet. Excellent product.
  • The key wifi TP Link is the top.  

    TP-Link TL-WN823N Wireless N USB adapter 300Mbps WiFi (Personal Computers)
    Installation on any automatic hardware support without driver or CD to install Plug and Play. I tested it with a raspberry pi 2 (and model B +) just too perfect immediate detection.
  • Key WIFI TV  

    Shipped to France: Tronsmart T1000 Mirror2TV HDMI TV Dongle streaming without son- compliant iOS / Android smartphones, tablets, and PCs (Electronics)
    Good product works very well with tab and 4 s note 3 connects very easily between the TV and simply very good connectivity parameters appliances
  • Perfect wifi key  

    Netgear WNA3100M 100FRS-key Wi-Fi USB (Personal Computers)
    Key wifi perfect and very good quality and I have never been disappointed by this brand so I recommend it without any restrictions
  • Not walking with two wireless key on the Pi  

    GadgetsFR Micro USB Power Charger EU For Raspberry Pi - 1000mA 5V-2 m cable (Personal Computers)
    I did not measure the actual voltage, but with this charger + wire can not I have run the two key Wifi. With my iPhone charger and another cable it work without pb
  • Wifi hotspot? Yes, but not on Linux.  

    TP-Link TL-WN723N Mini Wireless N USB Adapter 150 Mbps (Personal Computers)
    I bought this key for the sole purpose of transforming a fixed PC helpless wireless card wifi hotspot, so you can enjoy with my other ordis internet without having to connect in wired Ethernet (I have no box). This key allows, thanks to the SoftAP ut
  • Right key, except Windows 7  

    Hercules HWNUm-300 Mini USB WiFi 802.11n up to 300Mbps MIMO technology with 2 antenna Black (Personal Computers)
    I bought this USB drive for my laptop running Windows 7 can not be installed. Or rather, to make it work because if it is installed and recognized by the system, however, it does not detect any wireless network in range wireless ... Technical assista
  • Does not fulfill its promises  

    USB WiFi adapter for the Raspberry Pi (Accessory)
    First, I have chosen this wifi key because it seems she works with raspberry Pi without active USB hub. This is completely false. This key discovers many nearby networks but can not connect. Wonder not even the security key of my network. This applie
  • Lack MAC filtering "automatic"  

    TP-Link TD-W8951ND Wireless router + 4-port Switch Modem 150Mbps (Accessory)
    This product is very good, easy to configure. It served my modem for ADSL connection as OVH.net ISP. THE big black spot is that there is no button for adding new MAC address is forcing us, whether we want to use the feature MAC address filtering, you
  • Exemplary efficiency  

    TP-Link TL-WN722NC Wireless N USB Adapter 150Mbps High Gain extension-cable Detachable antenna 4dBi (Accessory)
    Easy installation, efficiency TOP. - Typical flow with former key Sagem Wireless (6 years) 24/26 Mbit / s, with 11 Mbit / s in the worst moments. - With TP LINK without trying to optimize the location (Later) 65 Mbit / s. - The two cases with a remot
  • Ordered but not received ...  

    WiFi-N USB Adapter 150Mbps for Windows 7 / Windows 8 / XP / Vista (Personal Computers)
    Difficult to an evaluation that like the road in the direction or the delivery date announced is not respected and that I'm still atttente this key wifi ...
  • The thermostat that learns and information ... ...  

    Nest Learning Thermostat T200677 (Tools & Accessories)
    Without being a great tinkerer, I installed this technological toy to replace an old thermostat contact who commanded my old conventional gas boiler. FYI boiler Saunier-Duval is a Isomax C 28 E 2000s, it requires only a low voltage contact on the con
  • it works very well, but not as easy to configure win 7  

    GSM NanoTooth Universe Super Mini Bluetooth USB for Nokia / HTC / Samsung / Motorola / Sony Ericsson Black (Accessory)
    I bought this key wifi because my new laptop is not Bluetooth. When you see the price of this accessory, it is useless to spend between 100 and 200 more for the original Bluetooth computer. The configuration is very simple windows 7, I looked before
  • simple, effective, practical  

    Netgear XAVNB2001-100PES Pack 2 Ethernet Powerline Adapters Powerline 200 Mbit / s with integrated Wifi 300 N Homeplug AV 1 port (Electronics)
    I bought these CPL wifi adapters for christmas my in-laws. I therefore responsible for the install their ... VERY VERY easy to install (placed after a Livebox). Not even need to reconfigure the computer with a new key wifi !!! (Simpler than those of
  • good radio 5  

    Auna Musio WiFi Internet Radio - Station iPod Universal Dock - to use as a network drive and as alarm clock with 5 alarms (PLL Radio Tuner, 12500+ resorts, AUX) - Black (Electronics)
    it's a good powerful and easy radio start with some dexterity to get his key wifi. it is a bit confusing by the incomplete instructions in English and German I would like to understand how to lire mp3 from my computer on the radio you need to install
  • Convincing 21  

    Measy Latest A2W Miracast Dongle Chromecast DLAN Air A2W play EZCast WIFI For Smartphone Tablet Smartphone on TV Projection Iphone 4S 5 5S Samsung I9300 S3 S4 CN120 (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I was looking for a product to send images from a simple tablet (Acer iconia one) to a projector with an HDMI port. This key is a very good solution to this problem (and to a TV with HDMI port it works too). Installation is fairly quick and intuitive
  • Does its job. 16  

    Gigabyte GC-WB300D Network Card and Bluetooth Adaptors Compatible Standard 802.11n WiFi (Accessory)
    I decided to change my wireless card on my desktop PC which previously had a Wifi key. I will use multimedia to online games, asking impeccable ping. Positive points: - Fair price - Flow of 300Mb, ping exellent. - Bluetooth - No cuts, captures very w
  • Happiness 4 4  

    Hercules HWNU-300 WiFi N USB Key 802.11 N up to 300Mbps MIMO technology with 2 integrated antennas simplified Connection (Electronics)
    I am very happy with this key wifi.Elle works very very well and no cut or disconnection. Very good product !!!