harman kardon nc vs bose qc25


  • Bose QC 25 vs. Sony MDR-1RNC vs. Harman Kardon NC  

    Harman Kardon NC Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones (Electronics)
    To take an advance, the decision was not easy. Each of these mentioned headset has positive aspects but also negative. I finally resorted to its own evaluation matrix and then decided just for one. The main focus was clearly on the NC, then the sound
  • ALTHOUGH Harman Kardon strikes ....  

    Harman Kardon HD Omni 20 wireless speaker with Bluetooth and Fire Cast (Electronics)
    I'm already a little longer wunderfitzig on the Omni series and wanted me eh times to build up a multi-room speaker system, which is why I have today just bought to top times an Omni 20 in retail, after I have there heard it via Bluetooth to the samp
  • GO with Harman / Kardon + Play and JBL On Stage III compliant! Super  

    Original Rydges® Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Apple Dock Connector (compatibility issue see description) (Electronics)
    Hello, wanted to find out more about the people with the Harman / Kardon Go + Play and JBL On Stage III system that this module so that is compatible and easy to use. Attention in the first version of Harman / Kardon Go + Play with a USB socket at th
  • Also for the Harman Kardon IR in! Finally! (Unfortunately, after a few days defective)  

    Infrared extension IRV-200 for up to 3 HiFi / home theater devices (electronics)
    Good high quality is certainly different but for 20EUR ... Anyway, I'm glad that I have worried and tested him. War for ages looking for an "IR extender" for Harman Kardon AVR645 my. When he is now almost completely disappeared behind the screen
  • Finally something for Harman Kardon  

    Speaker wall bracket pair (2 pieces) black 10kg universally LS38 retainer Profi (Electronics)
    Seeking for a long time after mounts for my Harman Kardon speakers on the Dpa on the wall. Each bracket is almost identical so that the boxes can not be screwed on properly from the principle or look in an entirely different direction. This bracket e
  • Super combined with Harman Kardon Go + Play and iPad  

    Bluetooth Adapter for Apple 30 Pin devices UEaudio for Use drying via Bluetooth, for example, new Iphone 5 5G Touch 5G and other with LTE Lightning connector - Bluetooth transmittor Receiver for iPhone iPod iPad 30-pin dock connector (Electronics)
    Use the adapter to my "old" Harman Kardon Go + Play in conjunction with a "new" iPad. I am pleasantly surprised how good the sound so that sounds and I must say that I am not a recognized expert in the field of sound quality. For every
  • Super Parts Harman Kardon  

    Harman Kardon HKTS 30 satellite speakers high gloss black (Electronics)
    The speakers are really at its best. Have they integrated into a 5.1 system, more specifically replaced by my ELAC tower speaker. The sound I feel even better, mainly clearer and with a lot of power. And in quite small size. In addition, things look
  • Also for the Harman Kardon IR in! Finally!  

    BTSKY ™ Infrarotverlaengerung Infrared Remote Control Extender Repeater Kit 6 spotlights for 6 instrument, get 8 yd range, 1.5 meters IR receiver, 3 meters IR emitter, output 12VDC / 1A (Electronics)
    War for ages looking for an "IR extender" for Harman Kardon AVR645 my. When he is now completely disappeared behind the screen it was high time! A solution with the receiver and then an IR transmitter stick (or even danaben place) I did not want
  • Why I opted for Harman Kardon Soundsticks?  

    Harman Kardon Soundsticks Wireless BT - making EU / UK (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    With HC Soundsticks can compose their own mix of bass and treble. As I use it with my TV flat screen, this is a feature not offered by the same Bose Solo to almost 400. The result is excellent ... 180. I recommende to everybody possessing critical ea
  • Harman Kardon (JBL) the Best Cinebar 2015 !!!  

    JBL Home Cinema Base Wireless Home Theater 2.2 All-in-one Sound Base with Bluetooth / HDMI / USB / optical / analog connector, Built-in dual subwoofers and remote control Compatible with TVs, smartphones, tablets and laptops - Black (Electronics)
    The look is very modern and classy gestaltet.Sie ​​fits very well under my 55Zoll Philips 9109, I hang out with his 4.fach Ambilight on the wall habe.Die installation went virtually from selbst.Einfach with the corresponding small remote control and
  • Harman Kardon  

    Harman Kardon BDS 330 2.1 Blu-ray home theater system (3D, HDMI, USB) with EU and UK plug - Black (Electronics)
    I have the "system" now get delivered via UPS ... on time and very quickly. I opted for H & K, as I enjoy a system in my car for 3 years by the same company. Reliable and a great sound. This system I have built up within 1/2 hour, and s
  • Harman Kardon SOHO wireless  

    Harman Kardon SOHO wireless foldable On-Ear Mini Bluetooth Headset (Electronics)
    Great item !! The quality of materials used is very noble and also the sound makes me happy. The stainless steel bracket, coated with genuine leather, the listener presses the beginning very strongly and permanently unpleasant on the ears. This can b
  • will not meet the expectations of a Harman / Kardon  

    Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    I have the Onyx Studio directly compared with the Go Play and have come to the following conclusion at Onyx: + Compact and easy to transport + Built-in battery + Coupled quickly and easily with all appliances + Visually appealing + Clean ups - Unbala
  • Harman Kardon Sound Sticks wireless 2.1 speaker design (Bluetooth)  

    Harman Kardon Sound Sticks wireless 2.1 speaker design (Bluetooth, 3.5mm) transparent (Electronics)
    I'll make it short and sweet times. +++ Sound quality (amazing what all comes out) +++ Design - Too short a cable (desk: 1.55m wide, result: the boxes can be just as recommended, up) - Clearly audible noise when the boxes are active and not output so
  • Harman Kardon speakers HKS4  

    Harman Kardon HK S4 supplement speaker high gloss black (Pair) (Electronics)
    These speakers sound just super1A. However, from today's perspective would have a small number (for Dolby Surround effect) is sufficient. Basically, I am very satisfied with the sound.
  • Harman Kardon Go + Play Portable Hi End Taut spokesman  

    Harman Kardon Go + Play II Portable high-end speakers with EU and UK mains plug (Electronics)
    This unit surpasses really in literally all my wishes. It has a brilliant sound, powerful bass. What am a little surprised because the output power not just now but is very high due to the construction of this equipment and the high-quality speakers
  • Bose fulfilled his promise  

    Bose ® QuietComfort ® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling ® headphones for Apple Devices - Black (Electronics)
    I now test the Bose QC 25 since 2 weeks and am thrilled. For me it's a new feeling, a new level of listening to music. Everything Bose promises, be sure to fulfill. Everything you can read through the headphones in positive tests and reviews and hear
  • Really great facility!  

    Bose ® CineMate ® GS system with Blu-ray Disc Player and table stands (Electronics)
    Hello everybody, I have to take up the cudgels for BOSE times here. even if the other two are reviews of this product is positive, there are always straight in "professional" fora harsh criticism. there is not recommended Bose rigorously an
  • Has a good bang  

    Harman Kardon BDS 330 2.1 Blu-ray home theater system (3D, HDMI, USB) with EU and UK plug - Black (Electronics)
    Previously I had a Bose solo and after they had 2x a non erkärbaren error followed the tip of a recession of Bose solo experience and the BDS 330 fetched. Actually, I'm enthusiastic about technology, what solo for the first time led me in the Bose as
  • Now including NAD, and equal a direct hit. But little more than marketing Room Feel  

    NAD Viso HP20 In-Ear Headphones (with Room Feel Technology) Black (Personal Computers)
    First of all: Since I benefit much from reviews I would now like to pass on my experience. I find it surprisingly difficult to find a headband headphones for home or an in-ear for unterwegszu which suits my taste. That warm sound with beautiful space